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NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Gardner-Webb University GOAL Program.

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1 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Gardner-Webb University GOAL Program

2 Table of Contents Advisors Role Advisees Role Academic Information Classroom Etiquette myWEBB Advising Dates Financial Planning Student Support Services Map of GOAL Campuses Travel Opportunities GOAL Student Advisory Committee Alpha Sigma Lambda Inclement Weather Q &A Stay Connected Reminders Contact Information

3 Advisors Role How does your Academic Advisor help you? Assists students in acquiring the skills necessary to be productive members of the University community. Assists students in the selection of academic programs suited to their individual abilities, interests, and career goals Provides information and advice concerning academic programs, policies and procedures, and campus resources Assists students in planning and scheduling courses Prepares and distributes materials to students regarding registration procedures and graduation requirements

4 Advisees Role What is your role as a student? Check your Gardner-Webb e-mail frequently Be aware of the Gardner-Webb University attendance policy Contact your Academic Advisor during the registration period Know the courses you need each semester with the use of your degree evaluation, rotation, and checklist provided by your Academic Advisor Regularly check your Financial Aid and Business Office account It is ultimately your responsibility to print and interpret your degree evaluation and know the requirements for your graduation plan

5 Academic Information After speaking with your Academic Advisor regarding registration, you will receive a packet of information that will include the following: Program Checklist Program Rotation Schedule Textbook Ordering Instructions Semester Calendar Student ID Card Information Online Course Information Degree Evaluation Instructions

6 Classroom Etiquette We know that as GOAL students you are juggling many things: Families, Jobs, Homes, Classes, etc… However, there are a few things that we request of you while you are in the classroom: Turn off cell phones Students only (no visitors) Observe campus rules (listed in the GOAL catalog) Additional requests made by your professors

7 myWEBB myWEBB is a secure site that allows students, faculty, and staff access to academic information via the internet You can enter myWEBB by clicking the myWEBB icon on many of the University web pages, including the homepage: Click on the How do I get a user name and password? link on the myWEBB login screen

8 myWEBB Use myWEBB to: Access online and web-enhanced courses Access your GWU email & campus announcements View final grades View your unofficial transcript Print/Display your class schedule Check registration status View/Update personal information View financial aid/billing information Print/Display degree evaluations

9 Click here to access User Name and Password for myWebb

10 The Student Tab allows you to access financial aid, online courses, and student services. You can also access registration, course evaluations, and much more. Your GWU e-mail account will be your primary form of communication.

11 Access online courses View grades, transcripts, and much more!

12 Under My Courses Tab, click on title of course to access online class

13 6/5/2014 New Student Orientation - Gardner- Webb University 13 At the end of the semester you will answer a survey for each course before your grades are released. This is located under your personal information.

14 6/5/2014 New Student Orientation - Gardner-Webb University View your schedule, online billing, and financial aid information.

15 6/5/2014 New Student Orientation - Gardner-Webb University View final grades, academic transcript, and print a degree evaluation.

16 Students may be required to complete face-to-face finals for online classes. This is determined by the Professor of the course. There is an additional fee of $25 per online course, per semester. Online Learning

17 Advising Dates Each GOAL student will receive an e-mail containing links to the Academic Advising dates, semester schedule, and registration procedures Registration for Summer & Fall Semesters: MARCH Registration for Spring Semesters: OCTOBER

18 Financial Planning For more information regarding financial planning: online/index.html online/index.html 1-866-498-4625 option 6 704-406-4243

19 Student Support Services GWU offers a wide variety of support services to its students Career Services Counseling Center Library Services LEAP-Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program Writing Center Campus Bookstore

20 Career Services Career Fairs Online Jobs Bulletin Internship Information Career Assessment Tools Career Prep Workshops Resume Development On-Campus Mock Interviews

21 Career Services services/career-services/index.html services/career-services/index.html To schedule an appointment: 704-406-2170 Location: Gardner-Webb University, Washburn Hall Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

22 Counseling Services Individual Counseling Couples Counseling Group Counseling Crisis Counseling Referral Services Emergency Services Online Screening

23 Counseling Services The Gardner-Webb University Counseling Center provides academic, emotional, social, and vocational support, as well as mental health consultation to students, faculty, and staff. services/counseling-services/index.html services/counseling-services/index.html To schedule an appointment: 704-406-4563 Location: Gardner-Webb University, Washburn Hall Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

24 Library Services Check book or periodical availibilty Book(s) delivered to home or office Photocopies of journal articles delivered Interlibrary Loan Assistance with research projects Online electronic database assistance Access the full text of journal articles through online databases

25 Library Services The GWU Library has agreements with many area libraries to assist distance learners Ask a reference librarian 1-800-253-8330

26 The Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program The Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program is a support service intended to facilitate personal development and academic success within the student body. This program is only available at Gardner-Webb – Main Campus. Peer Tutors are available for hour-long appointments that can be reserved through myWEBB

27 The Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program To make an appointment through myWEBB: 1.Log into myWEBB 2.Click on Student Tab 3.Click on Academic Services 4.Click on Student Services 5.Click on Peer Tutoring Appointment Scheduler 6.Choose a class from the drop-down menu 7.Select a date for your tutoring session 8.Select an available time 9.Click submit

28 The Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program development/learning-enrichment-and-assistance- program/index.html development/learning-enrichment-and-assistance- program/index.html Phone: 704-406-4390 E-mail:

29 The Writing Center Gardner-Webbs Writing Center is dedicated to helping all Gardner-Webb University students with writing skills and the writing process. The Writing Center is designed to enhance a students own critical thinking, revision, and editing skills The Writing Center provides several types of consultations including face-to-face, phone, or online chat.

