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Creating Reusable Digital Content Mr David Lefevre Business School Ms Karlie Etim Business School Mr Bang Nong Faculty of Medicine Ms Lisa Carrier Faculty.

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1 Creating Reusable Digital Content Mr David Lefevre Business School Ms Karlie Etim Business School Mr Bang Nong Faculty of Medicine Ms Lisa Carrier Faculty of Medicine Room 121 15.00 – 15.30

2 Abstract This session will showcase technologies that will help you repurpose your existing lecture materials to create reusable digital course content. The session will show how lecturers in the Business School are using screen recording software to create rich media content for presentations and student feedback. How the Faculty of Medicine are using the software Articulate to create rich interactive course content. And finally, how both departments are recording lectures and repurposing these recordings for revision and different audiences.

3 Session overview Benefits of creating reusable digital course content. Introduction Session Overview Benefits of creating reusable digital course content Introduction David Lefevre Using screen recording for rich media content Examples Screen Recording Karlie Etim Using Articulate to create rich Interactive course content Examples Articulate Bang Nong Using lecture capture to create reusable digital course content Examples Echo 360 Lisa Carrier Considerations Open floor for Q&A Summary David Lefevre

4 Using Screen Recording for Rich Media Content Karlie Etim – Business School Intro to screen recording software & Jing Demo Examples »Narrated Solutions (Accounting Primer) »Exam Preparation (Business Economics) »Online Course Materials (Mathematics) »Virtual Tour (Medicine) »How To Videos (Blackboard Tutorials)

5 Screen Capture Features Quick and easy way to create rich media content Capture content from your PC and save as video or image Share with others via VLE/email/IM/web », Flickr, FTP, Twitter Features include Audio capture Captions, highlights, annotations Web-cam input

6 Demo

7 Narrated Solutions Provide feedback on worked examples Deliver Group Feedback

8 Exam Preparation Discuss past exam paper questions Create reusable porfolio of revision materials

9 Online Course Materials Create online course content Students can review concepts and work at own pace

10 Virtual Tour Orientation to the MSc Allergy programme for prospective students

11 How To Videos Blackboard Tutorials: Uploading an Assignment

12 Benefits of Screen Capture Record once, use many times Quick & easy Provide variety Personal

13 For more information... TypeDescriptionOSLink Free Products Jing Take screenshots and capture screen as videos. Add annotations and share to, Flickr, FTP, Twitter Win/Mac Wink Tutorial and presentation software can capture screenshots and enables you to add annotations, callouts and shapes Win CaptureFox (Firefox add-on) Firefox add-on. Records screens frame-by-frame to create tutorials. Creates separate audio and video files. Works in the browser. Win/Mac CamStudioFree, lightweight, open source program. Captures video as.AVI files.Win ScreenrWeb based recorder – no downloads. Integrates with Twitter.Win/Mac Licensed Products Adobe Captivate ($699) Create rich eLearning experiences including quizzes and scenario simulations. Win Camtasia ($299) Fully featured screen capture and video editing tool. Editing suite including themes, transitions and captions. Win Screenflow ($99.99) Includes powerful editing suite and allows multiple input for screen capture. Mac flow/overview.htm

14 Using Articulate to create e-Lectures Bang Nong – Faculty of Medicine Intro to Articulate - what it can do Demo Examples

15 Articulate Rapid E-learning Studio E-learning authoring tool PowerPoint add-on Customised Flash interactions including quizzes Media-rich presentations with audio and video Templates to aid rapid development of content 3 out of 4 Faculties have a license

16 E-lectures in the Faculty of Medicine Why e-lectures? Since 2007, approx. 80% of Year 3 F2F lectures have been replaced by e-lectures Critical year - all students are sent on clinical attachments Attachment - students need access from different locations Cause for development of Year 3 e-lecture programme

17 Examples E-lectures - Paediatrics 1 Paediatrics e-lecture Example Interactive breakdown of content using Engage 'Pyramid template' Use of audio narration in sync with presentation

18 Examples E-lectures - Paediatrics 2 Paediatrics e-lecture Tabs enable content breakdown Images can be added as well as Flash animations and audio narration

19 Examples E-lectures - Paediatrics 3 Paediatrics e-lecture Case studies as an interactive quiz Question types include: o MCQ o Drag and drop o Fill in blank o Drop down selection

20 Short Video Demo of Articulate Features View the Articulate Features Demo video online:

21 Examples E-lectures - Clinical Skills 1 Clinical Skills e-lecture Flash animation can be added to provide interactivity

22 Examples E-lectures - Clinical Skills 2 Clinical Skills e-lecture Using Quizmaker o Self assessment enables Flash, audio and images to be added

23 Benefits of using Articulate Interactive Use of existing PowerPoint slides Professional look Rapid e-learning development

24 E-lectures in the Faculty of Medicine Further information: Articulate ifnormation:

25 Using Lecture Capture to create reusable digital course content Lisa Carrier – Faculty of Medicine Introduction to Echo360 Examples Revision for assessment Unique live event Generic taught component Course with no F2F taught component

26 Introduction Pilot started at Imperial in 2008 (Business School + Medicine) Pilot successful, Echo360 now supported by central ICT team Growth: Imperial programmes currently using Echo360: »Imperial College Business School »MSc in Allergy, Faculty of Medicine »MRes in Biomedical Research, Faculty of Medicine »Division of Investigative Science, Faculty of Medicine »The Library »MSc in Cardio Vascular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

27 Echo360 at Imperial: sample recording

28 How does Echo360 work? Automatically captures audio, video and input from presentation device »PC, visualiser, interactive whiteboard Converts captured data into different multimedia formats »Rich Media, Podcast, Vodcast, Enhanced Podcast for web delivery Files stored on the IC media streaming server, accessed online Publishing options: »E-mail, VLE (automatically publishes to Blackboard Calendar), RSS feed, iTunesU Basic editing available Fixed v. portable installation Scheduling v. ad-hoc capture

29 Scheduling Echo360 captures

30 Publishing captures to the VLE calendar

31 Creating ad-hoc Echo360 captures

32 Revision for assessment Evidence that students both attend 2F2, and watch again online Access to recorded lectures peaks in the weeks prior to assessment Weeks before assessment

33 Pre-recorded generic content Envision - Undergraduate blended programme (Business School) Generic lectures pre-recorded with Echo360 F2F time freed for interactive teaching

34 Course with no F2F taught component Part-time blended programme MSc in Allergy Research Skills and Statistics module has no taught component All content, including recorded lectures, delivered completely online

35 Benefits of Echo360 Centrally supported Can be fully automated Large output for little investment and effort Solution to: »Lecture theatre capacity »Limited staff resources »Emergencies (think swine flu and volcano eruptions!)

36 Find out more about Echo360 at Imperial For more informationabout Echo360, visit the company site For more information about Echo360 at Imperial, including Pilot Project Report, FAQs, Training Guide, etc., please see Imperial ICT pages here ho360/echo360atimperial ho360/echo360atimperial View presentation 'Recording Lectures Using Echo360' by Julie Voce and Dominic Pollard delivered at the 'Today's Technologies' event in April 2009. This 20-minute talk addresses in more detail issues such as Echo360 hardware, types of scheduling, output formats, publishing options, etc.'Recording Lectures Using Echo360' To find out whether Echo360 is the right solution for your needs, and to get started using please log a request with ICT HelpdeskICT Helpdesk

37 Closing Summary For more information contact: »Bang Nong »Lisa Carrier »Karlie Etim »David Lefevre Or your local learning technologist:

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