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Martin Grohman, LEED®AP Director of Sustainability, GAF Slide 1 Recycling Roofing.

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1 Martin Grohman, LEED®AP Director of Sustainability, GAF Slide 1 Recycling Roofing

2 Why Recycle Roofing? Increase Profits/Reduce Disposal Costs Improved Marketing Better for Environment 2

3 The Building Life Cycle 3 ManufacturingConstructionUse/OccupancyRepair/ImproveDemolitionRecycling

4 4 Relative Importance of Green Building Practices to Property Owners Source: McGraw Hill Construction

5 Asphalt Shingle Recycling *Source: National Asphalt Paving Association Asphalt is Americas most recycled material 92% of Americas roads are asphalt* More and more roofs are recycled into roads every day Slide 5

6 Shingles can improve pavement properties… Four Times the Asphalt Content High grade aggregate Fibers Limestone Slide 6 Source: Construction Materials Recycling Association

7 Shingle Recycling Locations - Nationwide 7 VISIT WWW.SHINGLERECYCLING.ORG TO FIND RECYCLERS

8 Tear-Off For Recycling Tear off the roof normally Keep shingles separate from wood, metal, jobsite scrap Nails and felt are OK Separate out large quantities of caulk and mastic (more likely to contain asbestos) The goal is to get the shingles, felt and nails into a separate pile or container, with a minimum of extra effort Wood is the worst contaminant –Hard to separate, and bad for pavement 8

9 Nails Removed by Powerful Magnets! 9 SHINGLE GRINDER

10 Dos and Donts 10 Do:Dont: Shingles, Felt and Nails only – Dont Mix in Other Materials

11 At the Collection Yard Flashings are also recycled Feeding the Grinder 11

12 Ask for Documentation 12

13 MAKING A DIFFERENCE BY RECYCLING 13 Average Roof of 30-35 squares 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs of roofing 5 cubic yards of landfill space The equivalent of more than one year of a typical familys trash Instead, used at 5%, this could help pave over 50 feet of typical road! Source of trash data: DOE Source of Road Data: NAPA 13

14 Challenges in Shingle Recycling At one time, some roofing and caulk contained asbestos This is much more likely on the older or multi- layer tear-offs You may need to sign a delivery certification form Testing is available for large jobs – approx cost = $25 Slide 14

15 Commercial Roofing Recycling 15 EPDM Rubber Membrane TPO Membrane PVC Membrane Asphaltic* 15 *available in certain markets

16 Recycling Companies 16

17 17 Ground TPO, EPDM

18 Rigid Foam Insulation Boards Expanded Polystyrene - Beadboard Insulation Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation Composite Foam Insulation with adhered concrete or fiberboard 18

19 Ballast is easily recycled River Rock Slate Concrete Pavers Rubber Pavers 19

20 Cover boards Gypsum board cut- offs Complete boards or broken parts Gypsum ceilings, floors, walls etc. Nails and screws are allowed Wallpaper, glass tissue and other wall coverings on the boards are allowed 20

21 Information Needed by the Recycler 21 Timing # Squares Membrane Type Membrane Thickness Method of Attachment Insulation Type Insulation Thickness Ballast, if any Other details

22 Economies of Scale Full Trucks=Better Pricing –3Insulation: 140sq/truck –Membrane: 400sq/truck Combining materials on a load is possible –But may affect pricing 22 *these numbers are approximate and will vary by job

23 Making a difference by recycling By Recycling an Average Roof of 240 Squares, you can divert: –Approx. 4000 cubic feet of insulation –Approx. 6000 pounds of membrane This amount of material would fill three average swimming pools 23 Source: Nationwide Foam

24 Recycling and LEED 50% Recycling = +1 Point 75% Recycling = +1 Point Calculations are by Weight Innovation = +1 Point For 95%+ Recycling Rate Allowable to return/reuse materials on the job Donate to Habitat for Humanity, etc. 24

25 Additional Resources: 25 Planet Reuse Design For West Development Group

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