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Environmental Control Units and Assistive Technology Switches Operational Training Prepared for Foundation for Senior Living Phoenix, AZ Prepared by Arizona.

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1 Environmental Control Units and Assistive Technology Switches Operational Training Prepared for Foundation for Senior Living Phoenix, AZ Prepared by Arizona Technology Access Program Phoenix, AZ

2 Definition of Terms The United States lags far behind the world especially the European Union in providing safe, comfortable and independent living environments for older adults and those with disabilities. While the US uses terms like Electronic Aids for Daily Living and Environment Control Units, the world outside the US uses terms like Ambient Assisted Living, Ambient Intelligence and ultimately an Attentive rather than Smart Home* For the sake of clarity I am using the terminology Environment Control Unit, ECU. It is the most widely used term in the US and most descriptive of the tasks being performed. Perhaps some day the US will catch up to the world and Ambient Assisted Living will be the appropriate terminology. * Proceeding of ICOST, International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telemetrics (2003 – 2010) 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program2

3 Goals Provide a real world demonstration of two variations of Environmental Control Units, ECUs. Demonstrate different access techniques and switches available to control Assistive Technology devices. 5/19/20103Arizona Technology Access Program

4 Introduction to ECUs Designed to provide command & control of electrical appliances such as: – TV, radio – Interior and exterior lighting – Open/close doors and curtains – Adjust thermostat User interface is adapted to accommodate the consumers capability – Switches simple push button proximity sip n puff – Voice Recognition – Computer screen point and click Appliance control and communication techniques for this demonstration – Infrared (IR) transmission – Radio frequency (RF) – Power Line (X-10) – Hybrid combinations i.e. RF – X10 or IR – X10 5/19/20104Arizona Technology Access Program

5 IR Overview Infrared Control – modulated IR i.e. invisible light beam Same technology as used with home TV and stereo Primarily line-of-sight but will bounce off hard walls and ceilings ECU controller must be trained using existing remote controller Using the existing remote control unit is the only technique available train the ECU controller 5/19/20105Arizona Technology Access Program

6 X-10 Overview Control information is transmitted over existing house wiring An X-10 Controller transmits commands An X-10 Receiver receives commands X-10 Controller and Receiver plug into the existing house power outlets Lamps and appliances plug into the X-10 Receiver ECU provides either an RF or IR link to the X-10 Controller X-10 protocol provides for House Code and Device Codes X-10 requires a phase coupler for typical residential use 5/19/20106Arizona Technology Access Program

7 X-10 Controller and Receiver 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program7 X-10 protocol transmitted over existing house wiring X-10 ReceiverX-10 Controller RF link to ECU Lamp plugged into X-10 Receiver House Code Unit Code House Code

8 Access Techniques Direct Selection Push Buttons Point and click Voice Recognition 5/19/20108Arizona Technology Access Program Power Link 4 SiCare Light II HAI Home Automation Solutions

9 Access Techniques Indirection Selection i.e. Scanning Horizontal and Vertical Menu Scanning Single switch - Relax 3 – Scanning is automatic – Switch controls selection Dual switch - SiCare Light – One switch controls scanning or sequencing – Second switch controls selection User feedback – Visual feedback - Relax 3 – Auditory & Visual feedback - SiCare 5/19/20109Arizona Technology Access Program

10 Relax 3 5/19/201010Arizona Technology Access Program IR Control to TV, Stereo, etc RF Linked X-10 Controller RF Link Single Switch Operation Visual Feedback - Horizontal scan - Vertical scan Click for Relax 3 basic operations video

11 Relax 3 Maintenance 9V Battery Compartment 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program11 Battery is not rechargeable Replace with standard 9V battery

12 Relax 3 - IR Device Training Video Todays TV and stereo equipment is controlled by a hand held remote or remote controller. This remote controls the TV, stereo, CD, etc. by transmitting a sequence of IR pulses This IR pulse sequence from the existing Remote Control must be programmed into the ECU controller The following is a video of how to program the Relax 3 using an existing TV remote. The information in the video is also provided in the Relax 3 documentation. Click for the Relax 3 IR training video 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program12

13 Relax 3 - TV Operation The Relax 3 provides 10 operations for a TV/VCR combination: – Power- Mute – Channel +- Play – Channel –- Stop – Volume +- Rewind – Volume –- Fast Forward Click for the Relax 3 TV operation video 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program13

