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2 Contact Information Instructor: Mr. John Giacobbe, MA, RPA voice: 602.243.0600 webpage: school email: home email:



5 Success in Class is Based on: Notebook & Note Taking Skills (5%) Lab Work (30%) Daily & Homework Assignments (25%) Unit Tests & Block Exams (25%) Participation & Behavior (15%)

6 Grading Scale A = 90 – 100% B = 80 – 89% C = 70 – 79% D = 60 – 69% (Failing – No Credit) F = 59% & below (Failing – No Credit)

7 Course Goals and Objectives By the end of the course each student will: Understand the organization of living things and the ecological nature of the environment Understand species diversity, and become familiar with invertebrate, vertebrate, & human biology Understand the Process and Method of Scientific Research

8 Participation Participation is everything! If I see that you are paying attention, trying your best, and getting involved in what we are doing, I will do everything I can to see that you succeed. Get involved every day and I can guarantee you will do well in my class. You will also earn participation points, so stay focused and follow instructions.

9 Notebook To pass this course you will need to keep a notebook. This should include any handouts you get in class, lab notes, and daily lecture notes. KEEP EVERYTHING! All assessments are based on notes taken during class, and you can use your notes on most tests. As you progress in your education and careers, the importance of taking good notes cannot be underestimated. Assessment may come at any time, so you must always come to class prepared.

10 Labs We will complete several labs over the course of this class. Labs are a vital part of learning science and developing thinking skills. Participation in labs is required by all students, and is a significant part of your grade

11 Late Work For each day the assignment is late, you will receive one grade lower than you would have received if the assignment had been on time. After two days, you will receive a zero for that assignment. Seriously, unless youre bleeding from the ears, no late work.

12 Progress Reports Progress reports are given out every week, and must be returned signed by the following week. If you do not receive a progress report, you can always email or ask me for a copy.

13 Absences You know the rules. If you miss five days of classes, you get no credit. Dont miss class, period!!! I have no power to reverse this rule, and students (including those who earned an A) fail each block because of absences!

14 Classroom Procedures Each day, please enter the classroom, take your seat, and begin working on the bellwork assignment, if any. If you need assistance for any reason, raise your hand and wait to be called on. If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, you must get my permission and use the hall pass. At the end of class, please put your chairs back, throw your trash away, replace your text book and any equipment used, and wait for me to dismiss you.

15 Miscellaneous Stuff Honesty: Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable. Truly dreadful things will happen to you if I find you cheating or plagiarizing. Cell Phones: Not. If you use one in class, I may take the phone and give it to one of my dogs, they always eat theirs. Respect: Everything else comes under the heading of respect, so show it to both your teacher and fellow students. Classroom Consequences: 1st Offense – Verbal Warning 2nd Offense – Loss of Participation Points for the Day and a Phone Call Home 3rd Offense – Visit with the Dean of Students, Loss of Privileges, Suspension, or Dismemberment

16 A Few More Reminders… I should never see an electronic device (cell phone, iPod, whatever). If I do, Ill take it from you for the class, maybe for the whole day if Im in a pissy mood. No frakin sleeping. If I have to stay awake and listen to your sh*t, you have to stay awake and listen to mine.

17 Tardiness & Other Pain in the Ass Behaviors… If youre tardy more than three times, I will assign you Saturday Detention. Just show up on time and stop playing with yourselves outside. Youll quickly learn what else pisses me off. Learn fast, and dont do it, or Ill give you Saturday Detentions. Oh Joy!

18 Biology II - Course Outline Unit 0 - Biology I Review 0.1 Review of Scientific Method 0.2 Review of Cell Theory 0.3 Review of Evolution & Natural Selection

19 Unit 1 - Ecology II 1.1 Advanced Ecology 1.2 Advanced Abiotic Environments 1.3 Biogeography & Environmental Science Biology II - Course Outline

20 Unit 2 - Diversity of Species 2.1 Classification of Life Review 2.2 Taxonomy & Cladistics Review Biology II - Course Outline

21 Unit 3 - Mathematics & Science 3.1 Math as the Language of Science 3.2 Statistics & Probability Biology II - Course Outline

22 Unit 4 - Microscopic Life 4.1 Viruses & Bacteria 4.2 Protists 4.3 Fungi Biology II - Course Outline

23 Unit 5 - Invertebrate Zoology 5.1 Defining Animal Life 5.2 Sponges, Cnidarians, & Worms 5.3 Mollusks & Segmented Worms 5.4 Arthropods 5.5 Echinoderms & Invertebrate Chordates Biology II - Course Outline

24 Unit 6 - Plant Biology 6.1 Defining Plant Life 6.2 Ferns & Gymnosperms 6.3 Flowering Plants Biology II - Course Outline

25 Unit 7 - Vertebrate Zoology 7.1 Fish & Amphibians 7.2 Reptiles & Birds 7.3 Mammals 7.4 Animal Behavior Biology II - Course Outline

26 Unit 8 - Human Biology 8.1 Protection, Support & Locomotion 8.2 Digestion & Nutrition 8.3 Respiration, Circulation & Excretion 8.4 Nervous System 8.5 Reproduction & Development 8.6 Immunity, Disease & Pathology Biology II - Course Outline

27 Biology II – Review & Understanding of the Syllabus Must Be Signed by Parent/Guardian and Student Student Signature: ____________Date: _____________ Student Name (print): _________________________ Student email (optional): _______________________ Parent/Guardian Signature: ________ Date: _____________ Parent/Guardian Name (print): _________________________ Parent/Guardian email (optional): __________________________


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