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1 FREE: Please down load Institute software from our website Back slideNext slide

2 This software use for fees maintenance. This software also use in batch/topic wise detail of all batches. This software also use in all type of institute requirement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Major important features of this software are: Maintain Student Records. Maintain Fees Records. Design your own courses. Multiple Course Scheme. Course status Batch Wise. Due courses of Student. Counseling Detail. Inquiry Records Maintain. Upload Photos of student Individual Course details of Student Attendance topic wise also Auto generate dues list of students. Accounts Maintain (Ledgers,Journals,Cash,Bank Detail) Show Student wise detail. Staff Records. Category List of Student (Caste wise i.e. SC,SC,OBJ) Password protection. Working on networking (Many computer) Heavy data storage capacity. Multi platform support like XP, Vista, windows 7 Several other facilities available in software.

3 Please read following instruction-how to use software Common commands: Ctrl w for close any form or back to main menu. Shortcuts available for all buttons like Save use alt s for this shortcut (underline word with alt button) F2 convert any report/grid into excel there you can any modify/print them Main menu of software

4 MASTER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Master: First add your brosher in software click on master button First design course through Master Form: View of master form:

5 Following features:--------- Add Course: Course Category: Category Name like Computer, designing, if computation classes then Railway, Bank Etc. Course Name: dkslZ dk uke i.e. PGDCA, Web Designing etc. Duration: dkslZ dk le; efgus esa fy[krs gSA i.e ikWp ekg ds fy, 5 fy[ksaxs ;fn le; fnuksa esa gSA rks Duration in days ij click djds 5 Mkyus ij ;g 5 fnu dk dklZ gksxkA Course Fees: blesa dqy Qhl fy[kh tkrh gSA Qhl dh fdLrks dk fooj.k uhps xzhM esa fn;k tkrk gSA Ok djus ij dkslZ lso gks tkrk gSA Check Box ij Click djus ls fees Detail Grid Blank gks tkrh gSA ;fn Qhl dh 1 ls vf/kd Ldhe gSA i.e.,d lkFk nsus ij 8000 nks ckj nsus ij 4200+ 4200, izfr ekg nsus ij 1500 x 6 rks bls save ds ckn list ls select djds Edit ij click djds Ldhe 2,3 select dj Add Scheme ij fdYd dj ds lso dj ldrs gSA uksV%& fxzM Vscy ds Amount esa default Total Fees dqy Qhl ekg ds vk/kkj ij foHkktu gksrh gSA vki bls cny ldrs gSA institute ds fees structure ds vuqlkj Duration ekg ds fy, iz;ksx gksrk gSA vxj Qhl izfr rhu ekg esa gSA rks Duration dks 3,one year ds fy;s 12 dj nsA Application blesa dklZ esa 'kfey Application dh MhVsy gksrh gSA tSls dkslZ csfld dEI;qVj Application esa ges isUV uksV isM oMZ,sDlsy ikojikbZUV bUVjusV etc. nsus gksxsaA nks Application ds chp esa dksek yxkuk gksrk gSA tSls word,excel, power point etc Scheme delete djus ds fy;s

6 Add update topic: (Only if you want topic wise detail of student) dkslZ ds Topic set djus ds fy, tsSls paint esa File Menu, Edit, View chapter1, chapter-2 etc. Select Course: igys ls created course dks update djus ds fy, bl ij click djrs gSA change djds Add New ls New data iqjkus dks Replace dj nsrk gSA vksSj Course Name ds fy, ;gk dkslZ dk uke o Course Topic esa dkslZ ds Topic fy[krs gSA ¼ Comma dk iz;ksx djds ½ Add Update Faculty: Faculty dk Data Add/Update/Delete djus ds fy;s iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gSA ADD UPDATE TOPIC: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7 New Admission: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use of Admission Form: bless Uk;s Nk= ds izosk ysus ij mldh Detail Hkjh tkrh gSA Date of Admission: blesa Admission dh Date fy[kh tkrh gSA bl Date ls Qhl Calculates gksrh gSA Applied For Courses: ftl dkslZ ds fy, vkosnu fd;k gSA ml dk uke fy[kk tkrk gSA Scheme Fee Receipt: Qhl dh Ldhe Select djsxsA Time: Student dk VkbZe fy[kk tkrk gSA Fees Scheme 1: Total Fees: dkslZ dh dqy Qhl fy[kh vkrh gSA Discount: Qhl esa fn;k x;k Discount blesa fy[kk tkrk gSA ;g Discount fees detail es show djuk gksrk gS A Total fees-discounts=fees detail (9000-200=1300+1500 x 5) Fees Scheme 2: If you wanted to use simple system like total fees 5000. received fees 3000 due 2000 for xx/xx/xxxx date you use this option. Step 1: First click on You see Fees Detail box there. Select date and fill 3000 in first box then select due date and fill amount in second text box. (When you see dues list its automatic show on due date)

