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By Griffin, Matthew, Eric, Triston, Juma

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1 By Griffin, Matthew, Eric, Triston, Juma
Southwest Indians By Griffin, Matthew, Eric, Triston, Juma

2 Food The southwest Indians ate corn, bread, squash, and small animals like rabbit. They grew different kinds of corn and ground the kernels to make flour for a paper thin bread called piki. They also planted sunflower seeds and gathered berries.

3 Shelter Southwest indians lived in pueblos made of adobe bricks. These shelters were primary built on cliffs with large shallow caves. Not only did these shelters have doors on the sides but also in the ceilings. A ladder was used to enter and exit the pueblo. Other Southwest Indians lived in hogans made of sticks and clay. The door to a hogan always faced east to see the rising sun.

4 Clothing of the Southwest Native Americans
The Southwest Indians wore woven sheep or goat wool. They also wove yucca into sandals. The southwest Indians dressed in cloths made from a hide from a sheep or spun from wool.

5 Important Facts The southwest Native Americans were excellent weavers and silversmiths. They made jewelry from silver and turquoise. They wove rugs and blankets from goat hair. Kachina dolls represented spirits and were given to children to teach lessons. Men would dress up like kachinas and dance at ceremonies. Other religious meetings took place in an underground room called a kiva. Only men were allowed in the kiva.





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