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AV Cables Audio/video runner cables, pigtails, and wallplates.

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1 AV Cables Audio/video runner cables, pigtails, and wallplates

2 Why do we need this product? Saves installers time –No need to field-terminate AV connections RCA HD15 BNC –Time = $$$!! Less termination headaches –Dont have to be a cable wizard High performance Easier to plan –Buy only the cables & connectors you need

3 Without RapidRun Installer must pull bulk cable Then, must terminate cable at each drop –Large installs may take long time –Field terminations might be difficult Solder Screw-down terminals –Field terminations may also affect performance Subpar shielding, grounding practices Bulk cable, connectors, tools, all add upend up costing the same –More space in inventory, truck, etc.

4 With RapidRun Installer pulls runner cable –Includes pulling cap on each end Protection Ease of use Then, terminates to wallplate or pigtail with easy-to-use RapidRun connector Termination is clean, sturdy, and takes only seconds

5 How does it work? The system consists of two major components –Runner cable –Break-Away Pigtail or wallplate Installer plans wiring strategy, decides which signals will be used –Select runner cable Run one of each for future- proof –Choose the proper Break- Aways accordingly RapidRun connectors make termination easy

6 What kind of signals? A/V –Composite video –S-video –Component video (YPbPr) –Line-level audio (Stereo) –Digital audio (SP/DIF) VGA –HD15 connector –5 BNC connector (RGBHV)

7 Runner cables Available in two versions –5 Mini-coax (12 pins) –UXGA 3 Mini-coax, 3 Twisted-pair, 2 conductors (15 pins) –Different connector type for each version Stock lengths (CL2) –15ft –25ft –35ft –50ft –75ft –100ft –125ft –150ft

8 Which runner cable do I use? Determine the type of signals that will be carried –Video –Audio –Both video & audio VGA applications –Use UXGA runner A/V applications –Use 5 Mini-coax runner Future-proofing –Run one of each

9 About the runner cables 5 Mini-coax –75 Ohm coax –Overall foil & braid shield –12-pin RapidRun connector (female) (protects pins) –Flexible black jacket UXGA (3 Mini-coax, 3 Twisted-pair, 1 Pair) –75 Ohm coax –Overall foil & braid shield –15-pin RapidRun connector (female) –Flexible black jacket

10 Break-aways (interconnects/pigtails) Male RapidRun connector on one end Different connector combos available on other end –HD15 –RCA –S-video (4-pin MiniDIN) –BNC

11 More about pigtails Connector possibilities –HD15 Male –5 BNC Male –5 RCA Male –S-video + 2 RCA (Analog Audio) Male –S-video + 3 RCA (YPbPr) Male –3 RCA (Video + Analog Audio) Male –3 RCA (YPbPr) Male –4 RCA (YPbPr + Digital Audio) Male

12 Break-Aways (wallplates) Connector possibilities –HD15 Female –5 BNC Female –5 RCA Female –S-video + 2 RCA (Analog Audio) Female –S-video + 3 RCA (YPbPr) Female –3 RCA (Video + Analog Audio) Female –3 RCA (YPbPr) Female –4 RCA (YPbPr + Digital Audio) Female

13 Runner/Break-Away Compatibility RunnerPig-Tail P/NWall Plate P/N Application5 CoaxUXGA UXGA video X 4072540735 RGBHV 4072640736 Component Video + Audio 4072740737 S-Video + Audio 4073240742 Composite Video + Audio 4073040740 Component Video 4073140741 Component Video + Digital Audio X40729 Component Video + S-Video X40728

14 More about the terminations Solder terminations High-quality machined connectors 12-pin and 15-pin connectors Easy to attach & detach Runners & Break-aways

15 FAQs What kind of connector is that? –This is a proprietary circular DIN-style connector. It can be referred to as a RapidRun Connector. Can I get custom lengths? –Yes, custom-lengths will be available. What about plenum jackets? –Some plenum-jacketed cables will be stocked, in 30-, 50-, 75-, and 100-foot lengths. Custom-built lengths will also be available. Can I join two Runners together for an extreme long length? –Not at this time. Couplers are expected to be available in Q1 06, though. There are no plans to build a Runner extension. How is the connector terminated? –The conductors of the cable are soldered securely to the RapidRun connector. This is standard practice for factory-assembled cables, and results in a high-performance, highly stable connection. Is this CL2 or CL3 rated? –The runner uses a CL2 rated jacket, which is suitable for installation into walls and ceilings of residential applications. An installer should always check with local building codes regarding cable jackets & installation practices.