8 Fees Receipt: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fees Receipt: djus dh tkudkjh Hkjh tkrh gSA View of fee receipt Form: All fees receipt entry add here (if you use second scheme then first entry automatic add hare)

9 Select Student Name: blesa LVqMsUV dk uke Select djus ij Srudent dh QksVks o Full Detail vk tkrh gSA Rec. Amount: ftruk Amount Receive fd;k gSA mruh jkfk fy[k nsrs gSA Receipt No. bles fcy ;k Receipts Number fy[kk tkrk gSA Date: ;gk ij Receipts date Mkyh tkrh gSA Submit Entry: entry dks Save djus ds fy,A Leave Course: ;fn student course dks exam, marriage ;k vU; dkj.kksa ls chp esa NksM dj pyk tkrk gSA List esa student Select dj Leave ij click djs add djus ij ;g ;gk ls gV tkrk gSA Add picture: Student dh photo list ls select dj load djukA Grid (Date/Receipt no wise) fdlh iqjkus Receipt dks ns[kus ds fy, ;k mlesa ifjorZu djus ds fy, Start Date ftl Date ls fjdkMZ ns[kus gSA ml Date dks select fd;k tkrk gSaA Start Rec. No: ftl Roll No ls fjdkMZ ns[krs gSA og Roll no. type dj Show ij click djus ij fjdkMZ select gks tkrk gSA ifjorZu djus ds fy;s fn[kk, x, fjdkMZ ij Double Click djrs gSA Due List: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Due on date: Ckdk;k izkIr jkfk dh tkudkjh izkIr djus ds fy, Dues List ij fdYd djrs gSA blesa ge date, category, course name ds vuqlkj Hkh Dues List ns[k ldrs gSA Hide: bls gVkus ds fy, Hide List ij click djrs gSA

10 Certificate: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue certificate: ftu Student dk dkslZ o Qhl iqjh gks pqdh gSA mudk uke vk tkrk gSA Certificate issue djus ds fy, Student o Date Select djds Issue on button ij Click djus ls Certificate Issue gks tkrk gSA Check Box ij click djus ls Issued certificate with date fn[kkrk gSA Course Statement: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Student Detail ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Student Detail: dh tkudkjh izkIr djus ds fy, Grid ij Click djus ls fups ml dh picture, fees structure, due, rec. and other detail/ tkudkjh izkIr gks tkrh gSA Class Student: blesa Student dks dkslZ detail (date and time wise) vkrh gSA Due course list: blesa fdlh dklZ dks Select djus ij og course dkslZ fdu&fdu Student dk ckdh gSA fn[kkrk gSA

11 Student Detail Form ;g QkeZ Student Detail dks ns[kus ds dke vkrk gSA View student detail form: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12 Edit Student: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL: lHkh Student dks batch wise, name wise fn[kkrk gSA NEW: Running Student dks batch wise, name wise fn[kkrk gSA OLD: Leave/complete course Student dks batch wise, name wise fn[kkrk gSA REJOIN STUDENT: Leave ls okil join djus ij student select dj ds rejoin ij click djrs gSA blesa student regular student list esa tqM tkrk gSA EDIT: fdlh Student dh Detail esa ifjorZu djus ds fy, bldk iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gSA blesa ftl Student dh Detail esa ifjorZu djuk gSA mls lysDV dj Edit ij click djrs gSA Course Due student dh due course list ns[kus ds fy,A New Batch: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Batch: cukus /Attendance yxkus ds fy, bldk iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gSA Batch cukus ds fy, : Batch dh application, time, faculty Start date select dh tkrh gSA fQj running student list ls double click djds batch ls student select djds save batch dj nsrs gSA Delete Records: batch dh dksbZ row/record delete djus esa use fd;k tkrk gSA Edit: Running batch esa Edit djus ds fy,A blesa course time faculty ds vuqlkj batch show gksrk gSA Show all: lHkh batch dh list show djrk gSA Show detail: course, time, faculty ds vk/kkj ij batch ns[kukA Attendance ij click djus ls lHkh batch dh list Running student list esa vk tkrh gSA Running Student List ij double click djus ls ml batch ds lHkh Student dh list blesa vk tkrh gSA P/A Grid esa P present o A absent ds fy;s use gksrk gSA attendance date and topic select djds save attencence ij click djus ls Attendence save gks tkrh gSA Batch Cmp: Batch Complete gksus ij use gksrk gSA Delete all data: ekLVj ds vykok lHkh data delete fd;k tk ldrk gSA (working only in demo) Edit Student:

