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2010 Humidification Line Up APRILAIRE. Looking Back Easy accessibility No equipment size limitations Less efficient heating systems had longer runtimes.

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Presentation on theme: "2010 Humidification Line Up APRILAIRE. Looking Back Easy accessibility No equipment size limitations Less efficient heating systems had longer runtimes."— Presentation transcript:

1 2010 Humidification Line Up APRILAIRE

2 Looking Back Easy accessibility No equipment size limitations Less efficient heating systems had longer runtimes Less efficient construction techniques Limited steam technology Limited heat pump applications The conditions of the home allowed for easy installation of multiple options…..

3 History Proves Atomizers and Tank / Drum humidifiers while somewhat effective, presented many unavoidable drawbacks. Mold Rust Leaking Cost Capacity Installation Maintenance Millions of installations over many decades have shown that evaporative humidification has clearly been the best alternative and in many applications will continue to be the best option.

4 Equipment size limitations Potential run time limitations Larger homes Architectural design (small equipment rooms for evaporative applications, higher ceilings, tighter constructions) Heat pump prominence Hydronic or radiant heat growth Today's Obstacles As homes rapidly changed, the ability to humidify has changed dramatically…. However so has steam technology


6 WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS WANT Protection Savings Moisture SMOOTH SKIN Comfort Real Relief Sound Sleep health Breathing Safe Home Automatic Relief constant relief NO SHOCKS !

7 A GREAT SERVICE TECH QUESTION If I have any suggestions during my inspection of your home that would increase your comfort, protect your home, or save you money on energy costs, would you like me to discuss them with you?

8 AN EVEN BETTER TECH QUESTION Say, remember you asked me to tell you if I discovered a way to make your home more comfortable and save you some money. Do you want to hear what weve uncovered together? Yes… it will always be yes! Its the Home Run!!

9 Model 800 Residential Steam What How Who Why New Model

10 What Model 800 Residential Steam Humidifier is for applications that fall outside of the typical parameters and limitations of evaporative installations and unique higher capacity needs. Model 800

11 How Our Model 800 uses the proven and tested capabilities of ELECTRODE technology as used and perfected by DRI STEEM. One of the worlds leading commercial steam manufactures. Resistive Element Style Electrode Technology

12 Who Research Products Corporation Dri-Steem Division Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Experts - 40 years of humidification expertise supporting customers unique commercial, health care, industrial and process critical applications. Innovators – Industry leading innovators that greatly improve methods for adding moisture to air with precise control.

13 Steam Expertise Dri–Steem Products Atomizing HumidifiersBoiler Steam Humidifiers Electric Humidifiers Heat Exchanger Humidifiers Dispersion Methods High Capacity Electrode Technology

14 Steam Expertise Dri-Steem provided to us: Proven design with years of manufacturing and field experience. Proven electronics. Proven technology. Proven application experience and best practices learned over decades. Proven dispersion technology – Adding moisture to the air with precise control. Aprilaire - Commercial HVAC steam expertise with No Learning Curve and NO Worries !!

15 Why Is Steam Better Than Evaporative The answer is: Both evaporative and steam have the same ability to humidify your home. The difference is basically in the manner in which the humidifier must be installed because of the arrangement, placement and operation of your heating and cooling system.

16 Positioning Evaporative humidification remains the best choice in the majority of installations and will remain a mainstream product. Easy to install. Reliability and long equipment life. Various consumer price points Steam humidification is an addition to our line for specific applications. Addressing these applications offer tremendous potential.

17 Its All Application Low Run Times Radiant of Hydronic Heating Ultra Dry Climates Crawlspaces Heat Pump Demands Small Equipment Closets Very Large Spaces ( High Capacity Needs) Or Any Situation Where An Evaporative or Powered Unit Can Not Be Installed.

18 Steam Expertise Electrodes are located in our canister. Electrical current flows between submerged electrodes. When the minerals* in the water within the canister come into contact with energized electrodes, current flows through that water. Resistance (of the sediments in the water) to that electric current excites (heats) the water molecules thus producing steam! Electrode Technology – How it works to make steam? * Dissolved sediments may include magnesium, iron, calcium carbonate, lime, sodium, etc.

