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1 Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready.

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1 1 Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready

2 Data Speaks Louder than Words 2

3 With the passage of Senate Bill 1 in the 2009 session of the General Assembly, Kentucky entered a new era in public education that focuses on adequately preparing students for life after high school… and college and career readiness for all. Visit the Unbridled Learning website at: es/Commissioner+of+Education/Unbridled+Learning/ es/Commissioner+of+Education/Unbridled+Learning/ 3

4 Two target indicators define the work required to realize Unbridled Learning: College/Career Readiness for All. Increase the percentage of students who are college and career ready from 34% to 67% by 2015 Increase the Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate from 76% to 90% by

5 Persistence to Graduation Tool Course & Assessment Alignment New Accountability Model Targeted Interventions (EPAS) Career Readiness Pathways Acceleration Academic & Career Advising District 180- Turnaround Schools 5

6 EXPLORE (Class of 2015) EnglishMathReading Total # students19,83132,71429,288 % of students41%68%61% Total number of students tested: 48,250 6 EXPLORE (Class of 2016) EnglishMathReading Total # students19,42834,27125,501 % of students39%70%58% Total number of students tested: 49,310

7 PLAN (Class of 2013) EnglishMathReading Total # students20,03127,52028,302 % of students40%75%57% Total number of students tested: 49,827 7 PLAN (Class of 2014) EnglishMathReading Total # students18,11336,81427,415 % of students37%75%56% Total number of students tested: 48,955

8 ACT (Class of 2011) EnglishMathReading Total # students22,74228,27725,830 % of students51%64%58% Total number of students tested: 44,390 8 ACT (Class of 2012) EnglishMathReading Total # students22,23328,12526,534 % of students50%64%60% Total number of students tested: 44,053

9 Enrollment by Subject Kentucky Public Institutions Fall 2007 – Spring

10 Enrollment by Subject and Institution Kentucky Public Institutions Fall 2007 – Spring

11 College and Career Readiness 11

12 Level of preparation a first-time student needs in order to succeed in a credit-bearing course at a postsecondary institution Succeed = completing entry-level courses at a level of understanding and proficiency that prepares the student for subsequent courses 12

13 The level of preparation a high school graduate needs in order to proceed to the next step in a chosen career According to the National Association of Career and Technical Education (NACTE), career readiness includes: core academic skills employability skills technical, job-specific skills 13

14 14

15 Reading and Mathematics 15

16 HB 69 (2012) requires That elementary schools establish a K-3 system of interventions for students in… Reading Writing Mathematics Behavior 16

17 KRS (subsection 20) The reporting structure shall include… (b) requires An individual student report to parents for each student in grades three (3) through eight (8) summarizing the student's skills in reading and mathematics. The school's staff shall develop a plan for accelerated learning for any student with identified deficiencies or strengths; 17

18 KRS (subsection 20) The reporting structure shall include… (20) (c) An individual report for each student who takes a high school or college readiness examination administered under subsection (11)(a) of this section that: 1. Provides the student's test scores; 2. Provides a judgment regarding whether or not a student has met, exceeded, or failed to meet the expectations for each standard assessed; and 3. Is designed to assist students, parents, and teachers to identify, assess, and remedy academic deficiencies prior to high school graduation 18

19 KRS (Interventions) - Any student who does not meet ACT benchmarks on the EXPLORE or PLAN - Any student who does not meet college readiness benchmarks on the ACT … Shall have intervention strategies included in their individual learning plan * Intent is not to wait until the end of their high school years to intervene for students. 19

20 704 KAR 3:305 (Min Graduation Requirements) - If students do not meet college readiness benchmarks on the ACT (English, Math, Reading) … they shall* take a transitional course or intervention (which shall be monitored to address remediation needs) before exiting high school. * Shall = Required 20

21 21

22 After completing a transitional intervention, and meeting the college readiness criteria, students should be able to: enroll in college credit-bearing courses increase the likelihood for successful completion in subsequent college courses * Note: meeting the college readiness standards does not automatically guarantee a student admittance to college. College admission policies vary by institution. 22

23 23


25 Course material is focused on skills and concepts related to reading (comprehension, vocabulary, etc.) The course content includes a unit in each of the following: history, humanities, science and literary non-fiction In the appendix is the CCSSO Adolescent Literacy Toolkit, complete with strategies that can be used with any text material 25

26 Course material is focused on skills and concepts related to writing, grammar and mechanics. The course content includes a unit in each of the following: history, humanities, science and literary non-fiction An appendix of Just in Time Lessons is provided for a deeper look at skills/content students may need additional help with 26

27 Course material is focused on skills and concepts that students will need to succeed in a college level mathematics course (19 ACT equivalent) Supplemental material is available in the course that would prepare students for College Algebra (22 ACT equivalent) The course material has many suggested resources all of which are free, online. 27

28 Courses center on a framework of content and concepts aligned with: Kentucky Core Academic Standards College Readiness Standards (ACT) Post-secondary college placement exams (KYOTE, COMPASS, etc.) 28

29 College and Career Readiness English Language Arts College and Career Readiness Reading College & Career Readiness Mathematics

30 Student enters the intervention Teacher administers a diagnostic pre-test Teacher develops instructional targets for student based on diagnostic testing, delivers direct instruction, formatively assesses units and monitors students progress Teacher administers post-test once the student has mastered the required units. If the student does not pass areas of the post-test, the teacher will repeat the process… 30

31 Full course (could be integrated into an existing course, or offered as a stand-alone course) Intervention (student is in the course long enough to complete necessary units and pass summative assessment) Before or after school During school (intervention time/ daytime ESS) Self-paced course (with some guidance from a teacher) 31

32 It is not considered best practice to… Remove students from core or high interest courses (i.e. Calculus, CTE, Arts); Offer a lab type of setting with the same teacher the student already has for the regular course Force the student to take a full course if they only need a unit or two to complete the intervention 32

33 You do not have to use the state designed course, however, you do need a quality intervention with progress monitoring A student does not necessarily have to complete every unit in the course. If they have mastered a concept and can pass the assessment, then move to another unit of instruction 33

34 34

35 open source free of charge can be offered by high school (or middle school) assessments ACT COMPASS KYOTE 35

36 You do not need formal permission to use the transitional course curriculum. However, if your school or district does opt to use the curriculum, we would ask that you us and let us know how you are planning to implement it, or how the implementation went. Contacts: April Pieper, Amy Patterson, 36

37 37

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