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Teen SRP 2012 OWN THE NIGHT decorations, displays, & programming.

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1 Teen SRP 2012 OWN THE NIGHT decorations, displays, & programming

2 DECORATION IDEAS Stars! Hanging from ceilings, on walls, etc Planets – encourage teens to create their own White Christmas lights – from ceiling or as borders, poked through canvas, all from one corner Fireflies (complete with lights!) Goth/vampire theme – everything dark, candles (blacks, greys, deep purples/reds)

3 DISPLAY IDEAS Mysteries Supernatural you might have missed Books with star in the title (add moon, sun, sky for extra credit!) Books that take place primarily at night Humorous paranormal/supernatural Space/science fiction Werewolves Ghost Stories

4 PROGRAM IDEAS - CRAFTS Constellation t-shirts Owls Candles Star jars

5 PROGRAM IDEAS - CRAFTS Sun jar nightlights Constellation charms (for keychains, etc) Lava lamps Woodland creature plushies Haunted bird houses

6 PROGRAM IDEAS - CRAFTS Origami stars Bird feeders More owls!

7 PROGRAM IDEAS - EVENTS Night Carnival! Glow stick bowling Giant jenga Angry Birds DIY scratch tickets Glow sticks in balloons

8 PROGRAM IDEAS - EVENTS Zombie Apocalypse Zombie tag Magnetic poetry T-shirts Buttons

9 PROGRAM IDEAS - EVENTS Batman Movies Comic book crafts: Decoupage with old comics, kokeshi dolls, paper crafts, DIY masks, ANYTHING with the bat logo! Bleach pen t-shirts… Costume contest – lots of characters in the universe! Lego Batman

10 PROGRAM IDEAS - EVENTS Stories round the campfire Murder mystery night/Live Clue Ninja Night Pwn the Night: Gaming tournaments, game crafts Girls Night Out: Spa stuff, girl power trivia Guys Night Out: tattoo sleeves, gaming

11 PROGRAM IDEAS - EVENTS Night photography Bookfacing/Sleevefacing Creatures of the Night Costume Party Star Wars/Star Trek/Anything space Astronomy Supernatural Event (tv show) Werewolves

12 PROGRAM IDEAS - MISC Glow in the dark jello & other drinks: simply add tonic water! DIY glitter & glow jars Glow in the dark beads Art contest Writing contest – story must take place in the course of one night, a la Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist Goth as incentive


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