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RRHS Round Rock High School Course Selections 2013-2014.

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3 Round Rock High School Course Selections

4 Handout Your handout should include a copy of the power point presentation in note form so that you can take notes as we discuss specific points Also included is the course selection sheet for next year with the courses we anticipate to offer at Round Rock High School (subject to change) Not all courses in the course catalog online at are offered on our campus, so it is important you go by our course selection sheet

5 First, enter your name, id number, and next years grade level on the top line of the Registration Sheet for If you are a sophomore, your choice sheet is green. If you are a junior, your choice sheet is blue. Next, check off which graduation plan you hope to graduate under.

6 Beginning with the Class of 2015, the End of Course Exam grades will also determine eligibility for the Distinguished and Summa Cum Laude Graduation Programs. The exact scores are yet to be determined and are under discussion at this time.

7 All current students must indicate which Academy they are in (only one). Academy students receive priority for those Academy specific classes should space availability be an issue. As we discuss which classes to take in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, please circle the number and name of that course on your Registration Sheet if it is already on the sheet. Otherwise, please write in the number and name of the course.

8 All Round Rock High School Students must be in an Academy. The Academies and the Programs of Studies are listed on the course listing sheets. There are *s in front of the required courses, in order of sequence, under each Program of Study.

9 Procedures for filling out the Registration at home 1. Look over the graduation plans in the course catalog (can be found on-line at under the Academics tab) and determine which courses are required by RRISD for graduation. 2. Review the 4 year graduation plan you discussed with your counselor most recently. 3. Discuss your classes carefully with your parents/guardians because no schedule changes will be allowed once school begins in August. 4. Obtain signatures (if necessary) from your teachers (athletics, band, and orchestra, Dragonettes, cheerleading, etc) to indicate which level you should be in next year, as well as verification you are on the team, etc. 5. Have your parent/guardian sign and YOU sign the form. 6. All students will return their signed course selection forms to your science teacher by Monday, February 25 th.

10 QUESTIONS??? Questions you have during the presentation? 1. Write them on a piece of paper 2. Turn the paper in to your teacher before you leave class 3. The Counselors will create a FAQ sheet based on all the questions asked and will post it on the school webpage.

11 ENGLISH OPTIONS From English II *** See note below English III 1132 AP English III 1133 Dual Credit English III From TAG Pre- AP English II TAG AP English III 1135 *** If you are making between in Pre-AP English II, then you should consider taking a AP class next year in that same subject.

12 ENGLISH OPTIONS From English III or AP English III English IV 1142 Dual Credit English IV AP English IV 1143 *** See note below Dual Credit English British Literature *** Dual Credit English III *** If you took Dual Credit English III (1301 and 1302) at Round Round Rock High School with Mr. Smith last year, then you would take these one semester of British Literature this year to fulfill English IV requirements. If you took the 1301 and 1302 through ACC, you will need a course in American Literature and one in British Literature TAG AP English III TAG AP English IV 1145

13 MATHEMATICS OPTIONS From Geometry *** See note below Math Modeling 3221 Algebra II 3222 Pre AP Algebra II 3223 From TAG Pre-AP Geometry TAG Pre-AP Algebra II 3225 *** If you are made between in Regular Algebra I as a freshman, then you should consider taking Pre-AP Algebra II next year. *** If you made in Algebra I your freshman year, then you should consider taking regular Algebra II. *** If you made below 80 in Algebra I as a freshman, then you should take Math Modeling. ASK YOUR TEACHER FOR THEIR SUGGESTION!!!

14 MATHEMATICS OPTIONS From Math Models Algebra II 3222

15 MATHEMATICS OPTIONS From Algebra II Pre-Calculus 3609 AQR – Advanced Quantitative Reasoning 3636 AP Statistics 3608 From Pre-AP Algebra II Pre-Calculus 3609 Pre-AP Pre-Calculus 3610 AP Statistics 3608 From TAG Pre-AP Algebra II TAG Pre-AP Pre-Calculus 3611 When in doubt, ask your math teacher or your counselor for recommendation for what you should take next year.

