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School Day: 7:30 AM – 2:35 PM Founded in 1961 Home of the Gentry Jaguars!

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1 School Day: 7:30 AM – 2:35 PM Founded in 1961 Home of the Gentry Jaguars!

2 Our Secondary Cluster Schools Slide: Notes: Gentrys cluster schools are Jefferson Middle and Rock Bridge We join Jefferson Middle in programing when applicable – Math Counts or 8 th Orchestra performances for example. Gentry MS and Jefferson MS students enter RBHS. Gentry Middle School Jefferson Middle School Rock Bridge High School

3 2014-2015 7 th & 8 th Grade Schedule 7 th Grade8 th Grade 7:30-7:48 Advisory 7:52-8:42 Core/Elective 8:46-9:36 Core/Elective 9:40-10:30 Core/Electives/ RTI/PE/Health/EEE Core/Electives/PE/ RtI/EEE/Health/ AVID 10:34-10:59 Lunch Core/PE/Health/ RTI/EEE 11:03-11:24 Core/Elective 11:28-11:53 Core/Elective 11:57-12:18 Core/PE/Health/ RtI/EEE/Electives 12:22-12:47 Lunch 12:47-1:41 Core 1:41-2:35 Core

4 2014-2015 Schedule Highlights Notes: The revised schedule for next year, provides greater flexibility and options for students. Each class is 50 min. Student transition/passing time (4 min.) is built into the schedule Students will have: – 4 Core Periods – 2 Elective Periods – 1 Physical Educ./RtI/Health/ EEE Period – Advisory Lunch is 25 min. Notes: The design is similar to a secondary model. Blended classes (7 th grade and 8 th grade are possible due to period alignment). At 7:52 and 8:46 – both Core classes and Elective classes will occur. This means that your student may be in a core class and their friend might be taking an elective course at the same time.

5 Electives Slide: Semester Classes - Daily Art Upgrade; Artistic Journey Computers 21 st Century; Were in Business; Financial Fitness Reality Cooking; iFacs; Design Studio Theater Arts; Speech/Debate; Performing Arts Choir; Creative Jam Automation/Robotics; Inventions/Innovations; Space Aeronautics Careers/Information Literacy Year Classes – Daily AVID Band/Orchestra World Languages (French/Spanish/ German/Chinese) Notes: Many options are available to students. Students will have two Elective periods Be aware of Semester courses vs. Year courses. Students who are enrolled in Choir, Creative Jam, and Performing Arts may elect to continue this Elective the next Semester. The reason is due to Spring Festivals, Performances, Competitions which take place on the district and regional level. Careers/Information Literacy is required for our rising 7 th grade students during Middle School. For 2014-2015 – this course is optional for rising 8 th grade students only. Rising 7 th grade have two years to enroll in the course. This will take an elective slot.

6 Physical Education/RtI/Health Slide: PE/RtI--PE/RtI--PE/RtI--PE/Health PE/Health--PE/RtI--PE/RtI--PE/RtI PE/RtI--PE/RtI--PE/Health--PE/RtI PE/EEE--PE/EEE--PE/EEE--PE/EEE RtI Format (Response to Intervention) Targeted Intervention – Support Enrichment Notes: Three PE/RtI/Health scenarios are presented. The format is based on four quarters over the course of the year. PE is all year- alternating day w/either Health or RtI. All students dress out for PE For a EEE student – PE will alternate with EEE for the full year. Health curriculum will be a incorporated within EEE. (See 4 th scenario) The RtI structure is not fully developed at this time, however our intention is to include academic support in all Core areas, and to provide an extended learning opportunity to students.

7 Before the School Day Begins Slide: Before School: 7:05-7:15 AM - Buses Unload & Students May Be Dropped Off – Students report to Gym or Eat Breakfast – Dismiss at 7:22 **7:30 AM - Classes Begin** Notes: School start time is 7:30 AM Monitoring of late to school occurrences will be a tighter process. Advisory is a scheduled class and the expectation is for students to be on time each morning. Students can be dropped off earlier than 7:05, but will wait outside. During inclement weather, we bring students inside the building prior to 7:05.

8 Communication Slide: New Webserver – Coming Soon – Gentry Web Design Building Calendar – Updates – School Information Faculty Links – Class Information – Easy Access to Resources Parent Link Notes: One of our building focus areas is Communication – creating a communication scheme that provides greater efficiency for our parents, students and teachers. We will have a new look to our Website- give parents easier access to teacher contact, instructional sources, and school information or updates. We use Parent Link as our primary communication source- if you do not have an email address in eSchool, please provide an email or notify the main office requesting a paper copy be sent home with your child.

9 Building Focus on Literacy Slide: To meet the needs of Common Core Standards – Literacy Focus Constructed Response Use in Smarter Balance Assessments Use of Single - Multiple Sources Transfer of Information Notes: District and State Assessments are designed so students can create their response through the use of information sources. Our goal as a building focuses on Literacy- building our students confidence and skill in the use of multiple sources; analysis, evaluation, and application for example.

10 End of Day Slide: Classes Dismissed at 2:35 Car Pick-up Area / One Way Buses Pull Out at 2:42 Walkers/Bike Riders Notes: Please follow our drop off/pick up design: – Pick up/drop off must happen at the curb – Students are not allowed to cross between cars to the drive through lane Walkers/Bike Riders, cross at the crosswalk with supervision

11 Steps to help your student be successful Read the Gentry/Team Updates/Newsletter Check agenda/planner daily Create a school calendar at home for assignment due dates, school activities, etc. Encourage your student to get involved in ECA; Athletics, Performing Arts; After-School Clubs Reinforce Building-Wide Behavior Expectations Be Involved - Get to know your childs teachers

12 Final Items Slide: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) School Supplies Schedule Pickup – August 14th 7 th Grade – 3:30- 5:30 8 th Grade – 5:30- 7:30 Notes: School Supplies – Information will be included in the summer information packet – Electronic, sent through Parent Link Please delay supply purchases until we can send the list. The list will have exactly what is needed, helping to reduce unnecessary purchases. BYOD – Since teachers use a wide variety of applications and programs, we make available instructional devices to our students. Students, can however use their own device when teacher permission is given to take notes, or document assignments. Please note Schedule Pickup Day. Thursday, Aug. 14 th. Be watching for the Parent Link with information near the end of July.

13 Parent Support Please call the main office early in the day if your child wont be at school Call with questions before there are concerns – engage in open communication

14 Summer Communication Electronic Communication- Parent Link Nutrition Services Health Form Schedule Pick up Information Technology Form PTSA Membership – Sportswear

15 Contact Information Main Office – (573) 214-3240 Dr. Jeff BeiswingerPrincipal Mrs. Linda GarnerAssistant Principal Mr. David LaughlinAdmin. Assistant Mr. Brian ClaytonHome School Communicator

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