13 New Batch u;k csp cukus ds fy, ;g QkeZ [kksyk tkrk gSA ;gk ij Student List esa ls ftu Student dk Batch cukuk gksrk gSA mUgs mij List esa ls Select dj fy;k tkrk gSA og mu Course dks Mkydj tks Time mUgs fn;k tkrk gSA mls lsV dj og ftl rkfj[k dks csp lsV fd;k tkrk gSA ml dh fnukad Mky nh tkrh gSA View of New batch form: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14 Course Statement: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Student Roll No. Select dj ds ge Student dh Attendance Topic wise ns[k ldrs gSaA New Batch dks Topic Wise Detail ns[kus ds fy, ;g QkeZ [kksyk tkrk gSA

15 Councilor: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Counseling : Institute ds course, fees and duration dh list grid es show gksrh gSA grid ij click djus ij course dh fees structure and detail show gksrh gSA

16 Inquiry Detail: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Student inquiry dks add/update/delete fd;k tk ldrk gSA Date/name/course ds vuqlkj sort fd;k tk ldrk gSA Grid dks excel esa convert fd;k tk ldrk gSA UPDATE: Student dks Update djus ds fy, Grid ij ekml ls Mcy fdYd djsA og textbox es data show gksrk gSA ogk ij mls change djsA o viMsV ij fdYd djs ;k Alt+U djus ij og viMsV gks tkrk gSA DELETE : Record dks Delete djus ds fy, Grid ij ekml ls Mcy fdYd djsA og textbox es data show gksrk gSA Alt+D djus ij og Delete gks tkrk gSA CONVERT TO EXCEL: Convert ij click djus ij data excel sheet esa vk tkrk gSA CONVERT TO COURSE: ;nh INQUIRY STUDENT JOIN dj ysrk gS rks CONVERT TO COURSE CLICK djus ls ADMISSION FORM es mldh OLD DETAIL vk tkrh gSA Inquiry Detail: dks add djus ds fy, ;g QkeZ [kksyk tkrk gSA

17 (Daily Income/Exp. Detail) Following these features: 1. Particular: bles income/ expense dk uke vkrk gSA (Select add New for create new account) 2. Receipt: bles receipt amount fy[krs gSA 3. Payment: bles payment amount fy[krs gSA 4. Add in Grid: list es 'kkfey djus ds fy, bl ij click djrss gSA How to Operate: 1. Save: list dks Save djus ds fy, bl ij click djrs gSA 2. Delete: list es 'kkfey fdlh item dks gVkus ds fy, bl ij Click djrs gSA 3. Edit: fyLVes fy[ks x;s vkbVe es ifjorZu djus ds fy, bl ij Click djrs gSA Delete Ledger: 8. Delete Ledger: fdlh Ledger dks delete ds fy, (select dj Delete fd;k tkrk gS ) 9. Ledger Wise Statement: fdlh Hkh lkeku ds vk; O;; dh tkudkjh ds fy, mldk uke Mkydj vkSj le; vof/k Mkydj mldh tkudkjh izkIr dh tk ldrh gSA All accounts ledger show total income & exp. Head wise Fees Automatic add and calculate in ledger Accounts: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Income / expanse es use djrs gSA

18 All Dues List: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course Status: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course Completed: Its show all the student list thats course is completed. We change status also there N if student move there by mistake Course Running: Its show all student that are currently study in our institute. if there is course completed of some student we type Y in Status and click on save status button the student move to course completed. All due list: dues list also calculated by software. due list calculate that amount that is due till date but all due list calculate all due amount when his/her course finish.

19 Faculty Detail: Faculty dk uke] VkbZe o dklZ dk uke ;gk ij fy[kk tkrk gSA Faculty Detail: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

20 SUGGESTION: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion: fdlh izdkj dk Suggestion fy[kuk gks og ;gk ij fy[k tkrk gSA o ;gk ls Delete djus Ikj gVk;k tk ldrk gsSaA DELETE ALL DATA: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delete all data: ;gk ij fdYd djus ij,d cksDl [kyrk gSA ;gk ij 111 VkbZi djus ij lksQVos;j dk lkjk MkVk Delete fd;k tk ldrk gSA

21 Several Other facility available in software. Regular up gradation in software. We provide all changes as per your requirement. We welcome your valuable suggestion for improve software. For more detail call: 9166023322, 9251659173 Email:, Add: D-5 Near Shani Mandir Govindpuri, Swej Farm, Ram Nager Sodala Jaipur. Pin 302019n Installation: - Save attached files and download it any where in your computer. Then right click and extract/unzip it. A new folder is created Ins. Open this folder. For execute software click on clickme file. Please down load Institute Softwarefrom our website

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