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Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management

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1 Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management
BMBF Programme „Energy and climate efficient structures in urban growth centres“ Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management in Urban Growth Centres Coping with Climate Change Concepts for Lima Metropolitana (Perú) „Lima Water“ (LiWa) Coordinator general: Dr Manfred Schütze, ifak Magdeburg, Germany Coordinator Peru: Christian León, LiWa Office Lima, ZIRN, University of Stuttgart Mag. Arq. Liliana Miranda Sara, Foro Ciudades para la Vida, Lima, Peru

2 Lima Peru: 5 % of world’s fresh water ressources
1989: 2042 km2 glaciers 1997: 1595 km2 glaciers Peru: 5 % of world’s fresh water ressources Glaciers are disappearing third most sensitive country w.r.t. Climate change Lima Adapted from: Ministry MVCS, Peru

3 Urban growth centre Lima
The urban growth centre of Metropolitan Lima, Peru: 8 million inhabitants, annual growth rate: 2.1 % Social diversity Second-driest city of the world (9 mm annual rainfall) Climate change impacts, e.g on Andean glaciers Periurban settlement Urban growth in Lima

4 Peruvian-German research project “Lima Water – LiWa”
SEDAPAL – National Water company of Lima. National University of Engineering, Lima Foro Ciudades para la Vida FOVIDA Germany ifak e. V. Magdeburg (Coordinator) ZIRN, University of Stuttgart IWS, University of Stuttgart Leuphana University Lüneburg Dr. Scholz & Dalchow

5 Macromodelling within the overall context of the LiWa project
WP 1 Compilation of Information WP 6 Training and Capacity Building WP 3 Climate and Water Balance Modelling WP 2 Integrated Scenario Development WP 7 Economics/ Water pricing instruments WP 8 Project Coordination WP 4 Macro Modelling and Simulation WP 5 Inclusive Governance

6 Overview of “LiWa” project
Sustainability goals Climate change Local boundary conditions Modelling Participation Education Project outcomes: Macro-modelling tools Scenario analyses Governance models Educational programmes Guidelines Decisions Scientific dissemination Industry liaison

7 LiWa: Overall project methodology
Scenario Definition Water Catchment Modelling Macro-Modelling of the water and wastewater system of Lima Evaluation of results in round table discussions Preparation of Decision making process

8 L i W a THANK YOU! Project „LiWa“
L i W a

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