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Interested in a SAFE and Effective solution for Asbestos problems?

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1 Interested in a SAFE and Effective solution for Asbestos problems?

2 The Opportunity Legislation throughout the EU requires all forms of installed asbestos products in buildings to be identified and managed for protection against inhalation of air-borne fibres. Building owners are responsible for ensuring employee and worker safety with regard to asbestos in their buildings and are liable for severe penalties, including prison in some Member States should they default on this responsibility. IS Your Country already applying or about to apply such rules?

3 Managing Asbestos for Protection A)Removal OR B)In-Place Management. Removal has usually been the first consideration. However, since 2003 the EU acknowledge that removal should, wherever possible, be one of the last considerations undertaken, since it greatly increases the risks of air –borne fibres during removal and disposal, as well as adding another burden to the waste management sector.

4 In-Place Management The position of the EU in leaving asbestos in place is being reinforced by a new EU Directive coming into effect May 2006. This Directive lowers by half previous levels of allowable air-borne fibres, which will make it extremely difficult for those involved in removal and disposal to comply. In Britain, the countrys largest association of asbestos removal contractors is being forced by the above factors, as well as cost, to move away from removal to in-place management. In-Place management involves leaving the asbestos in place and where necessary consolidating the surface integrity and encapsulating it within a seamless, protective coating.

5 Building owners derive a number of benefits from leaving asbestos in – place it is less hazardous (less disturbance) it is less costly (usually 5-10xs less) it eliminates the need for expensive and risky disposal Disposal may not be as expensive in your country as in the UK the work can be completed far more quickly with much less disruption and down-time on the site the excellent insulative properties of the asbestos are retained, eliminating the need to purchase or install new insulating materials

6 Remove or Treat in Place? Which of the two measures is ultimately chosen depends on various factors. In general, if the asbestos is in good condition and is unlikely to be disturbed for the foreseeable future, in-place encapsulation is appropriate. If it is damaged or deteriorating, it must first be consolidated prior to treatment. If the material is very badly damaged or is likely to be disturbed – by demolition work or structural alterations, for example – then it must be removed according to national safety requirements.

7 NBP Background NBP first became involved over 5 years ago when it was asked to develop specialty coatings for a UK company, Safecoatings Ltd. Working with Britains leading authority on asbestos (J Bridle & Associates and Cardiff University) to develop specific coatings, NBP introduced 3 products in 2003. The products won an Environmental award (Best Practises Magazine) in their first year ( on the market and have been endorsed by Britains leading consumer advocate on control of asbestos, The Asbestos Watchdog ( Safe product sales have been growing rapidly since. All the products feature similar characteristics;

8 Safe Features and Benefits Environmentally friendly (people, plants and pets) Very fast and easy to apply Highly durable, interior life of 20 years or more Extend substrate life May be decorative

9 SAFE Results Life span will depend on condition of the asbestos but is estimated at 20-25 years internally and 10 externally. In the UK an inspection is recommended every 3 years for maintenance purposes. NBP success has been based on the specific nature of its coatings, they are specifically designed for in-place management of asbestos, to penetrate and bind fibres to the matrix surrounding them and to seamlessly protect the entire surface involved. NBP has been supplying the UK market for several years with 3 products and is about to add a 4th. Satisfied customers have included the British Ministry of Defence, The London Underground and Britains largest distributor of building materials, SIG to name a few.

10 NBP products (marketed under the Safe brand name) SE 200 - is a bridging asbestos encapsulant and is normally used externally to protect the SE 100 from the weather or internally where work is to be performed or where workers might have access. SE 200 comes in a range of colours and provides long term waterproofing and as well as a decorative feature. SE 100 - is the penetrating asbestos treatment encapsulant. It can be applied by roller, brush or airless spray. Within an hour the coating penetrates the boards and begins to bond fibres to the ACM matrix. Internal applications only need one or two coats of the encapsulant. The product when first applied is white to show which part of the surface has been treated, but dries clear. In a diluted form SE100 can also be used as a pre and post lockdown treatment to achieve applicable air safety clearance before and after the removal process. SE 075 – to be introduced late 2005 – is a pre-treatment product applied to asbestos that is to be used prior to the removal and disposal. SE 050 - is a treatment product which is used for repairing damage to the asbestos cement product and is applied before asbestos encapsulation.

11 Market for Safe products Interior only applications (can also be applied externally) Interior only applications ( can also be applied externally) heating and ventilating duct work factory walls and ceilings warehouse factory and walls gymnasiums farm building ceilings below 80 0 C pipe wrappings tunnels elevator shafts schools, hospitals, housing

12 The Channels Asbestos Surveyors (hired to evaluate asbestos situation) Asbestos Contractors (hired to fix the problem) Building Owners (municipal, national govt, private) to get the specification Asbestos related associations Local, National authorities, to get the specification We often work closely with the Surveyor (offering a commission) and Contractor…either can get specs.

13 Loading Data ProductContainer ContainersCases/ kg/casekg/pallet per CasePallet SE 20010 L12415.5372 SE 2003.78 L23611.8425 SE 10010 L12411.4274 SE 1003.78 L2368.7313 SE 0501kg6367.5270

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