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Introducing the Solatube® SkyVault™ Series M74 DS

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1 Introducing the Solatube® SkyVault™ Series M74 DS
. Introducing the Solatube® SkyVault™ Series M74 DS

2 SkyVault M74 DS Size Matters
Largest tubular daylighting device yet Ideal for large volume spaces with high ceilings Airports Warehouses Manufacturing facilities Retail centers Maximum output with minimal impact on the building envelope Significantly reduced installation costs

3 SkyVault M74 DS Your “portal” to the sky
M74 DS Daylighting System is the core of the new SkyVault Series 74 cm (29 in.) diameter Nearly two times the aperture and collection capability of our SolaMaster® Series More light, higher daytime illuminance Greater spacing between units with fewer roof penetrations SolaMaster 750 DS-O SkyVault M74 DS-O

4 SkyVault M74 DS Year-round temperature control
Maintain and control a comfortable interior temperature Insulated, sealed curb cap flashings minimize heat gain/heat loss through the roof Dual dome option improves thermal efficiency even more Reduces glare and minimizes traveling hot spots below Visible light transmission second to none

5 SkyVault M74 DS Labor-saving installation
Minimal labor and waste Pre-assembled roof and diffuser modules to speed installation Revolutionary Tab-Lock Connection System with Screwless Tube Belts eliminates unsightly, labor-intensive seam tape Minimal packaging, adhering to USGBC LEED construction waste management requirements Reduces installation time and excess packaging to save time and money

6 Big tubes for big spaces
. Big tubes for big spaces

7 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Applications
High Bay (18’+ floor to ceiling heights) Types of Applications: Industrial Warehouse, Manufacturing, Production Airports Hangars, Concourse, Terminals Convention Centers, Exhibit Halls Atriums, Lobbies Sports Complexes, Arenas, Gymnasiums Medium & Big Box Retail

8 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS

9 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Components
Outer Dome High-impact polycarbonate filters out harmful UV rays Optional Security Guard Optional Security Guard comes pre-installed Stainless steel wire grid inserts into the flashing turret across the diameter of the opening Optional Inner Dome Optional Inner Dome can be added as a pre-installed option Improves thermal performance Curb Cap Flashing Flashing features a curb cap that uses R-6 rigid insulation All joints come pre-sealed Includes Dome Edge Protection Band to achieve a rooftop fire rating Tube Belt Patented Tube Belt cinches the tube connection Prevents gaps and provides a tapeless, self-sealing joint Extension Tubes Revolutionary Tab-Lock Connection System with Tube Belts Eliminates need for screws and tape Comes in 24 in. and 48 in. lengths Diffuser Assembly Prismatic Diffuser comes pre-assembled Easily attaches to extension tubes using the Tab-Lock Connection System and Tube Belts Circular shape is designed for open ceiling applications

10 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Roof Configurations
Single Dome Dual Dome Single Dome with Security Dual Dome with Security

11 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Features
Tube Belt Latch Riveted Seam Tube Tab Lock Corner Bracket Dome Clamp Dome Edge Protection Band

12 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Installation
Quick and easy top-down installation for short tube configurations

13 SkyVault M74 DS Installation Mock Installations
Comparison Installations: Solatube SolaMaster 330 DS-O, 750 DS-O and SkyVault M74 DS-O Installed on mockup roof Pre-installed curbs Product unpacked and ready for install Product Components Included in Mock Installations Part # Solatube M74 DS Solatube 330 DS Solatube 750 DS 125000 M74 DS Dual Dome with Security Guard 512000 330 DS Dome and Tube Ring 512020 750 DS Dome and Tube Ring 300475 48" Extesnion Tube with Tab Lock 201130 Curb Mounted 510400 Inner Dome - Acrylic 420995 M74 DS Prismatic Diffuser Assembly 300490 48" Extension Tube 480000 Dome Security Guard 420200 Prismatic Diffuser 400675 Dome Edge Protection Band 201120 No Pitch 11" High

14 SkyVault M74 DS Installation Timing Comparison
M74 DS-O 9 minutes, 40 seconds 9-12 minute installation with proper equipment & preparation Over 30% time savings! 330 DS-O 14 minutes, 49 seconds 750 DS-O 19 minutes, 49 seconds

15 SkyVault M74 DS Installation Tools Required
Rivet Gun Power/Air Rivet Gun is highly recommended Rivet Attachment Interesting Option is the RiveDrill Blind Rivet drill attachment for power drills, converts cordless drills into a pop-rivet gun Model: RiveDrill RT120HP for 14V Drills Website: Cost: $271 at & $168 at Video:

16 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Performance
Solatube M74 DS-O with L2 (K12) Diffuser Dual-Glazed DPP Single-Glazed DP Sky Condition Solar Altitude (˚) Lumen Input* DPP Lumen Output DPP Efficiency DP Lumen Output DP Efficiency Clear 10 5579 1793 32.1% 2551 45.7% 20 13362 4213 31.5% 5144 38.5% 30 21365 9163 42.9% 10492 49.1% 40 28774 16520 57.4% 18422 64.0% 50 35224 23623 67.1% 26260 74.6% 60 40472 28887 71.4% 31890 78.8% 70 44344 32404 73.1% 35783 80.7% 80 46717 33358 36798 90 47516 35330 74.4% 39041 82.2% Cloudy 6700 3974 59.3% 4460 66.6%

17 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Performance

18 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Performance Comparison
M74 DS-O Clear Sky “Design Average” usable output of 1.3 to 1.5 times the usable output of a Solatube 330 DS-O Series Product Materials 40° SALT (Lumens)* 330 DS-O Units Replaced SolaMaster 330 DS-O L2 Acrylic outer Dome 9,404 N/A SkyVault M74 DS-O DP-L2 PC outer dome 13,604 1.45 M74 DS-O DPP-L2 PC outer dome w/PETG inner dome 12,108 1.29 * Initial Pario Engineering estimates of lumen output for a CIE Clear Sky with a solar position of SALT = 40⁰ and a Solar Azimuth of 60°

19 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Seasonal Performance
CIE Overcast Sky, Middle America Single Dome M74 DS-O-DP provides increased overcast sky winter performance over the 330 DS-O M74 DS-O-DP M74 DS-O-DPP 330 DS-O-DA-L DS-O-DAI-L2


21 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS U-Factor & SHGC Ratings
NFRC Ratings for M74 DS-O-DPP-L2 (National Fenestration Rating Council) U-Factor: BTU/hr-ft2-ºF SHGC: (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)

22 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Webpages

23 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Technical Resources
Architectural Specifications CAD Drawings Cut Sheet Installation Instructions Codes & Approvals Product Literature

24 Solatube SkyVault M74 DS Solatube Design Calculator
M74 DS-O-DP and M74 DS-O-DPP versions fully supported Trained Daylighting Consultants can assist with running light studies for your projects to determine spacing for target light levels Single point in time and annualized calculations

25 SkyVault M74 DS Conclusion
Largest tubular daylighting device yet More daylight, less roof penetrations Faster, easier installation for significantly reduced labor costs Ideal for large volume spaces with high ceilings Airports Warehouses Manufacturing facilities Retail centers Maximum output with minimal impact on the building envelope Better thermal performance for universal climate applications


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