19 3 grains 36 grains Water is generally measured in grains of hardness 1 grain is equivalent to 64.8 milligrams of material. Grains of hardness are usually referring to calcium carbonate and or magnesium content. Very soft:0-70 ppm0-4 GH Soft:70-140 ppm4-8 GH Slightly hard:140-210 ppm8-12 GH Moderately hard: 210-320 ppm12-18 GH Hard:320-530 ppm18-30 GH Very hard:>530 ppm>30 GH

20 Water Water Everywhere More than 85% of American homes have hard water. The softest waters occur in parts of the New England, South Atlantic-Gulf, and Hawaii regions. Moderately hard and hard waters are common in many of the rivers of the Tennessee, Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska regions. Hard and very hard waters are found in some of the streams in most of the regions throughout the country. Hardest waters (greater than 1,000 ppm) are in streams in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, and California. USGS Survey Data

21 Canister and Electrodes Electrode Technology Where components are replaced – canister and electrodes both at the same time Benefit CanisterElectrodes Easy maintenance No cleaning Recurring revenue Performs like new strategy New strainer with each canister New O ring with each canister Part # 80

22 Capacity FINALLY Multiple capacities in one model and both at 11.5 amps! Voltage120v208v240v Steam Capacity (GPD) 11.5 20.5 23.3 Capacity to humidify all normal residential properties with one model. Humidity requirements in GPD based on home size and construction type to maintain 35% RH (from AHRI Guideline F).

23 Electrical Connections Electrical enters from the top. Connect power to the board. GroundNeutral120vGroundNeutral120v 240v Electrical inlet on top of unit No switches to throw.

24 Product Description Space efficient cabinet design 10 1/8W x 7 1/8D x 20 7/8 H Aprilaire color and logo Truly commercial grade cabinet construction with retail styling. Left side door – Unscrew and open to reach canister. Right side – Unscrew to install electrical and water. Easy Access 10 1/87 1/8 20 7/8

25 Mounting Simple mounting procedure, mount level, not required to be perfectly level. Mount on duct or remote with no additional accessories. 16.5 lbs unit weight 23 lbs when operating FrontBack Mounting Holes Do not mount in location where ambient freezing temperature may occur.

26 Remote Mounting Mount on duct or remote with no additional accessories. 6 ft of steam tube included with the unit. Cut to the length needed. Commercial Grade Steam Tube 90% of install problems are because the steam tubing was installed incorrectly.

27 Remote Mounting Steam hose will soften over time, be sure to support it properly. If water builds inside steam tube, it will create a p-trap, reducing steam that flows through and may effect overall unit capacity. Avoid a 90 degree angle

28 Remote Mounting Capacity changes with remote hose length. Recommendation is to use hard piping for distances over 6 feet, maximum combined distance is 20 ft

29 % Remote Mounting Up to 20 Ft. Portions of Supplied Hose Based on hose portions used: UP TO 18 FEET OF 1 COPPER TUBING Note: ¾ to 1 reducing coupler may be required on both ends of copper tubing. Insulating all tubing is required for maximum capacity

30 Remote Mounting Installation over an obstruction. Must install a drain line that forms a p-trap to keep the steam from escaping.

31 Input Power Humidifier Output Airflow Velocity 70°F & 30% RH Set point 70°F & 45% RH Set point 65°F & 45% RH Set point 120 V11.5 gal/day 300 fpm7"11"13" 600 fpm3"6"7" 1200 fpm2"3" 1800 fpm12" 208 V20.5 gal/day 300 fpm13"19"23" 600 fpm6"10"12" 1200 fpm3"5"6" 1800 fpm2"3"4" 240 V23.3 gal/day 300 fpm15"23"28" 600 fpm6"12"13" 1200 fpm5"6"7" 1800 fpm3"4"5" Dispersion Distances

32 Duct Dispersion DRI-STEEM – Worlds leading expert on this topic. Dispersion Tube Technology at its Best Tubelets extend into the center of the dispersion tube, so only the hottest, driest steam is introduced into the duct. Any condensation forms on the outer walls of the tublet.

33 5 Duct Dispersion This proven method is significantly better than competitive offerings; unique and different. Its easy to boil water, however precise distribution into the supply or return ductwork requires dispersion expertise. Dri-Steem is the worlds leading expert on dispersion technology. If it aint broke, dont fix it. Simply said…..

