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Ammo Handler Course Instructor: Your Name.

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1 Ammo Handler Course Instructor: Your Name

2 Introduction Ammunition accountability Top down involvement
Dangers of handling w/out proper training Theft and unlawful possession

Basic Load (UBL)- accounted for using Property Book procedures. Authorized by AR and MACOM Regulation Operational Load- used for guard CAT I & II Ammunition. Accounted for using Property Book procedures IAW DA PAM

4 Cont. Training Ammunition- AR 5-13, accounted for using TAMS procedures IAW FB Reg & DA PAM Residue- Is considered ammunition. If you lose residue, you must fill out a DA Form 5811-R (Sign by 05 or above)

5 Cont. Ammunition amounts per training event found in STRAC manuals.
-(1) DA Pam (conventional forces) -(2) DA Pam (special forces)

6 Common Acronyms DODAAC- Is a 6 figure address code (checking account #) DODAC- Department of Defense Ammunition Code DODIC- A056=5.56mm ball M16A2 UIC- WGGGG0 = HHC Your Unit

7 SAFETY Never use live ammo in a classroom
Never use mortars for overhead fire Keep ammo covered & off the ground (6”) Never transport in passenger compartment No stacking above sidewalls unless banded to a pallet

8 SAFETY NEVER put C-4 w/blasting caps or Arty rounds w/fuses
Use of HC & colored smoke requires a gas mask

9 FORECASTING Forecasts cover a 12 month period
Unforecasted requests are considered on a case by case basis by MMC CONUS training ammo forecasts require to be submitted NLT 120 days in advance OCONUS training ammo forecasts require to be submitted NLT 180 days in advance

DA Form 1687 w/Assumption of command orders(Good for 1 year), DA Form 1687 must go through CDR and PMO for Criminal records check. No Photocopies Request to the nearest whole unit of pack, 7 items may be request on DA Form 581, if more items use DA Form (max of 3)

11 CONT. Document # on DA 581’s and 5615’s contain 14 characters
Only personnel in grade E-7 or above can request Ammo 30 days of training ammo per DA 581 Request Non-TAMS items on a separate DA 581 When requesting a range to train w/explosive need to take a copy of DA 2203-R & issue DA 581 to range control

12 CONT. Only 1 Training Event Code (TEC) per DA 581
The most common training event code are: -R1Q TRC-A(Regular Army Units) Qualification/Familiarization -LFX Live fire exercises -FTX Field Training exercises

13 CONT. Must arrive at ASP 5 working days prior to pick-up(not including the day of pick up) memo sign by an 0-6 if late Paper trail: - 581’s to ITAM then to ASP - Div Units take 581’s to DAO first

14 FUNCTIONS OF QASAS Ensure ammo safety/serviceability
Monitor audit trails & physical security Monitor ranges and arms rooms Assist Class V EDRE’s & deployments Inspect/classify ammo and explosives Inspect vehicle and loads Assist in ammo safety/storage/transport/use & destruction

Driver and assistant driver must be HAZMAT qualified-one E-5 or above must be currently Ammo Handler qualified CAT I requires an unarmed escort plus an armed guard (5 rds) CAT II requires armed guard required for live turn in

16 CONT. CAT I & II requires 2x e-5 or higher to received ammo
Military vehicle (w/equipment) 25,000 fine for mismarking a vehicle Route: QASAS(Vehicle inspection-DD626)-ASP-ammo bunker Qasas(load inspection) DD form 836* required for ammo transport on public highways

Can store in AHA for up to 5 days in your vehicle or in a CONEX AHA hours are _________ & __________ Allowed to enter AHA once every 24Hrs, if your name is the 1687 Sorting and repacking is never permitted in the AHA/vehicle reinspection require

18 CONT. Cat I & II take directly to range never main post or off post w/o authority Unit can transport live ammo w/residue if: -you only have one vehicle available -Ammo is kept as far from residue as possible- clearly divided

Ammo handlers issue ammo to Range OIC (E-7 or above) on DA 5515 after a through briefing DOC # on a DA 5515 comes from unit document register(S-4) Same DA 5515 used for issue & turn-in of unused ammo Ammo receiver not remaining on the range issue ammo to ammo handlers

20 CONT. Lot # integrity must be maintained- the lot # identifies the manufacture and date of manufacture Open one box of ammo at a time Ammo inspection certificate signed by E-7 or higher for each open container of live ammo for turn-in Keep residue (brass & trash) separate from live ammo & off the ground at least 6”

21 CONT. A paper trail of all documents used in the issue, transport, control, expenditure and turn-in of ammo is subject to inspection by QASA at any time. RSO (E-6 & above) sign DA Form 5962-R for expended CAT I & II items on establish range, Warrant officer or above sign 5962-R for expended CAT I & II items on an other than established range

Used munitions are hazardous waste when transported from the range for the purpose of storage, redamation treatment, or disposal Training, testing, range clearance opns are not waste activities but require 3 years of record keeping

23 RULE-2 Records of used ammo included tng standards & how conducted
DOT transport rules inspectable Buried or abandoned- damaged or deteriorated ammo 24 hrs notification loss or theft Failure to comply will cost us our conditional exemption & oval 27,500 or criminal 50,000/day fines & 5 year jail time

24 LIVE RESIDUE TURN IN Paper trail: QASAS(live) ASP- residue yard- reconciliation clerk Ammunition accounts must be reconciled within 5 days after training event or unit will be placed on the delinquent list 1st 0-5 in COC signs 5811-R if: -live turn-in damaged through other than FWT (report survey IAW AR 15-6 initiated)

25 CONT. Use DA 5811-R if residue is stolen or lost but must be sign by 0-6 Live Ammo must be turn-in NLT 24 hrs

26 AMNESTY PROGRAM Ensure max recovery of Ammo
All AFOP will be considered dangerous Only EOD touch it. Small Quantities no paper require, Large Quantities DA 581, block 11 should said “amended return” must be sign in block 14a by 0-5 in the COC

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