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Mammoth Water-Source Heat Pumps

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1 Mammoth Water-Source Heat Pumps

2 Introduction to Mammoth-WEBCO
Began as Brown Sheet Iron and Steel Company manufacturing industrial gravity and forced-air furnaces 1953 – Acquired by private investors and renamed Mammoth Furnace Company and was the largest industrial furnace manufacturer 1965 – Acquired by Lear Siegler, Inc. and expanded into Heat Pump and Coil manufacturing 1986 – Acquired by Nortek, Inc. and joined their CES Group, Inc., largest group of custom HVAC manufacturers in North America 2009 – WEBCO, Inc. merged with Mammoth, Inc. to form Mammoth-WEBCO, Inc. Go Over Slide – with emphasis on manufacturing air conditioning systems since the late 1950’s

3 You’ll Find Mammoth In Every Market Delivering custom-engineered air conditioning solutions
Manufacturing Education Healthcare Offices Pharmaceutical High-Tech Food Processing Hotel/Motel Retail Amusement Government Hospitality

4 We Continue to Grow Our Capabilities
integrated Prefabricated Equipment Centers (iPEC™) Custom chillers and chiller plants ULTRALINE™ packaged DX Roof-mounted air systems V-Cube™ floor-by-floor self- contained RMZ Vari-Zone Custom DX and multi-zone rooftop units And…

5 Mammoth Water-Source Heat Pumps
Water-source / Ground-source heat pump solutions Horizontal and vertical, indoor configurations Low-sound condominium unit

6 Holland, Michigan Plant
New Factory Building - 45,000 Square Feet Manufactures All Water Source Products Manufacturing heat pumps for over 35 years

7 Small Single Circuit Horizontal And Vertical Units
10 different sizes from ¾ ton to 6 ton. “N” vintage equipment, available in standard and low (geothermal) temp applications. Horizontal units: Standard and mirror image, end discharge orientations available. Vertical Units: Right and left hand orientations.

8 Horizontal & Vertical Units General
Galvanized G60 steel casing Access panels; compressor section, fan section and electrical box 2-sided filter bracket with 1" thick filter Threaded female NPT water connections Condensate drain connection Supply duct connection Fully insulated with 3/4", 1½ lb. coated fiberglass

9 Medium Horizontal Line
070H 6 ton 086H 7 ton 100H 8 ton 120H 10 ton 142H 12 ton

10 Medium Vertical Units 070V 6 ton 086V 7 ton 100V 8 ton 120V 10 ton

11 V-Cube Slim Large Vertical Units -
170V 14 ton 210V 17 ton 270V 22 ton 310V 25 ton 360V 30 ton 440V 37 ton 540V 49 ton

12 V-Cube Slim 14 through 49 Tons (Sizes 170-540)
Dual Scroll Compressor Units High EER’s & COP’s Quiet Operation Thermal Expansion Valves Heat Pumps (sizes ) or Cooling Only Optional VAV, Waterside Economizers, Hot Gas Reheat, DDC Controls, Double Wall, …

13 100% Outside Air Units

14 100% Outside Air Sizes Small Cabinet Large Cabinet
Size 071 Nominal 6 tons Size 111 Nominal 9 tons Size 141 Nominal 12 tons Size 181 Nominal 15 tons Large Cabinet Size Nominal 19 tons Size Nominal 23 tons Size Nominal 28 tons Size Nominal 32 tons

15 100% Outside Air Unit Features
Dual scroll compressors Thermal expansion valves Multi-blade low leak outside air damper with motor. 2" thick, 30% efficient pleated filters Additional 4” filters are optional Four-row evaporator coil ( six-row optional ) IAQ drain pan with side condensate drain connection. Hot gas reheat coil for dehumidification Hot gas by-pass Foil-faced foam insulation - no fiberglass. Belt drive fan assembly. Optional Mammoth MDDC controls.

16 Water-to-Water Units 1 thru 30 tons Includes:
Compressor Source side HX Load side HX TX valve Unit can heat or cool water Part of the High Efficiency Unit Family

17 MCHH units “Condo Heat Pumps”
Mechanical cooling, hot water heating. NC sound levels – heating, 36 cooling. Designed for closet installation. Positive water shut off.

18 What’s Coming? “U” vintage single circuit 410A systems.
“M” vintage twins & Quads 410A systems. “E” series large twin and quad circuits (410A). “D” vintage make up air units, (410A) indoor/outdoor applications. “K” vintage water to water units, 5 to 50 tons, (410A).

19 “E” Vintage Large Units
Coming soon: “stock” cooling only, VFD, 410a refrigerant, double wall construction, fan wall design, pre-painted cabinet, ESP capability of up to 3”, Mammoth DDC controls, Sizes available: 170 / 14 ton 210 / 17.5 ton 270 / 22 ton 310 / 25 ton 360 / 30 ton 440 / 40 ton 540 / 45 ton 620 / 52 ton 720 / 60 ton

20 Control Options

21 HP-4 Microprocessor Incorporated in all Mammoth heat pumps.
High & low voltage protection. Random start time delay from 5 to 35 seconds. Compressor anti-short cycle protection (5min.) Electronic condensate alarm. Compressor lock out with auto reset. Fan interlock, with compressor operation. Emergency shut down / field supplied signal. Dry contacts for fault indication to DDC control. Aux contacts with compressor operation. Test pin jumper / disables timing circuits for testing. LED fault identification / status indication Removable terminal strip for thermostat wire connections.

