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University of Malta Outstanding Past Bright Future.

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1 University of Malta Outstanding Past Bright Future

2 Studying at the University of Malta a guided tour through the maze Outstanding Past Bright Future

3 Rectors Office Registrars Office Faculty Office Departmental Office

4 In case of difficulties and problems, seek help immediately, not after you sit for exams and fail! Re Academic matters, contact your Head of Department Re Administrative matters, contact your Faculty Office (check list of Faculty Officers which was sent to you attached to the acceptance letter) Students Advisory Services http:// http:// Counselling Unit http:// http://

5 Registrars Office http:// http:// Special Needs Facilitator – Ms Marchita Mangiafico Pro-Rector for Student & Institutional Affairs – Professor Mary Anne Lauri International & EU Office Main Contact for overseas students and local students who spend a semester abroad on an Erasmus exchange

6 Senate Faculty Boards Kunsill Studenti Universitarji – KSU http:// http:// Student Organisations

7 Contact Details: Email – Website – Main Functions promotes a policy of equal opportunities; and monitors complaints from University staff and students in connection with sex discriminatory practices Mentoring Scheme A Mentoring Scheme was set up by the Gender Issues Committee in order to: help students in their academic work; and give students an insight into the world of work

8 General Regulations for University Awards these are the general regulations which govern all courses Bye-Laws for each course these are the specific bye-laws governing each particular course Bye-laws for all courses are available online on the Office of the Registrar website:




12 Programmes of Study consist of different categories of study-units: Compulsory study-units – units which have to be followed Elective study-units – a group of units from which you have to choose a particular number Optional study-units – any unit offered by the University; choice is subject to certain restrictions

13 Almost all courses are divided into study-units to each of which ECTS credits are assigned. Workload for an academic year is 60 credits, divided into 30 credits per semester. Students need to pass ALL study-units to obtain the required 60 credits and progress regularly to the next year.

14 Programmes of study and other course-related information can be found on: Find a Course

15 What if I fail in a study-unit? Course Programmes (cont.)

16 Its a warning sign but NOT the end of the world. Regulations provide for: Re-sits assessments up to a limited number (16) of credits the possibility of referring not more than 10 credits to the next year (conditional progression) But, if you fail too many credits, you may have to repeat the year, if eligible. Attendance for all lectures is obligatory.

17 I am on a two subject degree – which is my Home Faculty? Are all my lectures in the same building? How do I find my way around? What if I am sick and cannot attend a lecture or an examination? How much time am I allowed to apply for a revision of paper? ONE WEEK following the publication of the result on eSIMS.

18 Beware of PLAGIARISM Proper quotations List of references Bibliography Do not use Wikipedia Plagiarism avoidance guidelines, useful to download: DOCUMENTS: Plagiarism and Collusion Guidelines How to Avoid Plagiarism




22 Manage UoMs IT Infrastructure Provide facilities / tools to staff and students with related needs Further information on IT Services – UoM IT Account Activating your UoM IT Account IT Services

23 Activating UoM IT Account

24 Activating UoM IT Account (cont.)


26 No VISA accounts will be accepted Instead of the usual bank account, students are to provide their IBAN Accounts IBAN consists of 31 alphanumeric characters Verification of IBAN account can be done either via internet banking or by inquiring at ones bank of choice

27 Student Information Management System… …on the Web

28 To use eSIMS you must first activate your IT Services e-mail account: You have received your activation code and instructions on how to activate your account with your letter of acceptance * Activate your e-mail account TODAY! * Those admitted following the MATSEC September session will receive their letter of acceptance and their activation code within the next two weeks

29 Accessing eSIMS To logon, select eSIMS from the Quicklinks or, type in the Web browser

30 eSIMS – Login Type your Student University IT Account login details

31 eSIMS is the Web Portal that gives you access to important information, including: Study-Units database Your personal academic record Student Intray system eSIMS Notice Board Useful links for students

32 View and update your personal details Mailing address Next of kin contact details Stipend details View your registered course details View your registered study-units View your current/historic academic record View your RESULTS

33 Enrol for the course each academic year (first year students – instructions enclosed with letter of acceptance) 1st – 29 th October 2013 Register for DegreePlus study-units 8 th – 14 th October 2013 Submit your feedback about study-units at the end of each semester

34 eSIMS Main Page


36 Study-Units Details

37 eSIMS – View Your Current Results

38 eSIMS – Unit Result Details

39 If you encounter problems related to eSIMS please consult the Frequently Asked Question section: If the issue is not resolved kindly click on the Contact Us tab or send an e-mail to: In your correspondence, always quote your: Student Number found on your letter of acceptance

40 Remember to regularly check your University e-mail for any eSIMS notifications that are sent periodically. Official communications from the University are ALWAYS sent to your University e-mail address, given to you when you activate your UoM IT Account. However, you may choose to forward e-mail to an existing non-University email address Always use your University e-mail address in all your correspondence with the University.

41 The LIBRARY CARD will only be issued if it is requested. Otherwise, the National Identity Card will be accepted in all circumstances as an official document (e.g. to borrow books and to sit for examinations).

42 This presentation is available at:

43 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION GOOD LUCK IN YOUR STUDIES! Enjoy your stay at the University of Malta from the Office of the REGISTRAR


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