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School of Civil and Environmental Engineering GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2012-2013.

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1 School of Civil and Environmental Engineering GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2012-2013

2 AGENDA 10:00Students arrive 10:30Welcome and Overview of CEEDr. Don Webster 10:50CEE Student ServicesRobert Simon 11:00Library InformationLisha Li 11:15CEE Information Systems Mike Anderson 11:30Closing Remarks and Segue into Lunch Dr. Don Webster NoonLunch 1:00Breakout sessions Construction EngineeringSEB 316 Env. Fluid Mech. & Water ResIPST 372 Environmental EngineeringES&T 3229 Geotechnical EngineeringCoC 17 Structural Engng, Mech, MatlsCoC 16 Transportation EngineeringSEB 316

3 CEE @ GT OVERVIEW 879 UNDERGRADUATE students 362 54 tenure-track FACULTY GRADUATE students No. 3 No. 6 $16 MILLION in new research funding FY 2012 CIVIL ENGINEERING Grad Program ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Grad Program 3 CORE VALUES: BY THE NUMBERS Rigor Diversity Entrepreneurial spirit

4 FEMALE 31% Graduate student body OVERVIEW CEE @ GT DEMOGRAPHICS – FALL 2011 362 Total Students: 201 Ph.D., 156 M.S., 5 Special 34 countries and 24 states represented

5 CEE AFFINITY GROUPS CEE @ GT OVERVIEW + Construction Engineering + Environmental Engineering + Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources + Geosystems Engineering + Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials + Transportation Systems Engineering

6 Environmental Science & Technology Structures Laboratory Sustainable Education BuildingDaniel LabMason Building* PRINCIPAL CEE BUILDINGS CEE @ GT OVERVIEW *under renovation through 2013 Check for Swing Space Directory

7 CEE @ GT DEGREES GRADUATE DEGREE OPTIONS IN CEE M.S. Civil Engng (requires previously earned B.S. Civil Engng) M.S. Engng Sci & Mech (requires B.S. in Engng or Phys Sci) M.S. Environ Engng (requires B.S. in Engng) M.S. Ph.D. Multidisciplinary Programs BioEngineering Computational Sciences & Engng Transp Planning/Syst Engng (Dual Degree w/City Planning)

8 Course Option (Cr Hrs) 18Courses in Major Area of Specialization 12 Approved Electives 30Total Thesis Option (Cr Hrs) 12Courses in Major Area of Specialization 12Approved Electives 6Thesis 30Total M.S. DEGREE CEE @ GT DEGREES

9 1.Program of study – approximately 50 semester hours (16-17 courses) beyond Bachelors degree 2.Minor Field of Study – 9 Credit Hrs (3 courses) 3.Ph.D. Qualifying Exam 4.Thesis proposal 5.Original Research Project 6.Thesis and Defense Ph.D. DEGREE DEGREES

10 All incoming Ph.D. students, M.S. students with GRA supported by NSF or NIH grant, you must complete ethical research conduct training: PART I: CITI RCR Online Course PART II: In Person Training (e.g., PHIL 6000 Responsible Conduct of Research) RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF RESEARCH (RCR) CEE @ GT ETHICS

11 GENERAL RESOURCES CEE @ GT RESOURCES Registrars Office ( General Catalog ( Library ( Office for Information Tech ( Grad Student Govt ( Grad Studies and Admissions ( Intl Student & Scholar Services ( Study Abroad (

12 STUDY ABROAD: MUNDY FUND CEE @ GT Funding designated for CEE students to participate in an international learning experience during their enrollment. Priority is given to undergraduate students! Examples of funded projects: + Brandon Strellis traveled to Norway to study hydropower, including simulations in the River Nidelva + Lynne Schleiffarth traveled to Shanghai and Beijing, China to study how port systems respond to earthquakes. Deadlines and information: RESOURCES

13 LANGUAGE INSTITUTE & CETL CEE @ GT Credit Courses Language Support Center for International Students Short Courses Graduate Prep Workshops ITA Orientation Courses for Non-native/Non-fluent English Communicators RESOURCES

14 CEE ENGNG COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM CEE @ GT RESOURCES Program Addresses: Written, Graphical, and Oral Communication Skills Program Consists of: Formal course: CEE 6754 (not remedial!) Workshops (e.g., NSF fellowship essays) Individual help on publications, presentations, applications, etc. Dr. Lisa Rosenstein 325 SEB

15 GRADUATE CO-OPS, INTERNSHIPS CEE @ GT RESOURCES Graduate Co-operative Experience Internships Mary Fisher ( Work Abroad Program

16 FELLOWSHIPS CEE @ GT Fellowship Office ( /) / Help with Nationally-Competitive Awards Fellowships for International Students Common Fellowships for CEE Students NSF ( NSDEG ( SMART ( DOE ( EPA STAR ( Eisenhower ( SWE ( RESOURCES

17 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS CEE @ GT RESOURCES American Society of Civil Engineers Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists Chi Epsilon Engineering Students Without Borders Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Institute of Transportation Engineers

18 THE HONOR CODE CEE @ GT HONOR CODE Georgia Tech Honor Challenge I commit to uphold the ideals of honor and integrity by refusing to betray the trust bestowed upon me as a member of the Georgia Tech community. Honor Agreement Having read the Georgia Institute of Technology Academic Honor Code, I understand and accept my responsibility as a member of the Georgia Tech Community to uphold the Academic Honor Code at all times. In addition, I understand my options for reporting honor violations as detailed in the code.

19 Advisor in your area of interest. In many areas, one faculty member advises all non-thesis students. Robert Simon or Ken Irwin in Bunger Henry 214 if you have questions regarding applications for graduation, petitions to the faculty, or other required forms for graduate school. Melisa Singley in IPST 541E if you questions regarding your GRA/GTA payments. Dr. Don Webster in College of Computing 047 if you have questions or concerns. WHO TO SEE FOR QUESTIONS CEE @ GT RESOURCES


21 Bunger Henry, 214 Robert Simon Graduate Programs Manager Ken Irwin Admissions Coordinator Applying for graduation, enrollment waivers, questions on policy and procedures I-20s, PhD progress documentation, general questions Carol Eason (Part-Time) PhD Audits, admissions process, general questions CEE STUDENT SERVICES STUDENT SERVICES

22 Registration CLOSES at 4pm on Friday, August 24 – there is no late registration. For course selection, see your Faculty Advisor. 12/21 Rule GRAGTA 12 hours of letter-grade or pass-fail work + thesis hours (CEE 7000 for MS, CEE 9000 for PhD) to reach total of 21 hours. 12 hours of letter-grade or pass-fail work + teaching assistantship (CEE 8997) to reach total of 21 hours. REGISTRATION STUDENT SERVICES

23 August 27 – Payment deadline August 29 – cancellation date Future Terms: Phase I and Phase II registration – Phase I = midway through semester before – Phase II = first week of classes PHIL 6000 – strongly recommended first summer session (must be taken within first 12 months). REGISTRATION (continued) STUDENT SERVICES

24 If you are a GRA/GTA, please note the following: – The CEE Business Office in IPST 541 handles all GRA and GTA appointments – You must obtain permission from your advisor before leaving campus for vacation or during breaks between semesters GRA/GTA INFORMATION STUDENT SERVICES CEE @ GT

25 Institute Academic Calendar – Adhere to ALL Institute and CEE deadlines International Students MUST check-in with OIE by 4pm on Wednesday, August 22 Familiarize yourself with BuzzPort Always keep your emergency contacts updated Check your GT email daily GTENS HELPFUL TIPS & REMINDERS STUDENT SERVICES


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