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Seniors Course Selection 2014-15. Reasons to Listen.

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1 Seniors Course Selection 2014-15

2 Reasons to Listen

3 Graduation Requirements English4.0 credits Social Science2.0 credits (Must pass US History I and 2) Math3.0 credits Science2.0 credits Health/PE 3.5 credits Consumer Ed.5 credits Electives9.0 credits Prairie State Achievement Exam Constitution Test ________ 24 Total Credits

4 CREDITS Credit is based on semester grade D (60%) Minimum grade for passing and receiving credit Each semester class = ½ credit To be a…You must have… Its recommended you have… Sophomore5 Credits6 credits Junior11 Credits12 credits Senior17 Credits18 credits HS graduate 24 CreditsREQUIRED TO HAVE 24 CREDITS!!!

5 Weighted Grades Honors/AP A = 6 points Standard A = 5 points Base A = 4 points

6 CLASS RANK Class rank is determined by total grade points using all classes. Examples: 6 classes all As = 30 points 7 classes all As = 35 points

7 BACC Bloomington Area Career Center 3 hours of your day 2 credits/year Variety of vocational courses (pg. 88) Applications requiredDo look at attendance and credits Bus transportation provided May need an NCHS prerequisite Do not list this in your course requests but know what you would drop

8 ICE Work Program Interrelated Cooperative Education 3-4 hours of your day 1 credit for course + 2 credits for work = 3 credits yearly Application required Must have a job by the time school begins Must have own transportation

9 Typical Senior Schedule Core CoursesBACCICE Work Program English Math PE ScienceElectiveICE Work course Social StudiesBACC courseWork ElectiveBACC courseWork Elective or SHBACC courseWork

10 Dual Credit

11 English English Options –Senior Skills in English (base) –College Composition and Communication –Senior Literature –Philosophy & Literary Criticism –Creative Writing –Theater I & II –Advanced Acting & Directing –Literature of the Silver Screen –Composition I (Dual Credit) –Composition II (Dual Credit) –Introduction to Oral Communications (Dual Credit) –AP English Literature and Composition –Advanced Speech –Journalism & Newspaper

12 M A T H Talk to your math teacher ! Current CourseCurrent GradeNext Years Course Algebra 1Any gradeGeometry Algebra 1AHonors Geometry GeometryC or DElementary Algebra 2 GeometryC or higherAlgebra 2 GeometryA & A in Algebra 1Honors Algebra 2 Honors GeometryC or DAlgebra 2 Honors GeometryC or higherHonors Algebra 2 Elementary Algebra 2B or higher College Algebra Exploring Math (HCC) Algebra 2C or higher College Algebra Trigonometry Algebra 2B or higher Honors Pre-Calculus Finite/Prob&Stats Finite for Bus & SS (Dual Credit) Algebra 2AAP Statistics Honors Algebra 2C or higherHonors Pre-Calculus B or higher orAP Calculus AB or BC Passing gradeFinite/Prob&Stats AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Statistics

13 Social Studies Electives International Relations Social Issues Economics Human Geography Psychology Sociology AP Psychology (Psych & B or higher in all Social Studies classes) AP Government US (B or higher in all Social Studies classes) AP Government Comparative ( B or higher in all Social Studies classes) AP Geography (Human Geography & B or higher in all Social Studies classes) Western Civilization to 1500 / since 1500 (Dual Credit)

14 Science Course currently taking Course options next year (based on teacher reccomendation) Chemistry or Honors Chemistry Physics Molecular and Structural Biology Chemistry II Environment Earth (Dual Credit optional) Biotechnical Engineering BSAA I & II Physics Molecular and Structural Biology Chemistry II Environment Earth (Dual Credit optional) Biotechnical Engineering BSAA I & II AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics C

15 PE PE Exemption –Application required w/coach signature –IHSA activity/sport including Band –Only for semester you are in the activity/sport –Winter sports and Cheerleaders-choose semester Options: –Foundations of Fitness –Fitness and Sports (Team PE) –Lifetime Fitness and Exercise (Individual PE) –Personal Development –Dance Fitness –Water & Land Activities –Advanced Aquatics –Swim Guard –Lifestyle Management (a full year course!!) NO CHANGES AFTER MARCH 22

16 CONSUMER EDUCATION- STATE OF ILLINOIS REQUIREMENT Successful completion of any of the following courses/programs fulfills the State Consumer Education requirement for high school graduation: Introduction to Business (9, 10) - 1 year Consumer Education (11, 12) - 1 semester Personal Investment & Finance (11, 12) - 1 semester Agribusiness Management (11, 12) - 1 year ICE (Work) program (11, 12) - 1 year

17 Senior Electives Agriculture Art Bloomington Area Career Center Business Family and Consumer Science Foreign Language ICE Work Program Music Technology

18 Whats Next? January 14: Counselors meet with you to select your classes: Lab 33 January 28: Counselors available to discuss course selections and make adjustments if necessary (by appt.) March 1: Copy of course requests will be sent home in the mail.

19 Changes? March 21: Last day to make a change in your course selection See your counselor to make a course request change

20 Exceptions after March 21 (CCG: Page 5) Conflicts Successful completion of summer school courses. Failure to meet course prerequisite. Driver Education changes for students placed in wrong semester because of age or course failures. Scheduling conflicts due to computer error. Missing requirement for university admission

21 Level Changes May request within first 6 week of semester When moving down a level, must show interventions have been implemented Completion of level change form



24 2 nd semester changes 1.Drop class to move to a higher weighted course 2.Drop a yearlong class that has been failed and pick up a semester class (Office Approval/Interventions for success must be completed) 3.Students currently enrolled in a study hall may enroll in a 2 nd semester class


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