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(Assist. Professor, MCA Department)

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1 (Assist. Professor, MCA Department)
Example of DFD Vijay L. Vora (Assist. Professor, MCA Department) Murlidhar College, Bhavnagar Road, Rajkot

2 Symbols which are use to Create DFD

3 Things keep in mind while creating DFD

4 How To create DFD 1. Find out all possible entities.
2. Find out activity/process of system 3. Find out additional activity/process Construct Context-Level DFD , Level-1, and Level-2 DFD OR Construct Context-Level, Level-0 and Level-1 DFD Construct Context-Level, Diagram 0, and Child Diagram

5 Context-Level : Level-1 : Level-2 :
Representation of Overview of Desired system Level-1 : Representation of Main Processes of System Level-2 : Detailed Representation of Main Process (Representation of sub-processes)

6 Example : 1

7 The University runs various diploma, graduation and post-graduation courses such as DE, DPharm, BE, MBA, MCA, ME, MPharm, etc. The courses follow semester pattern and under each course various subjects are taught. Students seek admission to these courses and if found eligible, the student is enrolled for the requested course. There are several faculty members in the University who teach the various subjects of these courses. The subject teacher conducts semester examinations for the concerned subject at the end of the semester and the students’ performance is recorded. Even if a student is unable to pass a subject, he is promoted to the next semester but has to reappear for that subject examination again and clear his backlog. Draw Context-Level, Level-1 and Level-2 DFDs

8 Possible Entity and Processes
Student Faculty Activity/Process Student Registration Examination Result DFD Example :1

9 Student Enrollment and Examination System
Context Level Student Enrollment and Examination System Student Student Registration Faculty Enroll Detail Examination Result DFD Example :1

10 Level - 1 1 Student Registration Detail Student Enrollment No. 2
Examination 2 Faculty Examination AnswringQuestions Result 3 Student Enroll no Result Detail DFD Example :1

11 Get Data Student Detail for Registration
Level - 2 Process : 1 Get Data Student Detail for Registration 1.1 Registration Detail Registration Data D1 Student Registration Data Check for Eligibility 1.2 Valid Student Data D1 Student Get Enrollment Number 1.3 Enrollment No. DFD Example :1

12 Get student performance
(Level – 2 Continue… ) Process : 2 Conduct Examination 2.1 Exam Detail Appeared Student Exam Data Get student performance 2.4 D2 Exam Student Unable to Pass. Exam Data Result Take Examination 2.2 Answering question Answers D3 ExamResult Exam Data Result Generate Result 2.3 DFD Example :1

13 (Level – 2 Continue… ) Process : 3 3.1 3.2 Result Detail
Check Avilability Get Student Result 3.1 3.2 Result Detail Enrollment number Data Available Result Enrollment No. D3 ExamResult D3 ExamResult DFD Example :1

14 Example : 2

15 ABC project co. is a firm which hires approximately 350 engineers of different expertise. The company keep record of all employees, their skills, project assigned and their departments. New engineers are hired by the HR manager based on the data in the application form and evaluations collected from other managers who interview the job candidates. Employees may apply at any time of the year. Engineering managers notify the HR manager when a job opens and list the characteristics necessary for the candidate to be eligible for the job. The HR manager compares the qualifications of the available applicants with the qualifications specified by the engineering managers and the schedule the interviews between the managers and three best candidate from the pool. After receiving evaluations of each interview from the manager the HR manager makes the hiring decision based upon the evaluation and application of the candidate and the characteristic of the job and then notifies the interviewees and the manager about the decision. Applicants with rejected application are retained applications are retained for one year. When hired the new employee completes a nondisclosure agreement which is filled with other information of employee. Draw Context-Level, Level-1 and Level-2 DFDs.

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