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LDO/CWO Applicant Brief

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1 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief
SUBMARINE LDO/CWO Applicant Brief PERS 422 and PERS 422A

2 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Outline
What is a Limited Duty / Chief Warrant Officer Why become a LDO / CWO Eligibility requirements Designators Typical profile / common characteristics of a selectee Preparing (interview, evaluations, application) Monetary and promotion benefits Feedback from this year’s selection board Convince you to apply Nuclear trained application specifics

3 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief What is a LDO/CWO?
A Limited Duty Officer (LDO) is an officer who was selected for commissioning based on his/her skill and expertise, and is not required to have a bachelor’s degree. The term "Limited Duty" refers not to an LDO's authority, but rather the LDO's career progression and restrictions. LDO’s, prior to WWII, could only advance as far as lieutenant. Later an LDO could be promoted to commander. In the 1990s the ceiling was raised to Captain. Unlike the Unrestricted Line Officers, LDOs cannot command a warship, aviation squadron, or auxiliary vessel. However, many LDOs command ashore activities

The Limited Duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer program provide our Navy with: Proven Leaders and Sustained Superior Performers Technical experts looking for new and rewarding challenges War Fighters who bring extensive experience to a wardroom

5 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Why become an LDO or CWO?
Your chance to take charge and make a difference! Opportunity to lead Sailors, Chiefs, and other Officers Challenging assignments Increased responsibility and authority Because you are a highly qualified leader and subject matter expert with highly honed technical skills

6 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Career Opportunities
Regulatory Oversight of Nuclear Shipyards (NRRO) Assignment as DO, APS, PMA Qualification as Dry Dock Officer and SSO

7 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Career Opportunities
Qualification as OOD on a CVN or Sub Tender

8 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Career Opportunities
Qualification as SWO

9 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Career Opportunities
Chief Engineer or Gun Boss of a CVN

10 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Career Opportunities
Submarine Overhaul Coordinator, WEPS, AWEPS qualify as EOOW (nuclear only), OOD and to wear Gold Dolphins

11 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Overview
Nuclear LDO serve the NNPP in a variety of positions: Naval Reactors Field Offices CVN Force Technical Assistants Principal Assistants Chief Engineers TYCOM N4/N9 Mobile Training Team Submarine Force Tender Repair Department SSN DMP/Overhaul Coordinators (Ship’s Company) Nuclear Capable IMAs/Shipyards TYCOM, Group, and Squadron Material Staffs Major Command NNPTC and other Training Commands 504 total billets: (16%) -37 Pending Navy Gains for Accessions -46 for Misc billets not in one of 3 career paths (out of nuc billet, A School, Nautilus Museum, etc) -(25%) 126 billets NR & NSRO Field Office -(26%) 130 CVN billets (Sea & Shore staffs) -(33%) 165 Repair billets Nuclear LDOs/CWOs provide NNPP support in multiple areas 11 11

12 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Nominal Fleet LDO Career Path
Assignments Maintenance Facility Command DEPUTY SY CMDR CVN CHENG MAJOR PMA, SUB REPAIR OFFICER, OCM, IMA XO, NSRO DEP DIRECTOR PMA, TYCOM STAFF, NSRO, IMA PA, MISC REPAIR, DRYDOCK CO, NFAS DIRECTOR, FORCE RADCON ASST CVN PRINCIPAL ASST IMA DIVO, CVN ELECTRO/CRA, TYCOM, NSRO, SY PROJ SUPT, DRYDOCK XO, SSN/NEWCON AVAIL COORD AS/IMA DIVO, NPTU MAINT, PMT CVN TA 0 YCS 3 YCS 6 YCS 9 YCS 12 YCS 15 YCS 18 YCS 21 YCS ENS LT LTJG LCDR CDR CAPT 1st Tour for all LDOs: CVN TA 2nd Tour for all LDOs: Repair/Maint 4th Tour for most LDOs: CVN PA Senior LCDRs/junior CDRs have opportunity for PMA or equivalent maintenance leadership positions Milestone Position: CVN CHENG 3rd Tour for all LDOs: Elective Tour Major Command 36 Month Tour Lengths 23 YCS Maintenance Leadership Overall structure creates a career path that rotates from sea to shore and from operational assignments to repair/maintenance assignments All LDOs will go to a CVN TA tour first Deliberate path through CVN CHENG and to PMA

