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Hmm…. Im lonely.. I think I need a boyfriend…!

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1 Hmm…

2 Im lonely.. I think I need a boyfriend…!

3 Ooo… Hes hot! I wanna meet him!!!

4 Internet Dating Relationship Friends Marriage Match Dating Men Women Couples Partners Sincere about finding love Millions of people Forget singles night The right partner Why wait years Sex True love

5 Variations of Online Dating Services



8 Variations of Online Dating Services


10 Variations of Online Dating Services


12 Variations of Online Dating Services


14 Variations of Online Dating Services


16 Variations of Online Dating Services


18 Dos and Donts - Internet Dating

19 Giving Out Information Geographic Location –Limit yourself to a region –Do not use exact address Phone Number –NEVER give out your phone number –Calling them will reveal your phone number –Use caller-ID blocking

20 Giving Out Information (cont.) Your Picture –Give this lots of considerations, as your picture could end up anywhere –Get permission for others (if they are in the picture)

21 Bragging Most of us think this is a good thing However bragging (cars, job, houses) is an invitation for people to take advantage of this and you Be honest and dont lie about yourself

22 Your Handle (name) Acts as an overall first impression Avoid sexually oriented names (such as anything ending with "69) :P Think about your best qualities and the kind of person you want to attract

23 Behavior Maintain some kind of appropriate decorum in Personals and Chat sites. Be respectful to others. Your actions may degrade peoples viewpoint of both you and others in the chat room.

24 Be Suspicious Does what they say make sense? Do they provide current photos? Do want to meet you right away or tell you they love you without meeting you? Background checks

25 Summary Dont give out too much information Be honest with yourself and others Act appropriately in both terms of actions toward others and yourself Dont be naive Have fun

26 Internet Dating Statistics

27 Since when is Internet Dating such a big thing? The online portion of the dating industry totaled $304 million in the year 2002 Enormous growth over the past few years –

28 General Statistics Who is more likely to have an online relationship? 33% of online relationships lead to a date 7% of single internet users say they have gone on a date with someone they met online 67% of Americans say that…

29 International Internet Dating No…not mail order brides 15% of Americans who have internet access have visited a dating site –28% of single people with Internet access have done so 13 percent of Japanese teenagers have visited online dating sites. –Among high school students, the figures rise to 18.4 percent of males and 22 percent of females.

30 How people are accessing 7.9 million users in America log on from work (35% of all accessing) 26.6 million users in America log on from home (60% of all accessing) 76% of users in Japan connect via their cell phones 21% of users in Japan connect using their computers at home

31 Odd facts about dating How much does the average male spend on dates every month? What is the chance a person will like a date set up by a friend? How long does it take most men to make up their minds on a first date whether or not to see the person again? The average number of first dates for a single professional in the past year is? $201 17% 15 Minutes 8

32 To sum it all up Find out if Internet Dating is for you –If so, find the right service for you. Follow the dos and donts of online dating –A little safety can go a long way Just because it is not common, it doesnt mean it is a bad thing –Millions of people around the world already use it.


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