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SMA provides mechanical & electrical engineering services for commercial, industrial, institutional and public clients to the architectural community,

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1 SMA provides mechanical & electrical engineering services for commercial, industrial, institutional and public clients to the architectural community, design/build contractors and directly to building owners.

2 Who is Smith Miller Full Service Engineering Firm Established in 2006 Office Located in Kingston, PA Experienced Personnel, Average of 20 + Years Partner/ Project Manager Dual Role Focus on Quality, Service, and Responsiveness Process Driven - Project Methodology Creative Solutions- Thinking outside the box Maintain Project Schedules Develop & Maintain Project Budget

3 Our Philosophy We believe that appropriate designs are developed individually, with senior engineers interacting directly with clients. There is no canned solution at SMA. Through comprehensive dialogues between each client and SMA senior engineers, project requirements can be completely defined and solutions created which meet all the requirements of use, budget, schedule and environment.

4 Our Project Management All projects undertaken by SMA are managed and designed by principals and senior engineers. Each client can be assured that every project will receive the benefits of the experience of senior level. We are designers, not administrators. As a matter of policy, we are a size-controlled firm. We purposely limit the number of active projects which we will undertake at any one time in order to guarantee our clients the complete and personal service they expect and deserve.

5 Project PHASES No 1 PRE-DESIGN Feasibility Studies Systems Evaluation Life Cycle Costing Energy Services IAQ Assessment Day Lighting Studies Forensic Studies Short Circuit Studies Point of Failure Analysis No 2 DESIGN Schematic Design Development Construction Documents Specifications No 3 BIDDING Prepare Bid Documents Pre Bid Conferences Contractor Interviews Project De-Scoping Bid Clarifications No 4 CONSTRUCTION Submittal Review Shop Drawing Review Punch Lists AS-Built Review IOM Review No 5 POST-CONSTUCTION System Commissioning Validation Services Function Tests Integrated Testing System Optimization

6 Client TYPES Building Owners Architects Developers Construction Managers Contractors Facility Management Companies Energy Service Companies Vendors Project DELIVERY Design-Bid-Build Design Build Design Assist Turn Key

7 Our SERVICES: HVAC Fundamental to every building project are mechanical systems. These central systems include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. By designing these comprehensive systems for a variety of facilities, over the course of many years, Smith Miller Engineers has achieved an excellent reputation as a design leader. Our design experience includes: Primary Systems o Steam & Hot Water Boilers o High Temperature Hot Water Boilers o Centrifugal, Absorption, Chillers o Reciprocating Chillers o Diesel Engine Co-Generation o Gas Turbine Co-Generation o Ice & Chilled Water Storage o Hot Water Storage o Heat Pumps o Geothermal Systems

8 Our SERVICES: HVAC Secondary Systems o Variable Volume o Dual and Single Ducts o Variable Volume Terminal Re-heat o Variable Volume Cold and Cool Air o Fan Powered VAV with Primary Air o Humidity Control Systems o Under floor Air Distribution Systems o Radiant Ceilings & Floors o Fin Pipe Radiation o Four Pipe Fan Coil Systems o Low Temperature HVAC Systems Exhaust Systems o Run-around Coils o Heat Pipes o Air to Air Heat Exchangers o Plate Frame Heat Exchangers o Enthalpy Wheels Heat Recovery o Smoke Evacuation o General Chemical o General Exhaust o Process Exhaust o Thermal Oxidizers

9 Our SERVICES: PLUMBING By designing these comprehensive systems for a variety of facilities, over the years, Smith Miller Engineers have achieved an excellent reputation as a design leader. Smith Miller Engineers has been involved in the planning and design of sophisticated, high-tech piping systems. Selected examples include: HIGH PURITY WATER. Deionizer (DI). Reverse Osmosis (RO). Water For Injection (WFI). USP Pure Water System SEWER SYSTEMS. Sanitary Waste & Vent. Storm and Roof Drainage. Process Waste & Vent. Corrosion Resistant Waste & Vent SPECIALTY GASES. Nitrogen. Oxygen. Argon BUILDING UTILITY SYSTEMS. Compressed Air. Lab & Medical Vacuum. Natural Gas. Oil Storage & distribution

10 Our SERVICES: FIRE PROTECTION The following project types demonstrate our capabilities in fire protection design: o Wet Pipe o Dry Pipe o Pre-Action o Dry Chemical Systems o Gaseous Suppression o Electric & Diesel Fire Pumps

11 Smith Miller engineers provides design for various systems involving power systems, emergency power, electrical distribution, lighting, and controls, etc. POWER SYSTEMS. Power Distribution. Wiring Devices. Energy Management. Demand Controls. Grounding. Lightning Protection. Peak Shaving. Short Circuit Analysis EMERGENCY POWER. (ATS). (UPS). Generator Sets Our SERVICES: ELECTRICAL LIGHTING DESIGN. Indirect. Recessed Fluorescent. Pendant Fluorescent. Linear Systems. Track Lighting. Cove Lighting. Perimeter. Down lighting. Floodlighting. Area Lighting. Parking Lot. Roadway. Accent

12 Our SERVICES: TECHNOLOGY o Fire Alarm o Local Area Data Networks (LAN) o Wireless Data Networks o Telephone System s o Premises Cabling Cat 5e o Fiber Optic o Access Control o Video Surveillance o Intrusion Detection o Video Teleconferencing o Nurse Call o Telemetry Applications o Public Address Smith Miller has developed the specialized expertise to analyze, plan, and design the backbone infrastructure and spaces which connect the various systems used in a technology based facility. The success of information technology systems requires a comprehensive "systems" design approach in order to produce a highly scalable and flexible infrastructure.

