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Caves By Akhil Chivukula.

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1 Caves By Akhil Chivukula

2 Characteristics Caves are underground rooms[made from limestone]
Caves also form lava and other rocks Most of water dries, leaving minerals behind The minerals form stalactites that hang from cave ceilings Some water on stalactites drips to the floor forming stalagmites Stalagmites grow from cave floors towards the ceiling

3 Location Mammoth cave is in Kentucky Missouri is called the Cave State
Vornoja Krubera Cave is in Asia’s Republic of Georgia

4 Plants Mosses and ferns grow near cave entrances[where light shines]
Mushrooms, Molds and other fungi[other types of organism that has no leaves, more than one fungus is fungi] are not plants. They don’t need light to grow.

5 Animals Many fish in cave lakes and rivers don’t have eyes , so they get around by feeling or smelling. Other animals hibernate in caves. Bears, bats and crickets spend cold months in caves.

6 Work Cited Niz , Ellen . Caves. Minnesota, Mankato: Capstone Press, 2006.

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