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Presented to ASCUS November 30, 2012 Lori Ventura Product Manager Student-Teacher-Course Connection Student-Teacher-Course Connection Update.

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1 Presented to ASCUS November 30, 2012 Lori Ventura Product Manager Student-Teacher-Course Connection Student-Teacher-Course Connection Update

2 Program Overview Celebrations Getting Started Guide STC File Specifications made easy SRM Submission Process Error Reporting/Resolution

3 Celebrate!

4 Our guide needs updating! CourseWalk is not the only way to do course mapping Many of you have chosen to do course mapping through your SIS 1.Attend SIS training 2.Download AZ State course catalog 3.Contact SIS vendor to understand requirements of the system 4.Upload AZ course codes in SIS Add common terms glossary

5 STC file specifications made easy STC Collection Connection addendum Created for the sole purpose of explaining data collection in terms – Ones that make sense to school users Examples, scenarios, term definitions, etc.


7 CourseWalk HQT SAIS Enterprise SIS SRM ADE

8 Extract files Sample Data – Course Sections

9 Ive submitted…now what? View Validation Error report Fix data in source (SAIS, HQT, SIS, Enterprise) Regenerate files from SIS Revalidate in SRM When no error exist – Send to State – Production ONLY – 40 th day window closes Friday, December 7 th – 100 th day window will open on or around January 7 th, 2013

10 State Report Manager Training Site: Production Site:

11 Error Report by Item Violations Summary Record-Level Violations Trial Name:Latest Trial Trial Date: :01:13 User Name:lventura Report Date: :54:44 Report Name:STCConnection Fall 2012 CourseSection R10112 (Error)CourseId Invalid LEAIDSchoolIdCourseIdCourseIdSystem E0KG07L E0KG07L E0KG07L E0KG07L E0KG07L E0KG07L E0KG07L E0KG07L R10113 (Error)Teacher ID not found in HQT system LEAIDSchoolIdCourseIdCourseIdSystem HMA01YHNL HMA01YHNL M8MA01L M8MA01L M8MA01L

12 Common Errors – HQT system input Teacher has a different name in HQT Teacher ID not found in HQT system Most common error is that HQT system has not been properly updated with current years staff

13 Teacher of Record (TOR) Teacher of Record - Directly instruct, evaluate and assign grades – No other positions can legally assign grades Office aides, nurses, etc. cannot assign grades – please do not assign students to these folks

14 Common Errors – SAIS system Student name mismatch in SAIS Student section enrollment without matching Course Section Student in SAIS without Student Section Enrollment Most common error is the proper student enrollment transaction has not taken place within SAIS

15 How do AOI students fit into the process? Online courses usually are open entry/exit scenarios – Schedule the course as a FY course Enroll students with their own specific entry and exit date within that course Provide a grade if student completes the course – Exit type » CF – Content Complete – Full Credit (K-12) » CP – Content Complete – Partial Credit (9-12) » CN – Content Complete – No Credit (K-12) Auditing option, elementary » SC – Schedule Change (K-12) » LS – Left the School (K-12) * Red text = grade required

16 Common Errors – Enterprise Open school without course sections – Contact LEA school finance account analyst to close/open/modify school operating status Most common error is that official operating status action has not been completed by LEA

17 JTED STC Reporting Centralized JTED – Report on all students served – Course Code – External Provider Satellite JTED – Member district to report students served – External Provider = JTED providing services

18 FAQs What types of classes should be reported? – Any course that includes student enrollments How do we handle long-term subs? – Long-term subs will not be validated against HQT if reported from the Provider Teacher 1 element in STC file. – HQT department advises that if a long-term sub has been attached to a school for 4 consecutive weeks, then should be added to said school within HQT Is STC data the same as SAIS data? – There are similar SAIS elements represented in STC files, however, this data is different. – Please see file specification addendum to understand differences

19 Where should I be in the process? Data submission window closes December 7 – Have you mapped your courses? – Have you entered all required STC data inside your Student Information System? – Have you obtained SRM login credentials? – Have you submitted your first trial submission? – Have you worked to correct errors? – Have you sent to state via SRM?

20 STC Data at work for you Potential uses for STC data – Course impact on student performance – Mobile student tracking and assignments – On-time graduation tracking – Dropout early warning system – Prediction of college remediation – Teacher assignment alignment to certification – Teacher education program evaluation – Equality of opportunity to learn – Teacher impact on student performance

21 271 LEAs have submitted trial submissions in SRM 150 LEAs have submitted clean 40 th day

22 We are here to help! Single Point of Contact – – ; Option 2 – (toll free) Website – stc stc – FAQs – Training Videos – Ongoing Webinars – Documentation Library

23 Lori Ventura Product Manager (602) Questions

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