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Kelly Falcone & Al Trujillo

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1 Kelly Falcone & Al Trujillo
Station-to-Station: Covering the Syllabus and Setting the Tone for a Learner-Centered Class on Day One On Course Workshop: Presented by, Kelly Falcone & Al Trujillo Palomar college

2 Instructor Information
What is the instructor’s address? What is the instructor’s phone number? Where is the instructor’s office located? What are the instructor’s office hours? Does the instructor have specific communication guidelines? What are they? What are at least 3 “significant events” that may affect a student’s attendance in class that would be important to communicate to your instructor?

3 Success team A Success Team is a group of students who help each other succeed in class. Students in a Success Team share contact information in order to contact each other to ask questions and for other help in the course. This is your Success Team! Exchange contact information with your classmates. Also, give your team a team name and add it to the list at this station As a group, discuss what each of you will do to help each other succeed.

4 Course assignments/exams
How do you earn points for this course? (number of exams and assignments; point values). What is the policy for make-up or late assignments/exams? Go around to each member of the group and share how many units each of you are taking this semester. How difficult does the workload seem for this course (easy, medium, hard, …ridiculous?)

5 Course topics Review the course topics or lecture topics. Have each person in the group share which topic they are most excited to learn about and why. Is the content for this course different than what you thought? How so? What questions do you have about the course topics that you hope get answered in the lectures?

6 Study Skills Take turns telling the group what one study skill or study tip has worked particularly well to help you succeed in your past classes. Identify one new study technique you can employ this semester to help you be more successful in college.

7 communication and collaboration skills for future employment
In your group discuss the following three quotes and whether you agree or disagree with them: "The number one reason people lose their first real job is not a lack of technical skills, it is because they can’t get along with other people." National Job Service "51% of employers said their employees did not work well with others." USA Today - March 15, 1999 "Communication skills and working in a team were listed as abilities that were missing in newly graduated students." National Alliance of Business

8 Academic Integrity Is there a statement about academic integrity in the syllabus? What does it say? What does academic integrity mean to you? What are some common violations to the student code of conduct? What are the consequences to violating the student code of conduct? What would you do if you knew a student was cheating in class or plagiarizing assignments?

9 Qualities of successful students
At this station, work as a group to come up with 3 qualities/characteristics of successful students. Write these on sticky-notes and add them to the big board at this station. Note that you CANNOT duplicate any that are already on the board!

10 Q and a with the instructor
This is your time to get to know your instructor better! (no question is too unusual to ask) What questions do you have about the course? About your instructor? About any station you’ve completed?

11 How do you learn best? How do you learn best? Auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or a combination? Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning represents how much we remember from different ways of learning. He says, we remember about… 5% - 15% Verbal or Written 10% - 20% Visual 40% - 50% Visual and Verbal 60% - 70% Discussion 90% of what you experience Do you agree with this explanation of how we learn?

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