30 The Writing Center development/writing-center/index.html development/writing-center/index.html Phone: 704-406-4393 Email: Location: GWU Main Campus, Craig Hall – Room 108 Office hours available on website

31 The Writing Center To make an appointment through myWEBB: 1.Log into myWEBB 2.Click on Student Tab 3.Click on Academic Services 4.Click on Student Services 5.Click on Writing Center Appointment Scheduler 6.Choose a class from the drop-down menu 7.Select a date for your tutoring session 8.Select an available time 9.Click submit

32 Campus Bookstore services/campus-bookstore/index.html services/campus-bookstore/index.html Phone: 704-406-4273 Location: GWU Main Campus, Dover Campus Center Office hours available on website

33 Map of GOAL Campuses

34 Travel Opportunities Take a trip – GET CREDIT! New York in March (Spring Break) Earn 1 hour credit Approximate cost $1,100 Contact: Lance Foss Switzerland in May Earn 1 or 3 hours credit Approximate cost $2,695 Contact your Advisor for more information

35 GOAL Student Advisory Committee Committee is made up of volunteer GOAL students The committee meets three times a year Discuss other GOAL centers. Be informed of events/news/changes in the University community. Bring questions, recommendations, and/or concerns from fellow students. Contact: Bobbi Cox

36 Alpha Sigma Lambda Gardner-Webb University is affiliated with the Gamma Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda is the highest honor that is bestowed upon GOAL students at Gardner-Webb University

37 Alpha Sigma Lambda To be eligible for Alpha Sigma Lambda, a student must: Be an adult engaged in balancing the multiple responsibilities of home, career, community, and education Have a minimum 3.5 GPA at Gardner-Webb as well as a 3.5 GPA overall including all colleges previously attended Place in the top 10 % of his/her class, having earned a total of 88 semester hours credit Have earned 24 semester hours credit from Gardner-Webb University Have earned at least 12 of the total semester hours credit in the Liberal Arts/ Sciences Be enrolled for at least 12 hours in the semester of induction and have excellent citizenship and character.

38 Inclement Weather 1-877-GWU-SNOW (498-7669) In formation on center closings due to snow, ice, flooding, hurricanes, etc… Information typically available by 2:00 pm Check your GWU e-mail for updates Closings are posted on the Gardner-Webb University homepage *Updates will be on the GWU SNOW line only when an entire center is closed. In individual cases – the professor will communicate with his/her students

39 Q & A Q: If I need to make any schedule changes before classes begin, how do I take care of this? A: You must contact your Academic Advisor. Q: After the drop/add period, whose responsibility is it to withdraw me from a class? A: It is the students responsibility to withdraw themselves from the course. 1)Log onto myWebb 2)Click on the Student tab 3)Click on Academic Services 4)Click on Student Services and Financial Aid 5)Click on Registration 6)Click on Withdrawal Information 7)Select the appropriate term 8)Refer to #2 on the list (click on the link to fill out the online form)

40 Q & A Q: If I have a concern about one of my classes, who can assist me with this? A: Address your concern with the instructor first, and if further attention is needed, contact your Academic Advisor. Q: Im graduating. What do I need to do to ensure that everything is taken care of? A: It is very important to register as soon as possible for the final semester. To avoid unnecessary penalties or late fees, complete your graduation application, print a degree evaluation, and submit both to your Academic Advisor before the due date.

41 Stay Connected Each semester students receive the GOAL Connection. This official GOAL newsletter, sent via e-mail, contains: Messages from the Assistant Provost Upcoming event information Feature articles about fellow GOAL students If you have information you would like to see in the next GOAL connection, email suggestions to:

42 Reminders Continuing students receive registration and schedule information via myWEBB e-mail. myWEBB e-mail is the primary form of communication that Gardner-Webb staff and faculty will use to contact you. Lastly, check your myWEBB e-mail REGULARLY!

43 Contact Information 1-866-498-4625 Option 1- GOAL Admissions 1.Mandy Smith, Associate Director 2. Reagan Clark, Assistant Director 3. Sandy Bailes, Assistant Director 4. Drew Radford, Counselor 5. Audrey Sloan, Office Manager Option 2- GOAL Advising Center 1. Dr. Ron Williams, Advisor 2. Kaye Schenk, Associate Dean 3. Emily Thomas, Advisor 4. Joanna Holloman, Advisor 5. Pat Graham, Administrative Assistant 6. Tim Patrick, Criminal Justice Coordinator 7. Lance Foss, Criminal Justice Coordinator 8. Mary-Alice Hodge, Advisor 9. Kelly Colum, Advisor Option 3- Center for Adult Education Option 4- Business Office Option 5- Registrars Office Option 6- Financial Planning

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