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PART P urdue A lumni R ecruiting for T omorrow Volunteer Training.

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1 PART P urdue A lumni R ecruiting for T omorrow Volunteer Training

2 Welcome to the PART program! This presentation will help you become familiar with current information used during student recruitment events. Each year this will be updated to reflect the many changes that occur in academic programs, tuition costs, and admissions processes.

3 Questions? Should you have questions or concerns throughout your training, please contact the Office of Admissions at: 765-494-1776 or refer to the PART Information Manual During this presentation, we will ask you questions to test your knowledge of Purdue admissions. The quiz is for FUN and your own personal use. No answers are submitted to us.

4 As students explore Purdue University, they often have questions on the following topics: Academic Programs Admissions Financial Aid Campus Life

5 Academic Programs

6 Undergraduate Programs Purdue offers almost 200 majors within 10 undergraduate schools/colleges: College of Agriculture College of Education College of Engineering College of Health and Human Sciences College of Liberal Arts Krannert School of Management College of Pharmacy College of Science College of Technology School of Veterinary Medicine

7 Undergraduate Studies Program Students also may apply for the Undergraduate Studies Program (USP), where they can assess their interests and abilities and explore Purdue programs before selecting a major. USP advisors ensure that students take appropriate courses while exploring academic and career options. A student may remain in USP for a maximum of two academic years. The program primarily attracts beginning students, but transfer students with no more than 30 credit hours may also apply.

8 Quiz Question #1 Give yourself 2 points for each correct answer and keep track of your points to see where you rank at the end of the presentation. 1.By applying to USP, a student will: A. Graduate later than everyone else. B. Discover what they are truly interested in majoring in at Purdue. C. Be regarded as a student who isnt very serious about his/her academics. D. None of the above

9 Honors College The new Honors College will begin admitting students for fall 2013 The curriculum will focus on three themes: leadership, scholarship, and community Honors College students will be dually enrolled in in their home academic college and the Honors College Living/learning environment November 15 is the admissions application deadline for consideration

10 Pre-Professional Programs Purdue offers the following pre-professional programs: Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Physicians Assistant Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Veterinary Medicine There are no preferred or required majors for students who are preparing for a professional program. Students should choose a major based on academic interests and abilities. Strong grades, demanding courses, and a well-rounded curriculum are more important than the students major.

11 Study Abroad Something for Everyone Purdue students travel the world through 300 study abroad programs in 50 countries. The Study Abroad Office offers programs that range in length from one week to one year. They vary by cost, onsite support, accommodations, who students will take courses with, dates, courses available, excursions and field trips, and language abilities.

12 Quiz Question #2 2.Select the false statement. A. Purdue offers a campus-wide Honors College. B. Students are not allowed to study outside the U.S. while enrolled at Purdue. C. Purdue offers pre-professional programs of study.

13 Admissions

14 The Application Process Students apply through the admissions website: A complete application includes: Application form Essay Senior year courses listed Official high school transcript SAT and/or ACT scores (must be sent from the testing agency) $50 nonrefundable application fee

15 SAT and ACT The SAT now includes a writing section in addition to the critical reading and math sections. The total possible score is 2400. The ACT also includes a writing section, however this is optional for students. Purdue requires at least one writing score from either the SAT or ACT. Therefore if a student only takes the ACT, he/she needs to take the writing portion. Purdue will be using the writing score for both admission and merit-based scholarship consideration. ADMISSIONS REQUIRES SCORES TO BE SENT DIRECTLY FROM THE TESTING AGENCY!

16 Application Deadlines October 15 – First Notification Guarantee-students whose apps are complete by this date are guaranteed to have a decision on the release date November 15 –Application deadline for: Nursing and Veterinary Technology –Admission application deadline for scholarships December 7 – begin releasing admission decisions Decisions are not guaranteed by December 7 (only for students who are complete by Oct. 15). After December 7, decisions are released daily. March 1 – priority application deadline, however students are strongly encouraged to apply well before this date.

17 Quiz Question #3 3.What is the application deadline for students to be considered for scholarships? A. October 15 B. November 1 C. November 15 D. December 15

18 Evaluating an Academic Record Admissions requirements fall into two categories: High School Course Expectations Academic & Personal Attributes

19 High School Course Expectations Purdue expects students to have taken as many courses in these areas as possible: Lab science (at least six semesters) English (eight semesters) Foreign language (at least four semesters) Social studies (at least six semesters) Math (eight semesters) Students who exceed these minimums are stronger candidates for admission.