34 Cleaning No cleaning or scrubbing, simply replace! vs. SimpleNever deal with this again!

35 Canister Replacement 1.Turn power off at the unit, it will automatically drain. When draining water, inlet also opens flushing hot and cold water. NO SCALDING 2. When draining complete, kill electrical to the unit. 3. Remove the front panel. 4. Disconnect electrodes, water sensor, and hose clamp at top of canister. 5. Replace canister, strainer and o-ring (provided with new canister) Easy to Replace – Minutes Minimal maintenance – No cleaning, scrubbing at all.

36 Canister Life Canister replacement is recommended every humidifier season. Preventative Maintenance – Replace before the unit stops operating. When the canister cannot reach the correct conductivity, it will stop and wait for canister to be replaced. Failure Modes: Hard Water – Build up of calcium or deposits on the electrode. Soft Water – Zinc electrode plating will corrode. Abnormal water conditions may cause the unit to operate for months or years.

37 Fill valve Drain valve Fill cup Water supply line Power supply to electrodes Supply water enters cylinder from bottom Drain Removable canister Electrodes Steam outlet Sequence of Operation 1. Fill valve opens, flows through the fill cup and into the canister. 2. Electrodes energize, electricity travels through water causing it to boil. Fill valve opens and closes as needed to maintain operating level. 3. Steam created in the canister flows through steam hose to dispersion assembly. Fill Cup – Air gap, backflow protection, overflow protection if installed improperly Incoming water 25 psi to 80 psi

38 Power supply to electrodes Electrodes Water Conductivity Standard drinkable water is electrically conductive from the impurities, or ions in the water. Electrodes are not heating the water, as in resistive technology, the current passing through resistive water is causing it to heat. Conductive area through the water increases as more electrode is submerged in the water; therefore, current increases as water level increases. Controls water level at 11.5 amps, adjusting water to reach this level based upon conductivity of the water. +/- 10% of 11.5 amps

39 Operation and Water Conductivity Unit adjusts to the correct water level to reach nominal current (capacity). Fills and drains while steaming. Increase conductivity by increasing impurities in water. Unit boils off water and minimizes draining while continuing to refill Reduces conductivity by removing impurities in water. Drain unit and refill. or As electrodes coat with scale, more of the electrode is submerged in the water until water reaches top of canister. Control board logic makes decisions…….unit just operates.

40 Operation and Water Quality Unit operates with both hard and softened water. Recommendation is to install to hard water. Hard Water – Rule of thumb is it will operate from 3 to 36 grains of hardness. Softened Water – More conductive, minerals (scale deposits) will not build on the inside of canister, conductivity grows and it flushes more water. Reverse Osmosis/ De-ionized / Pure Water – Unit will not operate because no conductive impurities in water. Water filtration not required!

41 Draining Drain Valve Drain valve and fill valve open at the same time, always tempering water. Water temperature is under 140 degrees, on average, high temp condensate pump not required. Robust Design – Safety /Prevention If plenum pressure exceeds 4 W.C. or hose is kinked, water will push back into the fill cup. Install to cold water Condensate Pump available Part # 4856 (160 degree spec – no issues) 80% of water used goes to steam, 20% drained

42 Draining Designed to greatly reduce opportunity to plugging. Large drain opening Strainer in canister helps to catch debris Drain valve pulses to further reduce opportunity to plug. If unit is trying to drain and conductivity does not change, unit knows something is wrong, shuts down, and activates service light. Large drain pan for overflow and leak protection.

43 Model 850 Fan Pack

44 Materials Furnished: Manual Humidistat Mounting Hardware Condensate Tubing – 10 White Grille Furnished With Model 800: Steam Hose – 6 Steam Hose Clamp Drain Hose – 10 Model 62 Control – Not used w/ Model 850 Distribution Tube – Not used w/ Model 850 Saddle Valve Not Furnished: Control Wiring to Connect Fan Pack and Humidistat to Model 800

45 Technical Specs 24 VAC Supplied by Model 800 Humidifier Stainless Steel Dispersion Chamber Noise Dampening Housing Liner Ultra Quiet Fan Fan operates for 2 minutes after call for humidity ends Fan InletFan Outlet Dispersion Chamber 24 VAC Electrical Terminals Condensate Tube Steam Tube

46 Installation 16 Min Condensate Line Trap required to prevent steam from going down the drain (~6 Loop) If more than six feet of Steam Tube is needed, use 1 Insulated Copper Pipe Each additional 2 of hose or Insulated pipe reduces capacity by approximately 1 gpd.