22 Room temperature control
HP-4 Microprocessor Room temperature control Can be used with any HEAT PUMP T-stat. Mammoth heat pumps fail to heat (RV) energized for cooling (“O”) terminal. LED unit status codes: “on” steady = Normal operating mode 1 flash = High or low pressure trip. 2 flashes = Emergency shut down (by others) 3 flashes = Auxiliary switch fault. 4 flashes = Condensate alarm 5 flashes = Low voltage fault 6 flashes = High voltage fault 4 tries on auto re-set in 6000 seconds (1.6 hrs) Lock out occurs, and must be re-set manually. (remove call for compressor at t-stat or cycle power to unit)

23 HP-4 Microprocessor Typical Wiring
P1 terminal block (t-stat wiring) P1-8 lock out alarm out put P1-7 Call for compressor “Y” P1-6 NSB signal P1-5 Supply Fan “G” P1-4 24VAC (-) P1-3 24VAC (-) “O” P1-2 2 hr override P VAC (+) “R”

24 HP-4 Microprocessor Typical Wiring
Other contact points / P2 terminal strip P2-8 A.D. Contacts (NC) P2-7 A.D. Contacts (com) P2-6 A.D. Contacts (NO) P2-5 Unoccupied Input P2-4 Emergency Shutdown P VAC (-) P2-2 Dry Contacts Alarm P2-1 Dry Contacts Alarm

25 Mammoth DDC controls I/O Zone 560 Space temperature control
5 digital Outputs, 6 universal inputs. 100% stand alone control. Capable of communication: via BACnet, Modbus, N2, Lon talk. Includes communication with intelligent space sensors, and keypad/display units. For use with standard CAV heat pumps without water side economizers or hot gas re-heat. Orders must include minimum of one key pad per order.

26 Typical Wiring Supply air temp / monitor only Water HX LWT
Water HX EWT (thermistor/dry contact) net work Comp Lckt / overflow, compr#1 HP-4 alarm, comp#2 alarm Load shed, Comp#1Q* HP4 alarm Comp#2Q* HP4 alarm Emergency shut down, External start, dirty filter*

27 Typical Wiring “Rnet” Room/return air Temperature (RS Std) Or RS Pro
Common alarm Reversing valve Call for #2 comp. Call for #1 comp Fan start

28 Mammoth DDC controls I/O Zone 583 Space temperature control
5 digital outputs, 8 universal inputs. 3 analog outputs 100% stand alone control. Capable of communication: via BACnet, Modbus, N2, Lon talk. Includes communication with intelligent space sensors, and keypad/display units. For use with standard CAV heat pumps with water side economizers or hot gas re-heat. Orders must include minimum of one key pad per order.

29 I/O Zone 583 Typical wiring the same as 560 except 583 has three analog outputs Analog outputs require DC relay for single stage, USC for multi stage or actuator for modulation of control Outputs normally used for re-heat, 3ater side economizers or aux heat Used for CAV with de-humidification and hot gas re-heat. Also special applications with water to water units.

30 560 & 583 Control Interface Room temperature control
RS Plus offers a local setpoint adjustment and override to an occupied mode and LED indication of current status. RS Pro offer the same and a large LCD display. Both sensors provide precision temperature measurement, communication capabilities, able to mate up with key pad for commissioning and maintenance. RS Plus RS Pro

31 I/O Flex 6126 Discharge air controller
6 digital outputs, rated at 5 250VAC. 12 universal inputs, configurable for dry contact, thermistor/RTD, 0 to 20ma, 0-10 VDC. 6 analog outputs, 1&2 are 0-10 VDC or 0-20ma, outputs 3 through 6 are 0-10 VDC only. Used in large twin, make up air units, primary use for units that have modulation control of heat source or control of VFD,

32 WSHP Job References

33 Pacific Bell Park Location: San Francisco, CA
A wide range of units were installed throughout the park. They include small horizontal heat pumps, twin circuit verticals, V-Cube Lites, and V-Cubes Mammoth worked with the developer to provide special arrangements and performance that better suited the layout of the park.

34 Viacom Location: New York, NY
Viacom selected V-Cubes and horizontal heat pumps that worked with their open and closed ceilings. Quick delivery was a key point for many units. Some units utilize DDC controls and VAV to service the studio and larger areas of the building.

35 Quality Living Assisted Care Facility Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Quality Living added a new east campus to their facility. The new campus utilized Mammoth high efficiency geothermal heat pumps. The new addition operates more than twice total hours at less cost than the older campus with a conventional boiler and tower system.

36 Texas Motor Speedway Condominiums Fort Worth, TX
Mammoth was awarded the project because of energy savings, noise control, flexibility in right/left hand configuration and meeting the tight closet fit.

37 Sherman Hospital, 255 bed Location: Chicago, IL
Worlds Largest Geothermal Hospital Over $1.0 Million energy savings annually 732 Mammoth Water-to-Air Terminal Units 18 Governair RSA Air Handlers with Vestibules & Governair controls

38 Mammoth Water-Source Heat Pumps
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