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ADA/Forsyth Institute Evidence-Based Dentistry Course Boston, MA October 19-23, 2009.

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1 ADA/Forsyth Institute Evidence-Based Dentistry Course Boston, MA October 19-23, 2009





6 Participating Countries Argentina Canada Chile Columbia Egypt Russia United Kingdom United States


8 Participant Backgrounds Academics Insurers Public and private health care providers Public health administrators News reporters Editors Governmental for profit and non-profit organizations


10 ADA Definition of EBD Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is an approach to oral health care that requires the judicious integration of systematic assessments of clinically relevant scientific evidence, relating to the patients oral and medical condition and history, with the dentists expertise and the patients treatment needs and preferences.


12 RSS feed link at the bottom of the page – Formats content delivery over the Internet that allows users to subscribe to a Web site for automatic content updates. – By subscribing to the EBD web site RSS feed, dentists can quickly and easily stay informed of studies and summaries posted to the Web site.


14 Workshop Format General group presentation Topics – Question formulation – Randomized clinical trials – Systematic reviews – Meta-analysis – Critical appraisal – Statistics – Online search

15 Instructors Dr. Richard Niederman – Director of the Forsyth Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry Derek Richards – Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry – Editor Evidence-based Dentistry Journal

16 Workshop Format Small group discussion – example Xylitol Pediatric Topical Oral Syrup to Prevent Dental Caries A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial of Efficacy; Archives Pediatric Adolescent Medicine – Use of the PICO format Patients/population-very young children Intervention-pediatric xylitol syrup Comparison-sorbitol Outcome-amount of caries(up or down) – Validity using statistical analysis Will the results help me in caring for the patient?


18 Responses As the word gets out, dental care for our patients will continue to improve. I have been asked to present our learnings from the EBD conference at the PEARL annual meeting at the NIDCR in Bethesda,MD. I was asked to make a course part of the Cairo University staff development program. Everyone who came to this course showed that the interest in moving dentistry to the next level is world wide. I returned from Boston and presented to my South Carolina Dental Assoc. Board of Governors. It was extremely well received.



21 ADEA Competency Statements Critical Thinking Domain – Evaluate and integrate emerging trends in health care as appropriate – Utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills – Evaluate and integrate best research outcomes with clinical expertise and patient values for evidence-based practice

22 Courses by Competency Statement Curriculum Database

23 #54-Evaluate scientific, lay, and trade information and claims about new products and procedures

24 #55-Think Critically, solve problems, and base dental decisions on evidence and theory

25 Connecting the curriculum strands 1.Integrated Clinical Sciences 2.Integrated Medical Sciences 3.Integrated Preclinical Technique 4.Clinical Practice 5.Personalized Instructional Program

26 To Graduate Lifelong Learners and Critical Thinkers Smaller classes to support interactive and integrated learning Case-based learning Learner-centered; active learning vs passive learning New clinic model


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