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Composition and Reading English 105 Heald College Ms. T. Oliver, MA.

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1 Composition and Reading English 105 Heald College Ms. T. Oliver, MA

2 A little bit about Ms. Oliver I was raised in Reno Nevada. I went to school in Washington State and here in Sacramento with a BA in Home Economics, CA Teaching Credentials, and a MA ED. I enjoy exercising, quilting, reading, and writing. I have been here at Heald for 3 years. I run the ATB Program Contact me: or (916)

3 Course Outcomes Write formal, academic essays (Diagnostic, Narrative, Compare/Contrast, and Research). Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Critically analyze your readings (see Blooms Taxonomy). Integrate new vocabulary in writing (use Thesaurus). Prepare presentation(s)

4 Resources EBSCO (online research tool/library): http://search.epnet.com User ID is healdroseville, Password is student. On-line Dictionary: MLA Format @ Basic Essay Format @ Essay Topic Ideas:

5 Portfolio This is a collection of all of your work. When put together well, it is a great tool to use in job interviews. Save key assignments from each class that best highlight your skill development. It should contain evidence of learning related to your program. Keep a hard copy as well as an electronic copy.

6 Plagiarism Dont do it! We use as well as other resources to discover plagiarism. You will receive a grade of F if you plagiarize. What is Plagiarism? Stealing somebody's work or idea: the process of copying another person's idea or written work and claiming it as original. Something plagiarized: a piece of written work or an idea that somebody has copied and claimed as his or her own

7 How to Avoid Plagiarism 1. Write in your own words. 2. Cite anything and everything you quote. See citation instructions in the Pocket Book. 3. Ask me if you are not sure.

8 Understanding Course at a Glance COURSE AT A GLANCE Assignments In-Class That Day Due @ Next Class Meeting Week 1 Interview, Pre-write Free-write 10/20 Chapter 1 Read: What is Syllabus and Schedule Poverty? Diagnostic Essay You must be present to get credit for in-class activities. No make-ups will be allowed. Assignments are due on the DUE DATE, no exceptions.

9 If You Are Absent Missing two classes in a row = a class drop. You may write a letter of appeal only on the day after your second day in a row you missed. It may or may not be approved. See your PD. Each class missed decreases your learning potential as well as your passing potential. Any in-class activities may not be made up. You must be present for presentations. No make ups allowed.

10 Expectations Be here on time, ready to work, and stay the entire length of class. Be respectful (quite, no texting…) while I am lecturing. Speak only positively in class. Participate in discussions and group activities doing your fair share. Do you own work. No excuses. Want it bad enough to put for the effort necessary to do it successfully.

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