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Open School I mentioned earlier that we want your involvement with the IHI Open School, and so I want to explain what that is and where it came from. The.

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1 Open School I mentioned earlier that we want your involvement with the IHI Open School, and so I want to explain what that is and where it came from. The IHI, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is one of the most respected organizations in the world committed to fighting for better health care, for quality improvement, for reducing medical errors. The IHI is probably best known for campaigns like the 100,000 Lives Campaign and the 5 Million Lives Campaign that literally have saved that many patient lives by changing the practices of hospitals across the country and across the world to better embrace these quality ideas and processes. What the IHI realized is that this movement is so profoundly important that we’ve got to get health care professionals involved as early as possible. We need the next generation thinking about this, and unfortunately, the reality is that medical schools aren’t changing as fast as the health care world is.

2 IHI Open School Mission
“Advance health care improvement and patient safety competencies in the next generation of health professionals worldwide.” The IHI Open School launched in September Our ultimate goal is for every health professions student entering the workforce to have the necessary skills to become a change agent for quality improvement and patient safety.

3 Our Three-Pronged Strategy
Content Experiential Community

4 IHI Open School Courses
20 online courses developed by world-renowned experts in the following topics: Improvement Capability Patient Safety Person- and Family-Centered Care Triple Aim for Populations Quality, Cost, and Value Leadership Mobile App for iPhone and iPad More than 25 credit hours for nurses, physicians, and pharmacists The IHI Open School now has 19 online courses that teach the basics of quality improvement, patient safety, leadership, patient- and family-centered care, health care operations, and population health. Each course comprises 3-5 lessons that take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. Each lesson ends with some assessment questions to test the learner and help the education stick. They are completely free for students, residents, faculty, and users from the least-developed country. Upon completing of the 16 core courses, a learner receives the Certificate of Completion, which is a nice addition to any professional resume. (In fact, many students have told us that their residency interviews and job interviews turn into conversations about the importance of quality improvement to the future of health care.) Professionals can take the courses, too. The fee is $250 per year and organizations can purchase bulk subscriptions if they want to train a large number of staff. Oh, and we have an app, too!

5 IHI Open School Courses
Improvement Capability QI 101: Fundamentals of Improvement QI 102: The Model for Improvement: Your Engine for Change QI 103: Measuring for Improvement QI 104: Putting It All Together: How Quality Improvement Works in Real Health Care Settings QI 105: The Human Side of Quality Improvement QI 106: Level 100 Tools Person- and Family-Centered Care PFC 101: Dignity and Respect Quality, Cost, and Value QCV 101: Achieving Breakthrough Quality, Access, and Affordability Triple Aim for Populations TA 101: Introduction to Population Health Patient Safety PS 100: Introduction to Patient Safety PS 101: Fundamentals of Patient Safety PS 102: Human Factors and Safety PS 103: Teamwork and Communication PS 104: Root Cause and Systems Analysis PS 105: Communicating with Patients after Adverse Events PS 106: Introduction to the Culture of Safety PS 201: Partnering to Heal: Teaming Up Against Healthcare-Associated Infections PS 202: Preventing Pressure Ulcers Leadership L 101: Becoming a Leader in Health Care

6 Course Structure 3-5 lessons per course Course objectives Post-assessment quiz after each lesson End of course evaluation

7 Certificate of Completion
Formal recognition for participation Proves commitment to employers Requires completion of 16 courses

8 Course Usage More than 110,000 users have completed a course
More than 16,000 users have earned the Basic Certificate More than 190 universities report using the courses in the curriculum (65 required for graduation) 445 health care organizations have purchased subscriptions to train employees

9 What’s a subscription? This provides a defined number of users in an organization access to the courses for 12 months. A key contact at the organization can track the following user information: Name and title Post-lesson assessment scores Courses and lessons completed Course and lesson start and completion dates Ratings and comments

10 IHI Open School Online Resources
Improvement Stories Activities and Exercises Publications Case Studies Audio and Video Posterboards


12 United Kingdom Chapter Congress
Asir Primary Healthcare Sector of Saudi Ministry of Health – Saudi Arabia University of Toronto South Dakota Chapter Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences – Tanzania

13 Community Host local and regional events
594 Chapters in 60 countries Host local and regional events Participate in educational reform Lead quality improvement projects Review online courses/content together Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download our App

14 IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum
Learner(s) complete required courses Learner(s) identify faculty, health system sponsor(s) and project Learner(s) create charter, cause and effect diagram, 2 PDSA cycles, run chart, summary Learner(s) complete project IHI Open School approves project & awards the Practicum Certificate of Completion One of our newest courses, Guide to the IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum, walks learners through how to set up and execute a quality improvement project. Separated into six lessons (yes, our longest course), the course asks students to submit documents at each step along the way. Learners work with faculty advisors to: Select a project Create a charter to guide the project Create cause and effect diagrams, PDSA cycles, run charts, and a summary document At two points in the journey – the charter and the summary – IHI improvement advisors provide feedback to learners.

15 Already, we have a small bank of quality improvement projects that have made positive changes in health care: Reducing wait times – great project in Scotland! Improving hand hygiene – compliance rates are on the rise in Ohio! Improving medication processes and implement checklists to improve care.

16 The IHI Open School Content Experiential Community
82,500 Students and Residents completing courses 22,000 Health Professionals completing courses 5,500 Student and Residents completed Basic Certificate 140 universities using OS courses in curricula Experiential 59 students and residents have completed projects within the Practicum Community 586 Chapters in 60 countries 120,000 Student Registered 10,000 Residents Registered 11,000 Faculty and Deans Registered

17 What can you do?

18 Take the IHI Open School courses
Suggest improvements Get involved with a Chapter Do a quality improvement project Spread the word to friends, faculty, other students, and professionals interested in health care

19 Thank You Questions? Web:

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