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It starts here.. Lucie Mercier-Gauthier Associate Vice-President Student Services Geneviève Boutin Mobility Coordinator International Office Peter Szyszlo.

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1 It starts here.

2 Lucie Mercier-Gauthier Associate Vice-President Student Services Geneviève Boutin Mobility Coordinator International Office Peter Szyszlo Student Mobility and International Partnership Advisor International Office Sophie Wauquier International Student Advisor International Office Other uOttawa Services Student Academic Success Service Health Services Community Life Service Sport Services Todays Speakers

3 It starts here. The nations capital

4 Main Campus uOttawa Campus Map It starts here.

5 uOttawa Quick Facts… 69.4% English 30.6% French Student/professor ratio: 1 / 25 Male/female ratio: 40 / 60 39,000 students in 2011… and growing 2,000 international students 2,539 support staff Multimedia equipped classrooms Wireless internet available throughout campus for all students

6 Tasks to complete upon arrival First Things First

7 Email Detailed information is found in your International Student Handbook Email is the official means of communication We will e-mail you important information and dates related to your stay at uOttawa Join us on uOttawa Bureau International Office Our group provides information regarding: activities and excursions housing used textbooks various Q & A

8 Academic uses of uoZone: Course Registration Personalized course timetable Personalized exam schedule ( available several months before exams) Statement of Account Work Study navigator Change of address Transcript Most services are available online through uoZone Access your account any time, anywhere Your password is your date of birth (YY/MM/DD) + 00 Ex. Someone born on January 5, 1997 would enter 97010500 Your student portal Link to uoZone from any uOttawa page

9 uoZone Other services

10 uOttawa Card Available at InfoService Cost: Free Lost Cards: $20 The card gives you access to all University services. (eg: Sports Complex, Library) Your uOttawa card is linked to a declining balance account. You can add funds whenever you want. The card allows you the convenience of just one card to make purchases on campus. You must be registered to at least one course in order to obtain it.

11 U-Pass Public Transportation Access to both Ottawa and Gatineau transit systems Includes peak- time express busses Available in person at the Undergraduate Student Federation (SFUO) office. UCU Room 07 Required documents: proof of full-time status proof of address in Ottawa U-Pass fee: $145/session

12 Course Registration Use Rabaska on uoZone to: View course registration Register for courses Drop Courses You may also change your registration at the academic secretariat of the Faculty or School that offers the course Exchange students: Registration in person only to the academic secretariat of the Faculty or School that offers the course You must be registered as a FULL TIME STUDENT

13 What does the four digit code represent? Course Registration

14 Registration to language courses For French as a Second Language (FLS) courses Complete the online placement test provided by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute Register in person for the appropriate course to the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) For language courses other than French as a Second Language (FLS) courses Register in person at the Faculty of Arts Simard Hall Room 128

15 Final course registration deadlines Last day to register: January 23 Last day to drop a course: March 16 Important dates: Beginning of courses: Monday, January 9 th End of courses: Tuesday, April 10 th Study Week: February 19 th to 25 th Examinations: April 11 th to 24 th

16 Course Syllabus Course Material Evaluation Methods Assignment Details Due Dates

17 Attendance and examinations Attendance to courses and examinations is mandatory You must attend every class (DGD, LAB and LEC) Your student card is required for every exam (mid-terms or final exams) Absence from examinations: Prior to the Exam Discuss with your professor Obtain a medical certificate If deferral is approved, deferral form is available from your faculty

18 Grading Scale LetterGrade (GPA)Grade (%)Description A+1090-100Exceptional A-/A8-980-89Excellent B/B+6-770-79Very Good C/C+4-560-69Good D/D+3-250-59Passable E140-49Failure (re-take final exam) F0039Failure ABSAbsent EINIncomplete PPass SSatisfactory NSNot Satisfactory *Not Included in Grade Avg.

19 Official Transcript (Grade Report) Your official transcript will be sent to you in June Additional Transcripts may be ordered for $10 each via: uoZone or InfoService 75, Laurier avenue East, Ottawa (Ontario), K1N 6N5 or by fax at (613) 562-5323. And remember: a student who has a debt towards the University cannot obtain a transcript Letter grades will appear on your transcript (e.g. A+, B) Should you require your marks in percentage we suggest you contact your professors prior to leaving; they may each write a letter indicating your grade in %.

