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Undergraduate Education SEAS Faculty Meeting April 11, 2007.

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1 Undergraduate Education SEAS Faculty Meeting April 11, 2007

2 Academic Programs Committee SEAS – John Van Benschoten, Kerry Collins-Gross CBE Jeffrey Errington CSERamalingam Sridhar CSEEJames Jensen EEJames Whalen ISEAmy Bisantz MAE John Crassidis, Roger Mayne

3 UB Undergraduate Engineering (at a glance) Total undergraduate enrollment (Fall 06) was 2230 Male 1966 (88%)Freshman 466 Female 264 (12%)Transfers 206 Minority 292 (13%) Predominately instate and western NY By degree programBy department

4 Program/Student Quality – Graduation Rates

5 Program Quality - EAS Course Policies New policies developed by APC and recommended to Administrative Council. Policies adopted 10/17/06. Why? EAS classes have evolved along separate pathways. Many differences, no consistent philosophy or practices. Little SEAS oversight. Impacts –Periodic review of EAS classes by APC, report to Dean –Limit on EAS lecture size of 100, recitation of 50 –Course prefix changes EAS 204 to MAE 204 EAS 308 to CIE 308 EAS 200 to EE 200

6 Program Quality – Course Evaluations Analysis/reports recently converted to Excel format New format distributed for Fall 2006, but still a work in progress Upcoming review by undergraduate and graduate APC Recommendations to Administrative Council Possible Impacts – better report format, electronic instead of paper, opportunities for easier/wider dissemination

7 Program Quality – Course Evaluations New addition to course evaluations 24. I observed little or no cheating in this course.

8 Program Quality - ABET Next ABET visit Fall 2008 Each program undertaking assessment of learning outcomes (ABET a-k) ABET looking for continuous improvement Faculty need to be familiar with ABET assessment process ABET assessment provides opportunity for improved program quality

9 Student Quality – Deans Scholar Program $3,000/yr scholarship (in addition to any UB scholarships) Dean Stenger advisor and mentor in freshman year 60 offers made, combined SAT of about 1450 (target of 20 awards) Award letter from Dean Stenger included in UB acceptance package Follow up phone call from Dean Stenger, letter from Ken Manning, Honors student letter/call, teleteam, departmental contacts As of April 9, 12 Deans Scholars deposited

10 Student Quality - Transfer Admissions Policy New transfer admission policy developed by APC and recommended to Administrative Council and adopted on 11/16/06. Why? Extensive analysis of transfer students showed poorer academic performance, lower graduation rates than students admitted as freshmen. Many transfer students not following engineering science curricula prior to transfer. Students must complete at least three of the following courses to be considered for admission to engineering MTH 141, MTH 142, MTH 241, MTH 242, MTH 306, CHE 101, CHE 102, CHE 107, CHE 108, PHY 107, PHY 108. Minimum GPA of 2.5 for all math, science, and engineering courses required in the major. Acceptance rates –for 2005 and 2006 about 65% –acceptance rate under new transfer policy 27%

11 Student Quality SEAS Chancellors Award for Student Excellence –Rahul C. Chopra (Math, Economics, Computer Science) –Josh T. Hancock (Environmental Engineering) –Zac M. Lochner (Electrical Engineering) Morris K. Udall Scholarship –Kelly Miller (Environmental Engineering) Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship –Andrew S. Paluch (Chemical and Biological Engineering)

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