13 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Nominal NR Career Path
Assignments Senior Leadership (Upper Half) Deputy NRR Overall Projects Lead Senior Leadership (Lower half) CVN Overhaul Lead Reactor Servicing Lead CVN Projects Lead Submarine Projects Lead ANNR Kings Bay/San Diego Lead Position Radcon Lead JTG/Testing Lead JRG/Refueling Lead QA Lead Large Project Lead (ERO, EOH, RCOH, PIA, DPIA, etc) Small Project Lead (SRA, CMA) Qualification Tour 0 YCS 2 YCS 4 YCS 10 YCS 15 YCS 21 YCS ENS LT LTJG LCDR CDR CAPT 1st Assignment: Qualification Tour, followed by Small Project Lead 2nd Assignment: Large Project Lead 4th Assignment: Senior Leadership Positions (Lower Half) Senior LCDRs/junior CDRs have opportunity for leadership positions as ANRR Milestone Position: ANRR 3rd Assignment: Lead Positions Senior Leadership Positions 60 Month Tour Lengths (Nominally)

14 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Typical CVN 68 Reactor Dept
Officer Mechanical Asst Electrical Main Propulsion Maintenance Controls Tech Asst Main Prop Mech Div Off 1 Plant 2 Plant CRA Elect Machinery Auxiliaries Training Unrestricted Line Officer Nuclear LDO

15 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Typical CVN 68 Engineering Dept
Chief Engineer Auxiliaries Officer Damage Control Asst Ship’s Maintenance Manager Electrical Ship’s QA Tech Asst Div Off Repair Officer Elect Div Off Ship’s 3M Officer Fire Marshal Unrestricted Line Nuclear LDO Non-Nuclear LDO

16 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Typical Sub Tender Repair Dept
Commanding Officer Unrestricted Line Officer Non-nuclear LDO Engineering Duty Officer Nuclear LDO Executive Officer Repair Officer R-5 Radiological Controls R-1 Hull Repair Quality Assurance R-2 Inside Machine Shop Production Management Asst RCO Planning & Estimating Nuclear Repair Officer R-3 Electrical Repair Officer R-4 Electronic Repair Officer R-6 Hull Services Officer Outside Machine Shop

17 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Pay and Compensation
Your “today spending dollars” just increased $ per month in base pay! Pay raise of $31, per year over E7 Pay in just 4 years

18 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Basic Pay Comparison

19 LDO service compensation greater than enlisted
LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Retirement Benefits FY07 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) lifted 75% retirement pay cap at 30 YOS Eligible to receive 100 percent base pay at retirement 2.5% increase per year for each year of service past 30 YOS LDOs can reach 95% base pay with 38 YOS (statutory limit) LDO service compensation greater than enlisted

20 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Eligibility Requirements
Limited Duty Officers Chief Warrant Officers E-6 thru E-8 E-6s must be CPO Selection Board eligible E-7 thru E-9 8-14* years Naval Service (Waivers considered to 16* years for nuclear trained personnel) See NAVADMIN 281/12 *Computed to 1 OCT 15 14-20 years MCPOs w/2 years TIG at E-9 will be appointed CWO3 High School Grad or GED Equivalent Must complete 10 YCS to be retirement eligible Must complete 6 YCS to become retirement eligible LDOs can revert back to CWO (case basis) As of FY14, LDOs cannot revert back to Enlisted CWOLTJG CWOs must have 2 yrs as CWO and <19 yrs service General detailing guidelines: See your Bluebook on OCM website. CWOs can fill LDO LT and below billets NAVADMIN 070/13 DTG Z MAR 13 announced the requirement for all nuclear trained personnel intending to submit applications for any commissioning programs to state their intentions using NAVPERS form 1306/7 (Enlisted Personnel Action Request) to the Nuclear Propulsion Program Management Branch (OPNAV N133), via their detailer (PERS-403). Waivers for nuclear trained sailors with less than 18 months remaining on their enlistment contract will be granted a conditional release. Waivers for sailors with greater than 18 months will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 7

21 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief LDO Designators

22 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief CWO Designators

23 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Common Characteristics of Selectees
Sustained superior performance in all assignments… consistent break-outs in evaluations/fitness reports with strong CO’s endorsement. Good Sea/Shore/Overseas rotation for the specific rating with an emphasis on increased responsibility and leadership. Successfully served in challenging key leadership positions to include IA/GSA assignments. Strong technical acumen and proficiency. Pursuit of continued education, personal, and professional development. Attained advanced supervisory qualifications and experience relating to the designator applied for.

24 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Typical Accessions Profile
1.8 Sea Tours 99% EWS/SS/COW Qualifications 100% LPO/LCPO Experience Age: 32 Years of Active Service: 13 Avg. years of Education: 14 CWO 3 Sea Tours 100% SS/COW Qualifications 100% LPO/LCPO Experience Age: 36 Years of Active Service: 17 Avg. years of Education: 14 Repair Experience is defined as serving an IMA/IMF or Sub Tender tour.

