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David Xin Ding, Ph.D., PMP University of Houston

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1 David Xin Ding, Ph.D., PMP University of Houston

2 Motivation Project – Introduction – Examples Practice Tips and summary

3 Area 1? Area 3? Area 2? Class

4 Help connect course subjects to business practices Help connect students with others (e.g., in the class, across different classes) Help build the platform for future/repetitive learning

5 Business Practice Continuous Learning Cooperative Learning Service Learning Story Telling Project Gallery To bridge concepts with business practice To facilitate learning among teams and across classes To support continuous learning

6 Service Learning (4Rs)* 1.Reality – exposure to business practice In-depth contact, over time, allowing complex problems to emerge 2.Reflection – own learning experience Significant reflection; exploring multiple impacts & issues 3.Reciprocity – information exchange Sustained contact; sharing knowledge & expertise 4.Responsibility – commitment Significant investments of time and energy Facilitates lasting focus on broader goals *Adapted from Godfrey & Berry, Creating Breadth in Business Education Through Service-Learning, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2005, 4:3, 309-323.

7 Business practice what is taught in classrooms art rather than science & is captured by stories told by community members As stories evolve, richer understanding of the phenomenon is developed, and new integrated approaches to solving problems are created (Crossan, et al., 1999). Cite from Crossan, M. M., Lane, H. W., & White, R. E. An organizational learning framework: From intuition to institution, 1999, Academy of Management Review, 24:3, 522-537.

8 Service Learning – Identify local profit/nonprofit organizations – Interview employees/owners – Analyze their operational process – Concentrate on certain operations related concepts Storytelling – Create a story to illustrate the concept – Identify the connection between the concept & business operations – Show the connection through acting – Produce the episodes


10 6 Continue research & update project scope Analyze the clients operational processes via interviews/field trips Translate scripts to storyboards Report #2 Checkout equip Deliver scripts and storyboards for critique 7 8 2 nd tutorial on production Wk1. Content2. Service Learning3. Story Telling4. Team work5. Technology6.Collaboration 1Brainstorm ideas Propose a client Develop scripts Role assignment Cross-match teams from different classes 2 Research on potential topics & concepts Report #1 3 Establish initial contact & secure permission 4 5 Narrow down a specific concept 1 st tutorial on pre-production 9 Incorporate the research in final project report Incorporate the clients feedbacks to refine project scope Act out the story Report #3 10 11 3 rd tutorial on post-production 12 Stream the video Final Report Deliver episodes for event planning 13 14 Equip return 15 16Red Carpet Event

11 Project identification Company identification Project release form Storyboard Work log Project report templates

12 High definition HD-based camcorder Directional microphone Three way tripod Voice recorder Video editing software Video hosting website




16 Types of projectAdvantagesDisadvantagesWatch out for the following: DocumentaryClear structureLack of motivation/depth Make best use of resources Role playsHigh motivationLack of access to resources Role assignments, project leader has good mgt. skills Specific topicsFocused conceptsMiss other important topics A thorough understanding of intended topics General operations Overall view of operations; easy to lay out Lack of depthInclude important aspects of operational practices




20 Production & Service Operations Class Team Leadership Class Quality Improvement Class Communication Class Digital Media Class 2. Process Feedback 4. Screen Critics 3. Videos1. Work logs 5. Event Ideas 6. Campaign Proposals 7. Campaign Materials


22 Project identification Company identification Project release form Storyboard Work log Project report templates

23 Format: – 3-5 minutes episodes – Demonstrating certain OM topics or showcasing operations practices within a local organization

24 Steps – Choose topic(s) – Develop scripts – Select potential clients/companies – Translate scripts into storyboards – Setup scenes at selected clients – Rehearsal – Shoot/edit/stream episodes

25 David Xin Ding, Ph.D., PMP Information and Logistics Technology Department University of Houston, Houston TX 77204 Phone: (713)743-4095 Email:

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