13 Our SERVICES: UTILITY HIGH VOLTAGE o Tension Bus o Rigid Structure o Power Transformers o Power Circuit Breakers o Capacitor Banks o Instrument Trans Smith Miller Engineers provide complete power systems engineering design to utility, municipal, governmental and industrial clients. SMA has the necessary expertise to design complete power systems from generation, transformation, transmission and distribution. DISTRIBUTION o Substation and Transformer Differential o Transmission Line Impedance and Pilot Wire o Distribution Line Time O/C and Instantaneous o Generation Systems Reverse Power and Directional o Utility Tie Current and Power Directional o Power Fuse Coordination PROTECTIVE RELAYING o Overhead to 34.5 kV o Underground Duct Bank o Direct Burial o Load Break Switches o Re-closers and Sectionalizes o Pad Mount Transformers o Pole Line Mapping

14 Our SERVICES: ENERGY o Audits o Tax Credits o Major equipment retrofits. o Energy service performance contracts. o Compliance with governmental laws and codes. o Corporate energy planning. o Documentation for grants and funding approval. o Utility Rebates o LEED certification. o Project financing. Energy Services can be performed on all facility types and may include the entire facility or be limited to targeted areas of the facility, specific equipment or isolated processes/systems. All utilities electric, gas/oil, water, sewage/waste disposal and steamcan be part of the services.

15 Our MARKETS: COMMERCIAL The nature of the design of today's commercial and office facilities requires detailed knowledge of indoor air quality, temperature, power quality, and complex modern communication systems. In addition, many clients want practicality and aesthetics in lighting and acoustics. Flexibility in the design of modular grids coordinated with architectural, structural and functional elements, is a service benefit to our clients and the architects we work with.. Education/Training Space. Corporate Offices. Cafeterias. Auditoriums. Food Service Kitchens. Parking Structures. Raised Floor Offices. Libraries. Department Stores. Professional Offices. Warehouses

16 Municipalities Stage Governments Airports Federal Agencies Our MARKETS: GOVERNMENT County Job Corps GSA PA DGS Our design work for governmental departments and agencies includes highly differentiated projects from convention centers to prisons; from city parks to mail handling facilities. The common element among these diverse facilities is their budget-driven nature and the critical need to meet those budgets. Taxes often must be raised to pay for government projects, particularly on the local level, and we understand the dynamics involved in publicly funded projects. We work with government at the local, state and federal levels and can perform effectively within the often rigid constraints of government contra often rigid constraints of government contracting.

17 SPACES The following project types demonstrate our capabilities in healthcare facility design: Military Hospitals Ambulatory Care Centers Tertiary Care Facilities Outpatient Facilities Independent and Assisted Living Facilities Community Hospitals Continuing Care Retirement Communities Skilled Nursing Facilities Our MARKETS: HEALTHCARE Emergency Departments Oncology Women's Centers Maternity Wings OBGYN Pre Natal NICU/ICU Cauterization Labs Operating Rooms Recovery Rooms Pre-Operation Rooms Exam Rooms Prosthetics Isolation Rooms Laboratories Patient Rooms Nurses Station Imaging Centers Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Pharmacies Waiting Areas Admissions Doctors Offices Morgue

18 Smith Miller provides public and private universities and colleges with facilities ranging from central utility plants to high-tech classrooms and state-of the-art laboratories. Our MARKETS: HIGHER EDUCATION Collegiate Libraries Research Facilities Patient Research and Healthcare Facilities High-Tech Classrooms Auditoriums Dormitories and Residential Halls Distant Learning Facilities Performing Art Centers

19 Through our design, energy-efficient, low-maintenance buildings promote day lighting, use of ecologically sound materials and the incorporation of other features that support good indoor air quality. Our firm has worked with school districts to help them expand and renovate their facilities enabling them to provide flexible, attractive, sustainable settings for their students and faculty. Our MARKETS: PRIMARY EDUCATION Libraries Assembly Areas Distance Learning Facilities High-tech Classrooms Auditoriums Cafeterias Computer Labs Science Labs Natatoriums Performing Art Centers

20 Todays industrial facilities and processes are increasingly dependent upon sophisticated mechanical, electrical, piping and instrumentation systems. Smith Miller Associates provides complete systems engineering design to a wide range of industrial clients. Specialty Glass Electronics Logistics Candy Our MARKETS: INDUSTRIAL Shipping Distribution Pharmaceutical Food

21 Experience ranges from pure data centers for housing of mission critical main frame computer systems to command centers housing information technology systems, staff, and meeting space. We have designed spaces to house a variety of equipment and systems including: Clean rooms Reverberation rooms Trading Floors Training rooms Our MARKETS: MISSION CRITICAL Call centers Specialized Labs Server rooms Data Centers

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