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NAUI Divemaster Course Overview

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1 NAUI Divemaster Course Overview

2 Objectives Describe the course learning objectives and content.
List 6 requirements from the NAUI Standards that must be met to qualify for certification as a NAUI Divemaster. Describe General Prerequisites for NAUI Leadership courses. Describe prerequisites for the NAUI DM course.

3 Course Learning Objectives
Develop a clear understanding of the role of the Divemaster. Demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and ability to organize and conduct dives for certified divers. Develop knowledge and skills to meet the evaluation criteria. State measureable objectives for every topic and skill.

4 Certification Requirements
Meet all course prerequisites Current certification or verified competency in CPR and First Aid Complete all portions of the course Meet all the course administrative and financial requirements. Pass the NAUI Divemaster exam with a score of 75% or better Complete the NAUI membership application and registration process including paying registration fees and dues.

5 Prerequisites General for leadership courses
18 years of age is minimum Rescue certification First Aid and CPR Medical approval

6 Prerequisites Divemaster specific Certification Experience Waterskills
Preferred minimum certification = Assistant Instructor (AI) Alternatives NAUI Master Diver and NAUI Rescue diver Evidence of Equivalent experience and pass NAUI Master Diver Exam with a minimum score of 75%. Experience Minimum of 60 logged dives Variety of conditions, environments, activites and depth Waterskills Equivalent to NAUI AI

7 Course Content Hours Open Water Dives Academic 20 hours estimated
Water 10 hours required Open Water Dives 10 (combination of diving and divemastering) On site instruction Demonstrations Student divemaster performance

8 Course Content Skill Requirements Open Water Skin Diver Rescue
Skills dive as a diver Night dive as a diver Direct and control a scuba rescue Pre-dive briefing and post dive debriefing Assist with an entry level class dive Organize and conduct a beach dive, in a variety of settings, for certified divers Organize and conduct a night dive for certified divers

9 Course Content Academic Requirements NAUI Divemaster duties
Divemaster Responsibilities Shore diving Emergency Procedures Boat Diving Night and limited visibility diving Open Water Rescue Deep and Decompression Diving Underwater environment Equipment

10 Course Finances Materials Textbook, NAUI leadership and Instruction
Workbook, NAUI Leadership & Instruction Risk Management Handbook Standards and Policies Manual Certificate Packet, Divemaster NAUI Master Diver Workbook* NAUI Master Diver Textbook* * Required if not Master Diver Certified

11 Course Finances Dues and Registration Insurance $334.70 Pro rated?

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