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Franklin Foundation Hospital Existing Facility.

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1 Franklin Foundation Hospital Existing Facility



4 Where is Franklin Foundation Hospital?

5 Franklin Foundation

6 New Franklin Foundation Hospital

7 Franklin Foundation Hospital invites you to take a look at the facility we will be leaving when our new building is completed in 2007.

8 Whether your interest is in specialty medical care, rehab services, mental health, long term care or other business or governmental services, our building may be just what you are looking for.

9 Our existing facility has served us well and we hope you will have an interest in returning it to serving the citizens of West St. Mary Parish.

10 The existing facility consists of 94,181 square feet of health care space and includes the following departments:

11 DepartmentSquare Footage Administration and General19,570 Pharmacy1,310 Medical Records & Library 1,540 Intensive Care Unit4,331 Rehab11,456 Nursery840 Operating, Recovery & Anesthesiology5,258 Delivery Room and Labor Room3,680 Radiology-Diagnostic4,085 Laboratory2,539 Blood Storing and Processing131

12 DepartmentSquare Footage Respiratory Therapy943 Outpatient Cardiac Services543 Emergency5,050 Maintenance & Repairs8,273 Laundry & Linen Service2,386 Housekeeping1,217 Dietary4,157 Cafeteria1,013 Central Services & Supplies4,506 TotalSquare Footage: 94,181


14 Please accompany us on a quick tour of the building so that you can see what we have to offer.

15 Lobby

16 Administrative Office

17 Medical Laboratory

18 Imaging

19 Ultrasound

20 ER Corridor

21 Patient Wing Corridor

22 ICU Nurse Station

23 ICU Patient Room

24 Full Service Kitchen

25 Cafeteria

26 Surgery

27 Mechanical Plant

28 Storage

29 Construction Details


31 First Floor

32 Second Floor

33 Third Floor

34 Structure: Reinforced concrete slab, structural steel frame with bar joist and built-up roofing over metal decking. Exterior walls are brick veneer with metal studs surfaced with plaster on the interior surface.

35 Interior finishes include resilient flooring, carpet, plaster and gypsum board interior walls with limited amounts of glazed tile wainscoting. Ceilings are plaster and suspended acoustical systems.

36 The mechanical system consists of two chillers, two boilers and a complete chilled water system serving all areas of the building.

37 Electrical service meets all health care code requirements and includes full generator back-up. Specialty systems include medical gas, oxygen, nurse call, and a complete fire alarm system.


39 If you have questions or need more information, please call Mr. Calvin Green at 337-828-0760.

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