14 Relax 3 – TASH Telephone Functions The Relax 3 allows the consumer to: – answer and hang up calls, – place calls to numbers stored in the directory – place calls to five (5) speed dial numbers. The Relax 3 controls the TASH Telephone thru an IR link same as the TV/VCR All IR sequences are pre-programmed, no user programming is required. The Relax 3 will only operate the TASH Telephone 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program14

15 Relax 3 – TASH Telephone Operation The Relax 3 provides 10 operations for the TASH telephone : – Answer/Hang up- Speed Dial 1 – Directory- Speed Dial 2 – Down- Speed Dial 3 – Up- Speed Dial 4 – Dial- Speed Dial 5 Click for the Relax 3 Telephone video 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program15

16 Relax 3 - Wheelchair Mounted 5/19/201016Arizona Technology Access Program Relax 3 Actuator Button Switch

17 SiCare Light II with Chin & Cheek Switches 5/19/201017Arizona Technology Access Program

18 Chin and Cheek Switches 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program18 Cheek Switch Chin Switch

19 Chin & Cheek Cabling to SiCare Light II from Two 1/8 Mono Plugs to One 2.5 mm Stereo Plug 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program19 1/8 inch Mono Plug for Cheek switch 1/8 inch Mono Plug for Chin switch 1/8 inch or 3.5 mm stereo plug 2.5 mm stereo plug 1/8 inch Mono Sockets 3.5 mm stereo socket 2.5 mm stereo socket

20 SiCare Light II Speaker Dependent Voice Recognition Dual Switch Scanning Auditory and visual feedback IR Control of Audio/Video Equipment IR – X10 for power line appliance control 5/19/201020Arizona Technology Access Program

21 SiCare Configuration Bedside Mounting Consumer interface – Voice Recognition – Dual switch scanning using Chin & Cheek switches Controls table Lamp via IR to X-10 Controls SunSounds Radio via IR to X-10 5/19/201021Arizona Technology Access Program

22 SiCare Operational Configuration Cheek Switch SiCare Light II X-10 Controller (IR to X-10 Converter) IR transmission X-10 Protocol transmitted over existing home wiring X-10 Receiver Chin Switch Controlled Lamp X-10 Protocol Lamp plugs into X-10 receiver 5/19/201022Arizona Technology Access Program

23 SiCare Maintenance 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program23 Keep SiCare stored in cradle and plugged-in when not is use Batteries are rechargeable Contact supplier before replacing

24 SiCare X-10 Controller & Receivers 5/19/201024Arizona Technology Access Program IR to X-10 Controller House code set to I Lamp Unit Code = 1 Radio Unit Code = 2

25 SiCare X-10 Receiver Location 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program25 Power Strip with X-10 Receivers

26 SiCare X-10 Receivers Installed 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program26 Power cord from IR to X-10 Controller X-10 Receiver for table Lamp X-10 Receiver for SunSounds Radio

27 SiCare Setup and Voice Training SiCare Device Setup video SiCare Voice Training video 5/19/201027Arizona Technology Access Program

28 SiCare Red Switch Operation 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program28 Red right switch is select operation Red left switch is scan or sequence operation SiCare Operation with Front Panel Red switches video

29 SiCare Chin & Cheek Switch Operation 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program29 Red left switch equivalent - sequence Red right switch equivalent - select SiCare Operation with Chin and Cheek switches video

30 SiCare Voice Recognition Operation 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program30 No switches ! SiCare Operation with Voice Recognition videoSiCare Operation with Voice Recognition video,

31 Universal Bedroom 5/19/201031Arizona Technology Access Program

32 Demonstration Configuration The Relax 3 is programmed to control the TV/VCR and TASH Telephone 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program32 The SiCare Light II is programmed to control the table Lamp and SunSounds Radio

33 Universal Bedroom – Detail 1 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program33

34 Universal Bedroom – Detail 2 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program34 Lamp Controlled via SiCare X-10 SunSounds Radio Controlled via SiCare X-10 IR to X-10 Controller used with SiCare TASH Telephone Controlled via Relax 3 X-10 Receivers

35 Universal Bedroom – Detail 3 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program35 TV Controlled Via Relax 3 SiCare Light II and Chin & Cheek Switches

36 For Additional Information on Assistive Technology Contact: Arizona Technology Access Program Phoenix, AZ 602-728-9534 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program36

37 5/19/2010Arizona Technology Access Program37

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