20 Academic & Personal Attributes Application for admission is reviewed on an individual basis, allowing Purdue to take a holistic approach in the evaluation process: High school course expectations GPA and individual grades ACT or SAT test scores (sent from testing agency) Academic trends Strength of individual curriculum based on what the high school offers Essay Overall attributes Time of year and space availability

21 Quiz Question #4 4.Which statement is true? A. Students applying to Purdue only have to worry about their SAT and/or ACT score. B. A student needs to meet high school course expectations only in math and science. C. In evaluating applications, Purdue considers high school course expectations and academic and personal attributes. D. None of the above

22 Quiz Question #5 5.Which statement is false? A. Class rank does not matter for admission to Purdue. B. Purdue places emphasis on high school academic performance. C. Senior year coursework has a bearing on admission to Purdue.

23 Fall 2011 Freshman Profile Students will ask about minimum admission requirements. While Purdue does not have minimums, you may share the following averages (middle 50% range): SAT – 1540-1910 (on 2400 scale) ACT – 24-30 (composite); 22-28 (writing) GPA – 3.3-4.0 (on 4.0 scale)

24 Quiz Question #6 6.Which statement is true? A. Purdue requires a student to meet a minimum test score to apply. B. The average SAT in 2011 was a 1860. C. There are no minimum test scores or GPA required to apply.

25 Who are Purdue Students? In the Fall of 2011, there were 39,637 total students at West Lafayette. 30,776 were undergraduates Freshman class was 6,659 Students came from all 50 states and 125 countries 57% male/43% female 40% were from outside Indiana –26% from other states; 14% from other countries

26 Financial Aid & Costs

27 A Few Pointers Students apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is available January 1 and due by March 1. This is the only form required. Official award letters are sent in early April.

28 Types of Financial Aid Purdue offers need-based and merit-based aid, which can include: –Grants –Loans –Scholarships –Work-study About 80% of Purdue students receive financial aid Students are also encouraged to seek out scholarships from local and private sources. and are good places to look.

29 Quiz Question #7 7. Which statement is true? A. The FAFSA is one of two forms required when applying for financial aid. B. The FAFSA should be completed by November 15 C. All aid comes from the federal government. D. The FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid

30 Estimated 2012-13 Costs ResidentNonresident Tuition/Fees$ 9,900$28,702 Room/Board$10,378$ 10,378 Books/Supplies$1,370$ 1,370 Travel$ 260$ 470 Miscellaneous$1,560$ 1,560 Total$23,468$42,480

31 Quiz Question #8 8.What is the total estimated cost for a nonresident to attend Purdue for one year (including housing, books, and miscellaneous expenses)? A. $24,160 B. $19,670 C. $8,060 D. $42,480

32 Campus Life

33 Student Activities 900 student clubs and organizations Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO) includes Glee Club, Purduettes, University Choir, Purdue Bells, and Heart & Soul Purdue Bands Division I sports, Big Ten Conference Club and intramural sports Recreational Sports Center – one of the first facilities of its kind in the country and the remodeled facility will be complete in October 2012

34 Atmosphere: West Lafayette At Purdue you dont need a car to enjoy the shopping, entertainment, and dining opportunities in the campus neighborhoods of West Lafayette Within walking distance are: –Chauncey Village with bookstores, local and national restaurants, and shops –Wabash Landing include Starbucks, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and a nine-screen movie theater –Downtown Lafayette

35 Quiz Question #9 9.Which of the following statements is false? A. Purdue has several choral groups B. The Recreational Sports Center was one of the first student rec centers in the nation C. Purdue is a member of the Big Ten D. There are no restaurants within walking distance of campus

36 Purdue Support Services This is a sampling of the additional support services available for students: Counseling and Psychological Services Academic Success Center Center for Career Opportunities Purdue University Student Health Center Disability Resource Center Black Cultural Center Latino Cultural Center Native American Cultural Center Tutoring University Libraries

37 Quiz Question #10 10. Select the true statement: A. Purdue offers no options for undecided students B. Students should apply online C. There are about 50 majors offered at Purdue D. There are no support services for students on campus

38 Quiz Answer Key Lets see how you did on the quiz! 1.B 2.B 3.C 4.C 5.A 6.C 7.D 8.D 9.D 10.B The next slide will reveal your performance ranking…

39 Quiz Ranking How well did you do on our quiz? Use the following scale to rate yourself: 16-20 Points. WOW! You get an old gold star. 11-15 Points. Pretty good, but you may want to review a few points. 6-10 Points. You could use a refresher. 0-5 Points. You must be an IU grad!

40 Thank you for becoming PART of the Purdue recruiting team! We appreciate the time and energy that you give to the program and our prospective and current students. Your experience as a Boilermaker, along with all of the information provided here and in the PART Information Manual, are your best guides to help bring great students to Purdue!

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