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1BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION designed to provide the raw materials any teacher would need to describe the course to administrators, parents.

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1 1BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION designed to provide the raw materials any teacher would need to describe the course to administrators, parents or other teachers 2.should be customized and tailored to the audience as needed by the presenter 3.slide 6 should be updated by the presenter to reflect how the course would function in a specific environment Need help or advice? Email DELETE THIS SLIDE Instructions: this presentation

2 Big History Project Introduction

3 3BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION WHAT IS BIG HISTORY? A social studies course covering 13.7B years of shared history. Big history looks at the history of the Universe, from the Big Bang to modernity, and explores common themes and patterns that can help us better understand people, civilizations and the world we live in.

4 4BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION WHAT IS THE BIG HISTORY PROJECT? A collaborative effort to create a big history course for teachers everywhere. Complete, free curriculum including assessments, lesson plans and all content. A website that provides easy access to course materials for educators and students. Training and professional development opportunities. Active community of big historians to keep the course fresh, impactful, and connected. Advocacy organization to support schools and districts seeking to deploy the course.

5 5BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION WHO IS BEHIND THE BIG HISTORY PROJECT? Experts / Guest Lecturers Broad range of experts on cutting edge of their fields share their perspectives – including Walter Alvarez, Janna Levin, Skip Gates, Sal Khan and many more University of Michigan Manages student data and assessment (always anonymous!) and drives course strategy Teachers and Schools Course built in conjunction with core set of pilot schools – both public and independent David Christian and Bill Gates David was one of the pioneers of big history, and his college level course inspired Bill Gates explore a collaboration designed to bring big history to high school students everywhere. 1 4 3 2

6 6BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION OUR GOAL By sharing the big picture and challenging students to explore the relationship between key events over time, Big History Project helps students learn how to synthesize complex information, develop key critical thinking skills and enhance their reading, writing, presentation, and research skills. These skills and the perspective big history fosters is vital not only to more discipline-specific work in the sciences and humanities, but helps students understand and evaluate individual and societal impact – and potential.

7 7BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION WHY OFFER BIG HISTORY? Its a unique opportunity to engage students in a powerful learning experience that prepares them for broader, more integrative thinking. 1.Interdisciplinary: weaves together elements of traditional history, science, and 21 st century skills 2.Common Core aligned: we engineered the course to deliver on CCSS ELA standards for 9 th /10 th grade 3.Innovative online model: makes distribution easy and engages multiple learning styles 4.Flexible: modular curriculum can be adapted to fit school specific needs spanning PBL, STEM, ELA

8 8BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION BIG HISTORY AT (SAMPLE SCHOOL) Target grade: 9 th /10 th Elective Teachers: Approach: Pre-AP preparatory; designed to prepared students for AP US and World History by providing background and emphasizing core skill development.

9 9BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION COURSE STRUCTURE Total course covers 13.7 billion years of history Split into 2 main sections 1.Formations and early life: theories and evidence of origins of the Universe, planet formation, elements, and life. 2.Humans: the development of humans, civilizations and key milestones in our progress. Formations and early life (50%)Humans (50%) Assessment 1Assessment 2 Assessment 3 Post Course Survey Pre Course Survey

10 10BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Sample Content Main Talk Videos

11 11BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Sample Content Threshold Videos

12 12BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Sample Content Animations

13 13BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Sample Content Infographics


15 15BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Sample Content Comic Books

16 16BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Activities Investigations Teacher versionsStudent versions

17 17BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Activities Project Based Learning Teacher versions Student versions

18 18BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Activities Debates Teacher versionsStudent versions

19 19BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Activities Claim Testing

20 20BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Activities A Hunter-Gatherer Menu


22 22BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Unit View Website Get teaching or technical help Each content item is a tile Unit resources Ready-made lessons and inline teaching guidance

23 23 Unit View Continued Website

24 24 Lesson View Website BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Lesson Components All Downloadable

25 25BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Pilot Program Our schools responsibilities 1.Deliver a full big history course 2.Actively provide feedback to program team to improve the course 3.Administer light assessment program to help validate course impact 4.Be a sponsor and advocate for the program as needed in our region

26 26BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Pilot Program ASSESSMENT PROGRAM 1.All assessments are opt in for students via simple consent form 2.3 student perception surveys to gauge their reactions to the course 3.3 lightweight (1250 word) writing samples 4.3 tests focused on the core big history story and content All data is anonmized and managed under strict supervision of The University of Michigan with extremely high levels of privacy protection.

27 27BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION The Big History Project Community Global map icon with BH schools pinned

28 28BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Does it work? 1.Student interest in the course is strong due to unique, innovative content, and compelling big story. 2.Focus on healthy debate and claim testing improves student engagement while helping to hone critical thinking and presentation skills. 3.Big historys emphasis on interpretation of past events with an eye to implications for the future prepares students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 4.Extremely flexible format and approach enables teachers to meet key standards and outcomes while serving their specific school and student needs. 5.Turnkey lesson plans and assets makes teacher prep easy, and improves effective instruction for students. 6.Strong growth in both content knowledge, skills and perception of self capacity achieved in a wide variety of learning environments.

29 29BIG HISTORY PROJECT / INTRODUCTION Go Deeper! Follow Big History Project David Christians TED talk Check out the site (You can register!) Learn more about Bill Gates participation


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