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S2 Course Choice Craft, Design & Technology V1.1 25/1/07.

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1 S2 Course Choice Craft, Design & Technology V1.1 25/1/07

2 Course Choice During S2 you will choose the subjects you want take in S3 and S4. In S1 and S2 you took CDT which is a combined subject. In S3 and S4, CDT changes into three separate subjects. This presentation will give you more information about the three subjects.

3 Craft and Design Graphic Communication Practical Craft Skills The three subjects are…

4 Craft and Design What is…

5 What is Craft and Design Craft and Design is the closest subject to the CDT you have done in S1 and S2. Part of your time is spent in the classroom designing items the other part is spent in the workshop making your designs. This would be a good choice if you like to sketch and design things and like to make projects in the workshop.

6 Craft and Design Activities You will be sketching, drawing, making a design folio and learning about design for each item in the course. You will learn about the materials, tools and processes used to make wood, metal and plastic items. You will cut, shape, join and finish a range of materials in the workshop to make your designs.

7 Craft and Design Coursework In S3 you design and make 4 projects. In S4 you complete 1 major project. These are examples of S4 projects

8 Craft and Design Info Craft and Design is a Standard Grade subject. Your final grade is made up from the marks for your S4 major project folio, your S4 major project model and a final exam. You will have homework for each project completed in S3.

9 Craft and Design Careers Architecture CAD drafting Carpentry and Joinery Craft work Design consultancy Engineering Environmental design Exhibition design Furniture design Industrial design Painting and Decorating Product design Interior design Jewellery design Manufacturing Model making Theatre design

10 Graphic Communication What is…

11 What is Graphic Communication Graphic Communication is about using drawings and graphics to get a message across. It might be a poster advertising an event, a drawing showing the plans for a building or a 3D computer model showing what a product will look like. Graphic Communication is based in the classroom and uses a range of hand and computer skills to produce different types of graphics. This would be a good choice if you like to draw and are keen to develop your computer graphic skills.

12 Graphic Communication Activities Drawing with instruments and freehand sketching Using computers for Computer Aided Design and Image Manipulation Knowing how to use colour, understanding how computers are used in graphics, reading drawings and understanding symbols… Sketching, Rendering, Layout and lettering, Desktop Publishing, Computer Aided Graphics…

13 In S3 Project work using drawing and the computer to make Packaging, Flyers, Booklets, graphs, orthographic drawings, 2D and 3D computer models. In S4 Making a Presentation Folio showing your skills in a range of graphic styles. Preparing for your Drawing Exam. Graphic Communication Coursework

14 Graphic Communication Info Graphic Communication is a Standard Grade subject. It is also taught at Higher. Your S4 graphics folio counts towards your final grade. There is an exam to test your drawing and graphics knowledge. You will learn to use different computer graphics programs. You will have to complete homework for some projects.

15 Careers in Graphics Advertising Animation Architecture CAD drafting Engineering Graphic design Journalism Multimedia design Illustration Interior design Publishing Print industry Product design Quantity Surveyor Textile design Theatre and TV Visual Arts Web design

16 Practical Craft Skills What is…

17 What is Practical Craft Skills Practical Craft Skills is based in the workshop. You will make small items of furniture to build up your craft skills in wood. All of your work will be practical. The articles that you make are standard designs. This would be a good choice if you enjoy working with your hands or are interested in a craft career or a trade.

18 Practical Craft Activities Marking out and Measuring Wood Joints Frame Construction Carcase (box) Construction Wood Turning Wood Finishes Learning Tools, Materials and Processes Safe working practice

19 Practical Craft Coursework You will make 5 models over the course. Each model you make is assessed and graded. This will count towards your final award. There will be short NAB tests on Tools, Materials and Processes.

20 Practical Craft Info Practical Craft Skills is taught at Intermediate 1 and 2 level. The course grade is based on continual assessment, there is no final exam. There is no homework but you will need to revise for NAB tests.

21 Careers in Practical Craft Bench Joiner Built up felt roofer Carpenter and Joiner Ceiling fixer Dry liner Form worker French Polishing Furniture renovation Heating and Ducting Engineer Painter and Decorator Partition fixer Pattern maker Roof sheeter and cladder Shop fitter Wood Machinist

22 What to do now… Think which subjects will help you in the type of job or career you want to do. Find out about the type of skills you will learn in your subjects. Find out what skills are needed in the job or career you would like or the qualifications you need, to apply for college or university courses.

23 Top tips for course choice… Choose what you want to do - Not just what your friends are doing. (You will still see them in most other subjects!) Find out as much as you can about subjects – Ask other students - Think - Will it suit me? Will I enjoy it? - Will it give you the right qualifications? Think about the type of subjects you choose, give yourself some career options – You may change your mind about what you want to be.

24 And finally… We hope this has helped to explain some of your choices in S3. We are always happy to talk to students and parents/guardians about our subjects to help you decide your course choice.

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