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Company Profile. A BOUT P RAGMATIC M ARINE S ERVICES P VT. L TD. Specialize exclusively in contracting and permanent placements of candidates in oil.

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1 Company Profile


3 A BOUT P RAGMATIC M ARINE S ERVICES P VT. L TD. Specialize exclusively in contracting and permanent placements of candidates in oil field and shipping industry. Successful track record of 10 years of placements and recruitment in India and overseas. Wide branch network to assist our clients with the most capable candidates with knowledge and personality. Successfull recruitment of Radio officers, Safety officers, Crane operators, Electrical engineers, Mechanical engineers, Welders in various offshore companies. Ability to adapt to new technologies & behavioural aspects of our clients or candidate's needs, which led us to a high success level where outstanding performances have been delivered.

4 S OME O F O UR S UCCESSFUL P LACEMENTS. Allwyn Pereira Electrician Rs.65,000/- PM Sunilkumar Kewat Mechanic Rs.55,000/- PM Sunilkumar Prasad Safety Officer Rs.45,000/- PM Sahil Kumar Radio Officer Rs.40,000/- PM Prathamesh Dhere Fireman Rs.12,000/- PM

5 A BOUT P RAGMATIC I NSTITUTE OF I NDUSTRIAL & M ARINE S AFETY (PIIMS) "Demand v/s Supply"..... The idea behind the start of Pragmatic Institute of Industrial & Marine Safety (PIIMS). Most beneficial programme for Industrial & Marine Safety Professionals. One can upgrade there skills and sharpen future. Qualified & experienced faculties with visionary course material designed as per the industry standards. Hi-tech classrooms & well equipped practical training ground. Industry relevant Diploma in Fire & Safety course to enhance the career objective of a candidate. 5 months Crash (Full time) and 1 year (Part time) Diploma In Fire & Safety programme with placement assistance.

6 F ROM T HE C OURSE D IRECTOR S D ESK ….. Great care has been taken while compiling the course content (Diploma in Fire & Safety).The course content is based on decades of live experience in the field of Engineering and Chemical Safety in industries. A lot of information is also taken from books of national & international level with a view to identify present safety standards and trends in maintaining, controlling, preventing and monitoring of accidents and incidents. It will definitely help Safety professional to bring down rate of accidents in the years to come. Mr.K.M.Shet Ex.Safety Officer, N.T.C (Govt.of India U/T) Ex. Fire & Safety Officer (ONEC,Sultanate of Oman) Ex. Visiting Faculty, NIFE

7 O VERVIEW : D IPLOMA I N F IRE & S AFETY The course syllabus is designed as per the current industry standards and requirements. Topics covered are: Industrial Safety Fundamentals of Industrial Safety, Safety systems & equipments, Safety policy, work permit systems, Job safety analysis, Safety Inventory System, Occupational Health Hazards, Laws related to safety, Accident prevention / Control methods. Construction Safety Site planning/House keeping, Scaffolds( Erection, Dismantling, Inspection), Safety in Excavation, Trenching, Shoring, Building & other construction workers rules, Safety nets, Ladders, Fall Protection System, Material handling, Concrete & its various forms. Fire Technology Classification of fire, Fixed & Portable fire protection system, Fire alarm systems, Sprinkler system, Breathing apparatus, Fire protective clothing, Pumps & primers, Ropes & Slings, Electrical fire hazards. Marine Safety Survival techniques - PPEs, Life boat, Life raft, Onboard safe working conditions, Importance of Fire & Safety Drill, Knowledge of SART & EPERB, Responsibility & ability to train other workmates onboard.

8 P RACTICAL T RAINING S ESSION Scaffold erectionGas welding workshopIndustrial visit Electrical welding workshopTool Box TalkFire Drill Portable Fire ExtinguishersReview lecturesScaffold Inspection

9 P RACTICAL T RAINING S ESSION Excavation SafetySearch & Rescue Fireman Suit CO 2 ExtinguisherMechanical FoamSquad Drill Crow bar, Ropes, SlingsVarious types of PulleysHydrant, Hose reel, Nozzles

10 C AREER G UIDANCE ….. T HE P ROCESS Identification of individual's special needs and circumstances are clarified. Followed by an in-depth wide-ranging and comprehensive interview. Standardized psychometric tests are used to provide additional objective data to complete the picture. Interpretation & careful explanation of the collected information enables the counsellor guide the student in arriving at a clearer knowledge and understanding of self. W HO W ILL B ENEFIT ? People unhappy at work and seeking a change. Graduates with uncertainty of career direction. People wishing to upgrade work profile. Undergraduates without a career plan or direction in life. People who simply seek a professional and personal profile analysis.

11 Head office : 36 A, Bhanushali Bldg, 4 th Flr,Mint Road, Opp G.P.O Fort, Mumbai:400001. Telephone No: 022 – 30227531 / 64403428 E-mail : Website :

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