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A73 Plant & Vehicle Banksman Course

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1 A73 Plant & Vehicle Banksman Course
An Introdction to the A73 Plant & Vehicle Banksman Course John Waters Director LisaGarrard Operations Manager

2 A73 Plant & Vehicle Marshaller Course
Content of Test Training Costs Benefits of Training

3 A73 Plant & Vehicle Marshaller Course
Split into 5 parts H&S Operative Test You must have a health & safety touch screen test carried out within the last 2 years. Theory Test Scenarios Test Communication Test Practical Test

4 Theory Test Sample Questions
If a delivery vehicle needs to be reverses onto the public highway, when can a marshaller legally stop traffic on the highway? What TWO actions should be taken if an unexpected delivery vehicle appears within an area controlled by a marshaller? A) Name THREE things that would need to be reported to the supervisor as soon as they occur and B) why should this be undertaken immediately?

5 Practical Test

6 Practical Test

7 Training 2 days training During the training you will be;
familiarised with the theory requirements introduced to the CPCS system run through practical exercises to ensure you are working to best practice Test on day 3

8 Costs £ VAT per person Includes 2 day training, test and CPCS card Max of 4 candidates per course to have full benefit of the teacher Grants may be available please see your CITB advisor for more information 8

9 Summary 5 parts to the test Training is available and recommended
£ VAT CPCS red card is issued

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