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International Baccalaureate Program Eastridge High School Sophomore Information Night October 11, 2012 Candace Black, IB Coordinator.

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1 International Baccalaureate Program Eastridge High School Sophomore Information Night October 11, 2012 Candace Black, IB Coordinator

2 Please make sure you have this handout to follow along with the presentation.

3 Meeting agenda Welcome & introduction What is the IB Program? The IB Learner Profile Curriculum & course offerings Assessments & diploma requirements Getting into the IB program Why should you consider the IB program? Resources for more information The next step…

4 What is the IB organization? The IB is a world-renowned organization which aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. There are 3,460 IB World Schools in 143 countries across the globe with 50,000 IB-certified teachers and over 1,000,000 students aged from 3 to 19 years. Eastridge High School became an IB World School in 2007 with the first set of IB Diploma students graduating in 2009.

5 What is the IB program? The IB Diploma Program is designed as an academically challenging and balanced program of education with final examinations that prepares students for success at college and life beyond. The program is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the worlds leading universities. Students may enroll in the full IB diploma program or take individual IB courses to earn IB certificates.

6 Who is the IB learner? The IB learner is: an inquirer, knowledgeable, a thinker, a communicator, principled, open-minded, a risk-taker, balanced, caring, and reflective.

7 Who is the IB learner? Although gifted learners do well in the IB program, the primary characteristic that determines success is MOTIVATION!

8 The IB curriculum structure IB Diploma Program candidates study seven courses per year during their junior and senior years, which culminate in written, oral, and performance assessments.

9 The IB curriculum structure IB organizes the curriculum in a hexagon, divided into 6 course groupings. Students must choose one subject from each of groups 1 to 5, thus ensuring breadth of experience in languages, social studies, the experimental sciences and mathematics.

10 The IB curriculum structure The sixth subject may be an arts subject chosen from group 6, or the student may choose another subject from groups 1 to 5. At least three and not more than four subjects are taken at higher level, the others at standard level. The final IB course is Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

11 Course offerings @ Eastridge Group 1: Language AEnglish A1 (HL) Group 2: Language BFrench B, Italian B, Spanish B (SL) Group 3: Individuals & Societies History of the Americas (HL) Option: Business & Management (SL) Option: ITGS (SL) - Information Technology in a Global Society Group 4: Experimental Sciences Biology (SL & HL) Physics (SL) Group 5: Mathematics Mathematical Studies (SL) Mathematics (SL) Group 6: The Arts Dance (SL & HL) Music (SL & HL) Theatre Arts (SL & HL) Visual Arts (SL & HL)

12 Course planning grid

13 Assessments

14 Most courses have a test given in May of the senior year, called Paper 1 and Paper 2. Language course (English & foreign languages) have a speaking component. Arts courses (Dance, Music, Theatre & Visual Arts) have a performance component.

15 Requirements of the Diploma Program Coursework & final examinations Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge course CAS – Creativity, Action & Service

16 Requirements of the Diploma Program The Extended Essay is a 4,000 word paper describing the results of an original research project. The EE offers students the opportunity to explore a topic of personal interest while learning the research and writing skills required in college.

17 Requirements of the Diploma Program Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is an interdisciplinary class that is designed to foster critical thinking while giving students an opportunity to understand and reflect on the interrelationship of knowledge gained in the classroom. The essential question is how do we know what we know?

18 Requirements of the Diploma Program Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) is an extracurricular component of the program, the goal of which is to educate the whole individual while cultivating an enlightened and compassionate citizenry. Students are required to participate in extracurricular activities that strengthen their creative skills, community involvement, and physical development (approximately 150 hours over the course of 2 years).

19 Admission into the IB Program IB courses are be available to any highly-motivated student interested in the program. Students wishing to pursue an IB Certificate in an individual course need only the recommendation of their teacher or counselor to register for the class. Entrance into the Eastridge IB Full Diploma Program requires multiple teacher recommendations and a parent conference.

20 Admission into the IB Program The East Irondequoit Board of Education has committed to fully funding the IB program. Students pay no fees to participate or earn their diploma.

21 Why should you consider the IB Program? Education for the "Whole Person" - By encouraging a student to take advanced courses in all subject areas, instead of simply the courses in which they already excel, students are challenged and strengthened in all areas of knowledge. International Standards - The grading for the various IB assessments takes place all over the world. Because of this, institutions of higher learning can be certain that students who succeed in this program have been measured against a common international standard.

22 Why should you consider the IB Program? Variety of Assessments - IB courses assign grades based on several varied assessments (traditional final exam, various papers and projects - both written and oral). International Focus - The international focus of all courses will help to develop in students an appreciation for issues both local and global. Students will become more aware of their responsibilities as citizens of the world.

23 Statistics to consider The average acceptance rate of IB students into university/college is 22% higher than the average acceptance rate of the total population. IB students were more likely than the national average to attend (and stay in) college full-time, with nearly 70% attending selective colleges. (2011 study)

24 Statistics to consider Students reported they felt prepared by the Diploma Program to succeed in college (skills built: work ethic, motivation, time management, and help-seeking = sources of strength in the transition to college-level work; 2012 study) IB students earned higher GPAs in college and graduated at higher rates than non-IB students.

25 University or college IB students acceptance rate Total population acceptance rate IB students vs total population University of Florida82%42%+40% Florida State University92%60%+32% Brown University18%9%+9% Stanford University15%7%+8% Columbia University13%9%+4% University of California - Berkeley58%26%+32% Harvard University10%7%+3% New York University57%30%+27% University of Michigan - Ann Arbor71%51%+20% University of Miami72%30%+42% Source: IBDP Graduate Destinations Survey 2011/12 conducted by i-graduate International Insight

26 University or College IB students acceptance rate Total population acceptance rate IB students vs total population Cornell University31%18%+13% Duke University28%16%+12% University of Pennsylvania24%14%+10% Yale University18%7%+11% University of Central Florida90%47%+43% Boston University70%58%+12% University of California - Los Angeles48%23%+25% University of Virginia64%32%+32% UNC Chapel Hill63%32%+31% Princeton University16%8%+8%

27 IB prepares students for college success IB is well known to us as excellent preparation. Success in an IB programme correlates well with success at Harvard. We are pleased to see the credential of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript. Marlyn McGrath Lewis, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Harvard University, USA The IB is a first-rate programme, one we are familiar with, and it prepares students well for a university like ours. Fred Hargadon, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Princeton University

28 Course details – pages 15-26

29 Resources for more information Candace Black, IB Coordinator Eastridge HS – room W17 (585) 339-1547 (office) (585) 356-0951 School website: IB website:

30 The next step… December presentations in English classes – students will indicate whether they are interested in taking: an IB Certificate course (single teacher recommendation; counselor will register student for course) the Full IB Program (multiple teacher recommendation; student/parent meeting scheduled prior to registration)

31 Questions? Thank you for attending!

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