16 MATHEMATICS OPTIONS AQR Advanced Quantitative Reasoning 3636 Precalculus 3609 AP Statistics 3608 When in doubt, ask your math teacher or your counselor for recommendation for what you should take next year. Pre-Calculus 3609 AP Statistics 3608

17 MATHEMATICS OPTIONS Pre-AP Pre-Calculus 3610 AP Calculus-AB 3614 Or AP Calculus-BC 3617 When in doubt, ask your math teacher or your counselor for recommendation for what you should take next year. TAG Pre-AP Pre-Calculus 3611 TAG AP Calculus-BC 3615

18 SCIENCE OPTIONS From Chemistry *** See Note Below Physics 4241 Pre-AP Physics 4242 Must be in Pre-Calculus From Pre-AP Chemistry Physics 4241 Pre-AP Physics 4242 Must be in Pre-Calculus *** Chemistry students making above an 88 should consider taking Pre-AP Physics. Pre-AP Physics requires concurrent or prior Pre-Calculus. Chemistry students who struggled with the class should consult their teacher for Science options available next year. TAG Science Students should elect to take TAG Pre-AP Physics 4245

19 SCIENCE OPTIONS From Physics Or Pre-AP Physics Any Science Elective of your choice

20 SOCIAL STUDIES OPTIONS From World History U.S. History 2332 Dual Credit U.S. History AP U.S. History 2334 From AP World History U.S. History 2332 Dual Credit U.S. History AP U.S. History 2334

21 SOCIAL STUDIES OPTIONS From U.S. History Dual Credit U.S. History or AP U.S. History U.S. Government 2442 Dual Credit Government or AP U.S. Government 2444 Economics 2602 Dual Credit Economics Or AP Macro Economics 2604

22 ELECTIVES Your first elective should be your next level of Foreign Language Next you need to put in your required Academy class Following that should be any graduation requirements you have not met yet (P.E., Fine Arts, Communication Applications, Health, Technology) Juniors and Seniors will not be allowed to have an off- period if they have failed a course. They will be placed in Credit Plus (or repeating the failed course) instead. ****Any student failing TAKS (especially in math or science) may be required to take a TAKS remediation class in lieu of an elective or off period.

23 THINGS TO REMEMBER Football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and Dragonettes are double blocked and therefore take the place of two classes – sports and Dragonettes require a coach/instructor signature. Band members sign up for two different band classes (check with your instructor to determine which classes to sign up for and obtain a signature). When in doubt, ask your current teachers which class you should sign up for next in that subject area. If you do not turn in a course selection sheet, your counselor will select for you and you will have no choice on your classes.

24 Teacher Signatures Needed? Athletic Coaches Dragonettes Band (specific sections) Orchestra (specific sections) Choir (specific section) Journalism (above 1 st level) PALS See course catalog class descriptions to determine if there is a requirement of an application or teacher approval

25 CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!!!!! You will NOT be able to change classes once school begins, so be very careful in your course selections!!!! Since you may not be able to get in every elective class you want, be very certain you put your elective choices in the order of your preference.

26 Include 3 alternate elective courses, in the order of your preference. Include your and cell/home number in case your counselor needs to contact you over the summer regarding your choices. Challenge yourself but know your own limits, especially if you are involved in extracurricular activities.

27 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS P.E. SUBSTITUTES:ROTC MARCHING BAND (FALL ONLY) DRAGONETTES ATHLETICS CHEERLEADING (FALL ONLY) Double blocked CTE courses P.E. Classes:. (Each may be taken only ONCE for credit!) Please check the course catalog for a complete listing of P.E. substitute classes.

28 DUE DATE Current Sophomores and Juniors Monday, February 25 th, 2013 Sophomores and Juniors – Turn in your signed form to your Science teacher no later than February 26 th. ************************************** Counselors will be available for questions and answers before school, during lunches, and after school.

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