20 Housing On-Campus Housing issues Off-Campus Housing Off-Campus Housing Office 90U – Room 145 Residence Fees

21 Legal Matters

22 Working while youre here Foreign students who hold a Study Permit are eligible for jobs on campus. Some are offered through the Work Study Program Apply through uoZone (Work Study Navigator) Study permits only allow you to take jobs that are on campus! It is strictly forbidden to work during your stay if you do not have a study permit.

23 When travelling outside of Canada Bring your passport! If required: Obtain a travel visa Obtain a re-entry visa If traveling to the United States please consult the US Embassy website before you travel, even if you are exempted from needing a US visitors visa

24 Finances

25 Financial matters and statement of account If you have financial questions please contact Financial Services at or visit InfoService Check uoZone to ensure you dont have outstanding fees International students: UHIP + Tuition fees Exchange students: Only UHIP fees should appear on your invoice (plus residence, if applicable)

26 Banking You may want to open a Canadian Bank account Instructions can be found in your information kit Your Information Kit includes addresses of financial institutions and campus locations of their automatic teller machines

27 Taxes and Tipping Taxes are not included in the price of items sold in stores 13% tax will be added to the total of your purchase at the check-out In Canada, tips are given for service in bars, restaurants and taxis The tip is not included in the price Canadians leave a regular tip if they are satisfied with the service given: In a bar: $0.75 - $1.00 for each drink. In a restaurant (for a meal): a regular tip can range between 15% and 20%.

28 Health

29 University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) Mandatory Pay at InfoService Once paid, register at International Office Cards ready in February UHIP = health coverage in Ontario only -Other Canadian provinces -USA -Other countries * In case of emergency in another Canadian province you can be treated at a hospital but you WILL have to pay a fee.

30 UHIP (contd) 4 months coverage: $228 8 months coverage: $456 For more information please visit or contact the reception of the International Office. Please note that it is a health insurance covering doctors appointments, hospital fees and treatments. It does not cover the following: Dental/Eye Prescriptions Please contact the SFUO for information on this type of coverage.

31 Adjusting to a new country

32 Adjustment W curve Arrive Unsettled Homesick Adapt Embrace Excited Frustrated Adjust Incorporate

33 Adjusting to a new country Stay active – Exercise! Get involved in the activities of the university community Be open- minded and accept differences Share your experience with others Help and resources available from the International Office

34 Practical Matters

35 Campus Services for International Students Services for International and Exchange students are identical to those available to full-time Canadian students. (click Services for Students) A complete list of services for students is available online

36 Weather conditions Weather conditions change rapidly in Canada +30°C -30°C Temperatures can drop dozens of degrees within a few hours in Ottawa. Get into the habit of checking the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Weather conditions are available everywhere: on the radio, television, internet… Canadians always want to know about the weather!

37 Shopping Sales are on all the time in Canada Most stores are open on Sundays Interesting objects can be found at small cost: Giant Tiger store (George Street) Dollar Stores Garage sales The Free Store All items are free (clothing, books, furniture, small appliances, etc...) Once a month in the UCU Search Free Store on for more info

38 Respecting Rules Smoking is strictly forbidden in closed public spaces in Ontario You must be 19 years of age to buy cigarettes and to drink alcohol in Ontario In general, please respect the law and follow the rules (e.g. Avoid crossing the street on a red light, drinking alcohol in public, etc...)

39 Harassment and respect of others Equality of rights for men and women is paramount Sexual (and other forms) of harassment is not tolerated. If you feel that you are being harassed, please contact: uOttawa Protection Services at 613-562-5499


41 The International Office Tabaret Hall Room M386 Open weekdays 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (closed for lunch between 12 and 1) If you have a form that needs to be signed, please leave it at the reception desk of the International Office. To book an appointment: 613-562-5847 Our Facebook group: uOttawa Bureau International Office

42 Questions and Answers

43 Thank You

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