47 Electrical Wiring 24 VAC Wiring 18 AWG Wire Manual Humidistat IOM Homeowner/Installer will have a Model 62 ADHC that comes with the Model 800 that will not be used

48 Competing product you may encounter Generalaire Elite Steam Remote Wall Blower RMB15 – 110 VAC for use with the DS15 and DS15P Distributor Cost = $340 RMB35 – 230VAC for use with the DS35 and DS25 Distributor Cost - $440 Includes 12 ft. steam hose 13 ft. condensate hose Water line fill connector E2 digital Humidistat Code valve kit Water supply tubing kit 1.Distributors need to maintain multiple SKUs 2.Very expensive!

49 Order Information – A Quick Review Applications Without duct work – The Model 800 Steam Humidifier and Model 850 Fan Pack can be installed anywhere in a home making the installation possibilities endless. Homes with attics, crawl space installations, or homes with space restrictions – Now humidification a home knows no limits with the added versatility of the Model 850 Fan Pack. Features Quiet Operation – When installed with the Model 800 Steam Humidifier, it is practically unnoticeable when operating. Easily blends into a homes aesthetics – The Model 850 recesses into a wall and looks like standard register that you find in most homes. Easy to install – The model 850 Fan Pack wires directly into the Model 800 Steam Humidifiers terminal block for power and connects to the Model 800 to deliver comfortable humidity levels. Five year warranty – Like the Model 800 Steam Humidifier, the Model 850 Fan Pack carries a five year warranty. Order Information Model Number – 850 (Fan Pack) Carton Quantity = 4 units Pallet Quantity = 16 cartons Units per Pallet = 64 units Base Price - $420.00 Model 850 Fan Pack Starts shipping on October 25, 2010!

50 Cost to Operate Evaporative humidification whether flow- through or powered, will always costs less to operate. Everyones steam models, while more expensive to operate then evaporative, have similar operating costs.

51 Engineered Simplicity Simple - Installation Simple - Service and maintenance Simple - Unit selection (Dual Capacity) Simple – Limited water quality concerns Simple - All accessories in the box When it comes to steam, Dri-Steem has proven electrode technology is simply the best.

52 Intelligent Design Control Change water panel removed. Model Number 62 Steam Control Water panel timer turned Off at factory. Canister light is on the unit. Blower activation same as evaporative.

53 Terminal Strip Wiring for Model 60/62 Steam Controller R and C 24 V From T-Stat To W on equipment To HUMIDISTAT terminals on Model 800 To G on equipment Model 8570 AA Thermostat

54 Wiring Simplicity Do not wire with: HUM terminals EAC terminals ACC terminals Or any other terminals other than those indicated on the install diagram.

55 Wiring Simplicity Weve added a Blower Activation to the circuit board, per our contractors request. No separate blower activation relay is required. Switch function on and off. Simple!

56 Blower Activation OFF Position, The humidifier will only operates on a fan or heat call. ON Position, The humidifier will operate on any call for fan or heat, AND it will turn on HVAC blower if humidification is required. Control will turn on blower for 3 minutes every hour to sample if blower doesnt energize for any other reason.

57 Manual Operation Manual Mode resistor has been upgraded to a Auto/Manual switch on the board Wiring Simplicity - No additional wiring

58 Manual Operation In addition Manual Operation is now easily indicated by an M in LCD window No longer needed.

59 Continuous Improvement RH% in LCD is now real time. Operation range from 1% RH – 45% RH

60 Air Proving Sensor Aprilaire Part: 5158 High Humidity Limit Switch Aprilaire Part: 4594 Aprilaire Part: 4856 condensate pump Options and Accessories

61 APRILAIREPARTNERS.COM APRILAPRIL 1 800 334 6011 Live, personal assistance and highly qualified technical support. Our trained specialists are anxious to help. A I R E

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