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Okefenokee Technical College Blackboard Orientation.

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1 Okefenokee Technical College Blackboard Orientation

2 You are required to... Contact your instructor on a regular basis Contact other students through the Discussion Board Complete handouts and view presentations Complete Assignments, quizzes, and exams by the due date.

3 Requirements Active Email Address Know how to use email and send email with attachments. Know how to use the Internet Be self-Motivated and work independently Have regular access to the Internet Own a computer operating Windows 98 or higher Have the ability to acquire software or equipment that is required by the online course.

4 Online Programs Offered General Office Assistant Technical Certificate of Credit Various Individual courses

5 Lets Begin... Email your instructor –See Instructor list containing email address at end of presentation. –Provide instructor with your complete name, email address, phone number and course that you are registered for.

6 Blackboard Login Blackboard web address: – Add this address to your Internet Browsers Favorites list. You will use this address each time you access your online course site. The first screen is the login screen.

7 Blackboard Screen

8 Login cont Click to Login Button on the Main Blackboard Login Screen Enter your username and password –These are provided to you by your instructor. Click login button

9 Login Screen

10 Welcome Page You will see a Blackboard Welcome Page that has your name on the top and lists all of the Blackboard courses that you are enrolled in.

11 Welcome Page

12 Welcome Page cont Read Current Announcements Access the Tools area and check your course calendar Check Personal Information Tool

13 Personal Information Click the Personal Information button so that you may edit your information. Change your password –Please change your password to something that is easy for you to recall. Check your email address to ensure that it is correct.

14 Courses Two methods of access your course from the Welcome Page... –Click on the course you wish to enter from the Welcome Page. –Click the courses tab at the top of the page and then choose the course you wish to enter. You will then be moved into the course page that you choose.

15 Course Page

16 Using the Site... Menu buttons are on the left side of the Blackboard Course Main Page. All items will appear in the document area when a button is clicked.

17 Blackboard Individual Course Page

18 Announcements Choose the appropriate tab at the top to determine the time period that you need to view. Best Bet is to View All Announcements. Announcements are posted in chronological order. View announcements every other day. You are responsible for any information posted in the announcements area.

19 Course Information You will find the following in this area.. –Course syllabus including... Course requirements Assignment sheet Grading procedures Book requirements Work ethic requirements Instructor contact information

20 Course Documents Course Documents will contain any material that your instructor would distribute to students in an on-campus class. Please make sure that you check the course documents area for anything that you may need to view and/or print for future reference. Lecture notes may also be found in this area.

21 Assignments You will find the Quizzes or Tests folder here. –You may click on the folder link to view available quizzes or tests. –Some quizzes or tests may require a password, your instructor will inform you of this if necessary. Graded assignments will also be located in this area. –Includes course work, reading, discussion items, and other assignments.

22 Tools Calendar –Deadlines are posted here Grades –You may view your individual grades at any time. Personal Information –You may change your personal information at any time. Please keep your email address UP-TO-DATE.

23 Discussion Boards Discussion boards allow the class to get a conversation going to stimulate learning. Forums –These are used in discussing items. –Post questions for the instructor

24 External Links Sites that may supplement the course GVTC Web Site Okefenokee Technical College Web Site Instructor Web Site

25 Back Button You may use the back button to return to the previous screen. At the top of the page, you will notice a text link that will allow you to move back to a previous folder.

26 Taking more than one course? You may easily maneuver from one course to another through the COURSES tab at the top of the page. –Click on the Courses Tab –Click on the name of the course that you wish to move to

27 Having Problems? You will occasionally encounter a problem in an online course. You should immediately contact your instructor, first. When emailing your instructor make sure that you completely explain any problem or error message that you experience and always include your FULL NAME. If your instructor is unable to assist you, please contact the GVTC Dept Head, Amanda Morris –

28 Communication When contacting your instructor, take into account your instructors work hours and weekend policy. This is located in Staff Information. You must stay in constant contact with your instructor. Any two week period with no contact constitutes withdrawal from the course. Respond to instructor emails immediately. Always include your full name and course on any email messages.

29 How to be Successful in your course. Login to Blackboard on a daily basis. –Check announcements –Check assignments –Check discussion board Check your email daily –Respond to instructor email immediately Manage your time Meet all due dates in the course.

30 Online Instructors Amanda Morris, GVTC Dept. Head and Instructor, 287-5851, Joelyn Bell, 287-5833, Karen Boyle, 287-6595, Danita Cannon, 287-5833, Bob Cardwell, 287-5859, Theresa Cox, 287-5836, Angie Crews, 287-5830, Loutrell Harris, 287-5840, LeighAnne Hersey, Patrick Simmons, 338-5940, Angie Wilson, 287-5819, Sally Smith, 287-5839,

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