25 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Recommended Timeline
15 Apr: Special Request Chit to CO 01 May: Application package to Admin 01 Jun: Interviewer’s Appraisal Board 01 Jul: CO’s endorsement prepared 01 Oct: Package deadline NLT XX Jan: Selection board convenes XX Feb: Results announced by NAVADMIN Check with your Mustang Association/Base/SQDN/Unit for specific timeline

26 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Questions about the program?

27 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Commissioning Preparation
Start early (PO3 not too early!) Make your seniors aware of your personal goals; seek a mentor Develop a strong career path and “resume”…good mix of duty stations and jobs is important. Seek leadership positions: LPO, LCPO Earn all possible professional and warfare qualifications

28 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Commissioning Preparation (cont)
Complete formal education and correspondence courses Get out of your comfort zone Complete as many watch qualifications as possible. Complete correspondence courses on ratings in other work centers. Take such assignments as Detailer, Recruiter, Instructor Seek out significant key collateral duties Career Counselor Drug/Alcohol Programs Advisor Command Assessment Team PFA Coordinator Keep building your “resume”

29 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Commissioning Preparation (cont)
Selection is determined on a numerical process Points awarded for: Applicant’s package and CO’s endorsement Evaluations Duty Assignments and Demonstration of Technical Knowledge Leadership and Maturity Training and Education (both military and civilian) Awards and Qualifications Command and Community Involvement In the point system, evaluations earn the most points, so strive for “Early Promote” The typical selectee is selected on their second or third application

30 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Performance Evaluations
Important items reflected in the applicants performance evaluations: Sustained superior performance Demonstrated leadership Technical Expertise (CWO applicant’s) Personal accomplishments and advanced qualifications Promotion Recommendation (EP w/peer ranking; LDO/CWO potential Complete formal education and correspondence courses Data and metrics (numbers): How many? fast? far? much? Explain to the board member why you are “the best Sailor/Chief on the waterfront!”

31 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Performance Evaluations
Review your record to ensure: Your awards, completion of college and military schools are properly documented in your service record and evaluations Prepare for the officer interview board Be prepared to answer varied questions about what assignments you can expect as an officer, goals, contributions, what tours you should pursue, promotion opportunity, and retirement laws Know your Career Path Study the LDO/CWO Guidebook What can you bring to the LDO/CWO community? If you are a PO1, you must pass the CPO exam.

32 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief FITREP/EVAL Basics
Demonstrate Core Competency in Leadership/Management Technical (include senior watchstander) Identified in FITREP/ EVAL or Awards Fitrep breakout above CO average Hard ( “My #1”) or soft breakout (“My # 3 of 19”) important CO Endorsement and Senior LDO board member recommendation should be consistent Senior LDO Board member break out is important

33 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief FITREP/EVAL Basics
Job Assignments- who is excelling in the hard jobs? (Sea/Shore rotation, overseas jobs, Prototype, Instructor, Recruiter, SQDN, etc) Education not a requirement but a definite + Dependent on the Sea/Shore

34 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Personal Statement
Use your own words Skip the “flowery” words and speak from your heart Remember, there will be members on the board who are LDO’s and CWO’s and they know what you should have done in terms of training, assignments, qualifications, and performance for the designator you are applying for You are “WORLD WIDE ASSIGNABLE” and are ready to tackle the tough jobs

35 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Selection by Paygrade LDO

36 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Submarine Enlisted LDO Selection Rate

37 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Surface Enlisted LDO Selection Rate

38 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Selection by Paygrade CWO

39 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Selection Opportunity by Community
LDO opportunity competitive with PO1 advancement opportunity

40 LDO opportunity competitive with CPO advancement opportunity
LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Selection Opportunity by Community The Nuclear LDO/CWO Community: Pros Cons to both Surface and Submarine applicants keeps our fleet in optimal balance of diverse backgrounds so we need a good mix… LDO opportunity competitive with CPO advancement opportunity 40

41 LDO opportunities better than SCPO advancement opportunity
LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Selection Opportunity by Community 0 selection rate in 2011 and 2012 were due to no surface applicants. LDO opportunities better than SCPO advancement opportunity 41

42 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Historical Applicants and Selectees