16 More FAQs How large of a conduit can I put it in? –3/4 conduit, with a 90-degree sweep. How long of a cable can I have? –Normal signal length recommendations apply. For analog A/V (composite, S-video, YPbPr, applications often exceed 200 feet. The longest runners that will be stocked are 150-footers. Are there Runner extensions? –Not off the shelfwhen couplers become available, they can be used to extend or join two Runners. Will there be a runner for network cabling? –No. RapidRun doesnt present a clear benefit over current network cabling practices. Does it support Hi-Def? –Supports VGA & YPbPr analog video, both of which support HD resolutions (up to and including 1080p). Length considerations should always be taken into account. Whats the maximum resolution? –These are built to meet UXGA resolutions, which include 1600x1200. How thick does the wall need to be to hold the wallplate? –The Break-Away wallplate takes up the same space as a standard electrical outlet/junction box. It fits into either plastic or metal single-gang box, or into a mud ring. A metal box is preferred.

17 Even more FAQs Can I join different Break-Aways? –There is a limited amount of interoperabilityHD15 to 5 BNC, HD15 to 3 RCA. There is no signal conversion! An S-video signal cant be converted into composite, nor VGA into component. Illegal connections are generally prevented by keying. An HD15 pigtail cant be used on 12-pin Runner. I want a wallplate on one end, and a pigtail on the other endwill this work? –Yes, that will work fine. Can I run the RapidRun alongside AC power? –That is not a good idea no matter what kind of AV cabling is being installed. Best practices indicate that at least low-voltage communication cables should be separated from AC power lines by at least 6 inches of space. If they must intersect, do so at a right angle. Can I use the HD15 on one end, and the 3 RCA on the other end? –Perhaps. There is no signal conversion, though. This should only be used for a YPbPr component video application. Your terminology is confusing. What are the different Runners called? –UXGA (3 Coax, 3 TP, 1P) and 5 Mini-coax

18 Yet again, still even more FAQs Is the coax RG59 or RG6? –This is 75-Ohm Minicoax, ideal for analog video & audio signals. What are the wire gauges used? –UXGA cable3x 28 AWG mini-coax, 3x 24 AWG twisted pairs, and 1x 24 AWG pair. –5 Mini-coax5x 28 AWG mini-coax. I need an HD15 femaledo you make that pigtail? –No, but the Break-Away wallplate is HD15 female. If the pigtail connector must be female, use an HD15 slimline gender changer/coupler as a workaround. Do you have a wallplate in other colors? –At this time, Break-Away wallplates are available only in white, decorative-style wallplates. Check back later for beige, and brushed stainless steel. Is pin 9 missing on the HD15? –Yes. Pin 9 is missing on HD15 pigtails. The corresponding pin on the Runner cable is not connected.

19 THE LAST OF THE FAQs How strong is the pulling eye? –The factory has tested the strength of the connector terminations, and pulling force should not exceed 15 foot/lbs. If stronger pulling force is needed, a pulling aid that attaches to the wire itself can be used. Do you have pigtails/adapters with XLR or ¼ connectors? –These connectors are in the theoretical planning stages right now. Pro audio applications are months down the road. Are these in stock? –Yes! PVC base cables as well as the pigtails are in stock. Plenum base cables will be made to order. Wallplate will be in stock November 2006. Who needs the RapidRun system? –Hotels, banquet centers, exhibition halls, convention centers, training rooms, presentation areas, houses of worship, conference rooms, classrooms, high-end home theater installations, auditoriums, transportation terminals, retail stores, etc. –ANYWHERE WHERE A/V OR VGA SIGNALS NEED TO GO A LONG DISTANCE, THROUGH A SMALL SPACE, AND WITH A MINIMAL AMOUNT OF TERMINATION WORK!!!

20 Thank you!

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