43 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Promotion Opportunity
FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 CAPT Opportunity 40% Flow Point 22-06 22-04 22-01 22-03 22-07 CDR 50% 58% 60% 15-09 15-01 15-03 15-08 16-04 LCDR 70% 80% 10-09 10-08 10-03 10-00 These are our current flow points for each grade and the percentage of opportunity for selection. Our flow points are consistent with the URL in terms of remaining with DOPMA guidelines. I have also increased the size of each zone for all control grades and increased the % of Opportunity. FY12 End Strength LDO Line Control Grade five year projection: FY-12 FY-13 FY-14 FY-15 FY-16 FY-17 CAPT AUTHORIZED STRENGTH: SELECTIONS: OPPORTUNITY: 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% IN-ZONE ELIGIBLE: FLOW POINT: CDR AUTHORIZED STRENGTH: SELECTIONS: OPPORTUNITY: 50% 58% 60% 60% 60% 60% IN-ZONE ELIGIBLE: FLOW POINT: LCDR AUTHORIZED STRENGTH: SELECTIONS: OPPORTUNITY: 70% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% IN-ZONE ELIGIBLE: FLOW POINT: Capt FY-10: 40% (4 of 9) Flow point 22.3 years Submarine Community 4343was 4 of 6 at 66.67% ( , , ) FY-11: 37.5%(6 0f 16) flow point is years Submarine Community 33% (1 of 3) (sel ) Capt FY-12: 40%(10 of 25) Best estimate CAPT flow point is 22.3 years Submarine Community 60% (3 of 5) (sel , 6260, 6400) FY-10: 50% (23 of 46) Flow point 15.7 years Submarine Community was 5 of 8 at 62% (1AZ sel.)2 vol. retires/ltr submitted to board FY-11: 47% (25 of 53) CDR flow point is years Submarine community 4 of 11 at 36% (1AZ) , , , FY-12: 47.66% (51 of 107) CDR flow point is 16.0 years Submarine community 7 of 11 at 63.6% , , , FY-09: 69.89% (116 of 176) Flow point 9.6 Submarine Community was 30 of 50 at 60% FY-10: 69.30% (158 of 228) Flow point 10 Submarine Community was 35 of 43 at 81.4% FY-11: 73.9% (184 of 249) Best estimate Flow point 10.5 Submarine Community was 37 of 48 at 77% above fleet average FY-12: 70% (203 of 290) Best estimate Flow point 11.2 Submarine Community was 44 of 65 at 68% Slightly below fleet average LT: All Fully Qualified LTJG: All Fully Qualified FY-11 CWO4: 85% 4 Yrs FY-12 CWO4: 89.9% , , , 1 of FY-11 CWO3: All Fully Qualified 3 Yrs 100% Promotions to LTJG and LT = All Fully Qualified 20

44 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Promotion Opportunity
FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 CWO5 Opportunity 40% Flow Point 11 YCS CWO4 80% 7 YCS CWO3 AFQ 3 YCS

45 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief BUPERS ON-LINE

46 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Board Preparations
Address and Phone Numbers for Correspondence

47 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Record Corrections
Information on permanently correcting your record

48 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Personal Award Corrections
Information for updating personal awards

49 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Transition and Progression
LDO Selectivity Data (Backup Slides) from FY08-FY12: FY08: 24% FY09: 41% FY10: 41% FY11: 37% FY12: 45% ENS LTJG LT LCDR Perm LDO Satisfied Officer Retirement Eligibility LOS YCS Typical LDO Accession Point E-8 E-7 E-9

50 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Nuclear LDO vs. Enlisted Compensation
Compensation assumptions for LDO include: Basic Pay, BAS, Sub Pay, Sea Pay on a nominal sea/shore rotation, Annual NOIP of $10,000, and BAH for the Norfolk area for married + 1 child. Normal promotion points for the Officer are assumed. Compensation assumptions for Enlisted Sub include: Basic Pay, BAS, Sub Pay, Sea Pay on a nominal sea/shore rotation, SRB reenlistment at 11 LOS, SDAP and BAH for the Norfolk area for married + 1 child. Enlisted promotion points are E-7 at 11 YOS, E-8 at 15 YOS, E-9 at 20 YOS. Includes Zone C & Zone D ESRP. Compensation assumptions for Enlisted Surface include: Basic Pay, BAS, Sea Pay on a nominal sea/shore rotation, SRB reenlistment at 11 LOS, SDAP and BAH for the Norfolk area for married + 1 child. Enlisted promotion points are E-7 at 11 YOS, E-8 at 15 YOS, E-9 at 20 YOS. Includes Zone C & Zone D ESRP. LDO career compensation greater than senior enlisted

51 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Retirement Comparison
Retirement Point Pre-Tax Estimated Pension Value Average 6-YR ESRP Contract Value (Zone Years) Assume Reenlistment at 10 YOS (A) Assume full value ESRP contract invested earning 5% (compounded for years indicated) 5% Annual Lifetime Passive Income from ESRP contract (B) Pre-Tax Estimated Pension Value plus passive income from ESRP (A+B) E-9 over 24 $38,871 $89,611 14 Years = $177,423 $8,871 Annually $47,742 LCDR over 24 $49,738 E-9 pension plus full value of ESRP investment is $1,996 less than LCDR retirement at similar service point E-9 over 30 $54,822 20 Years = $237,764 $11,888 $66,710 CDR over 30 $73,321 $6,611 less than CDR retirement at similar service point Source: Assumptions used in calculation of annual retirement pensions: The High-Three retirement plan was assumed for all calculations, regardless of grade and seniority 3.0% Inflation rate 20% Tax rate 2.5% Annual Active Duty Pay Raise 51 51

52 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief ET1(SS), 8 YOS, Married, 2 Kids, Norfolk
$62,148 $20,853 $5,042 $0 $2,500 $80,459 $66,441 $9,966 $18,750 $13,375 $44,632 Salary Bonus NEX Savings Taxes Insurance Take Home Pay NAVY Civilian Navy Salary: Base Pay=$33,612/yr, BAH (Norfolk, with Dependents)=$19,236, SUBPAY=$3,900, SDAP(Prototype)= $5,400 Navy Bonus: STAR 2 years of service, SRB= $1,986*7.0*6years= $83,412/4= $20,853/year NEX/Commissary Savings: Based on average family weekly grocery bill of $175/week*52weeks*30%savings= ~$2,500/year Navy Taxes: IRS income is $33,612=> 15% base tax due= $5,042 Civilian Salary: Average salary for Nuclear Power Reactor Operator in state of Virginia (Source: Civilian Bonus: Potential overtime payments, assuming 1.5 times salary*4 OT hrs/week*50weeks= $9,966 Civilian Taxes: 25% tax bracket= $16,610/year Civilian Insurance (Health): Average family insurance plan is $13,375 (Source: USA Today, 9/16/2009) Civilian Retirement: Assume 65, live to average life expectancy (75), pull same monthly payment for those 10 years that Navy pension would provide ($2,030/month assuming retired as E8 with 20 years service). Assume 7% growth in 401k with contributions every year for 40 years (age 25 to 65). Must contribute $1,150/year. 52

53 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Bureau of Labor and Statistics Wage Data
Navy is exceptionally competitive and usually exceeds overall civilian compensation The Navy offers one of the best TOTAL compensation packages unequalled by civilian sector No Cost health care Commissary and exchange privileges Tax benefits Only a few career fields with a small number of total employees has an annual median wage that exceeds overall Navy compensation package Most of these are only after several years of earning seniority Most employers do not provide free health care or pension benefits, other than an opportunity to invest in a 401(k) plan 53

54 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Direction of the Program
Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP), and the Navy has absolute dependence on LDO and CWO program NNPP, and the Navy, heavily relies on service in key supporting assignments LDO program restructuring in progess Will ensure continued community health Greater opportunities for service in major command The LDO and CWO programs seek to commission technical managers and technical experts Proven leadership and sustained superior performance in arduous assignments War Fighters seeking new and rewarding challenges Officers who bring extensive technical expertise to a wardroom

55 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Summary
Hard and soft breakouts in evaluations/fitness reports are extremely important. Work to move to the “EP” block soon after reporting aboard. Board members focus on the strength of the evaluations, promotion rankings, command endorsement, interview appraisal sheets, leadership traits and the difficulty of billets held. Qualify for watchstations in your rating to the maximum level your rank will allow. Qualifying for watchstations outside your rate and ranking is a plus once you have max’d out in your parent rating qualifications. Sea Duty, IA/GSA assignments, recruiting, recruit division command, instructor duty a plus++.

56 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Summary (cont)
The competitive selection process that the LDO/CWO community employs is a significant tool in the Navy’s “Strategy for the People” and ensures we retain, select, and promote our strongest performers. Selection to LDO or CWO is a benchmark in one’s career and reflects the Navy’s value in sustained superior performance, leadership, and integrity. Board packages reflect that commands support the program by only sending the best and brightest for consideration.

57 LDO/CWO Applicant Brief Contacts
PERS 422 Submarine / Nuclear LDO Assignments: Detailer: Placement Officer: BUPERS Contacts: Nuclear LDO OCM OCM – AOCM – On the Web:

58 SUBMARINE LDO/CWO Applicants Questions? Is this a program for you?
Start preparing your package now!

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