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Avaya Wireless LAN 8100 Customer Presentation

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1 Avaya Wireless LAN 8100 Customer Presentation
February 2012

2 Agenda 1. Market Trends 2. Avaya WLAN 8100 Series Overview
3. Avaya WLAN 8100 Details 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There

3 By 2015, 80% of newly installed wireless networks will be obsolete because of a lack of proper planning Gartner, 2011 Gartner) Always-on Network overloaded! Security Quality of service 3-5 devices per user At Gartner Symposium 2011, Gartner Research VP Paul DeBeasi said most enterprise wireless networks are not ready for what’s happening to mobile devices. Enterprises put in wireless networks for convenience, without thinking about the huge numbers of smartphones and tablets that are now showing up. Gartner predicts more than 300 million tablets will be installed by 2015, and no business has planned for that. As a result, by 2015, 80 percent of newly installed wireless networks will be obsolete because of poor planning. DeBeasi warned that wireless LANs (WLANs) are not designed for pervasive Wi-Fi services, real-time communication, or high throughput. Most guest networkers are not designed for "Bring Your Own Device" and, in general, the enterprise does not have visibility into radio frequency issues. This is all compounded by inadequate WLAN management. BYOD support Can’t connect! Is your network ready? Gartner)

4 Social and Market Trends
Organizations face a tough economy, aggressive competitors, fragile customer loyalty, and changing demographics Economy and Recession Generational Social Networking Mobile Living BYOD trends Cloud Virtual Worlds and Communities 4 © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 4 4

5 Consumerization of IT strongly impacting WLAN
70% of new enterprise users by 2013 will be wireless by default and wired by exception - Gartner Enterprises deploying iPads will need 300% more Wi-Fi – Gartner 2011 72% of organizations permitting the use of employee-owned devices – Aberdeen 2011 Video soft clients growing at 340% through – Gartner 2011 Wireless LAN has never been in greater demand due to the explosion of smart- phones, tablets and high bandwidth video and collaborative applications BYOD and Consumerization In the past WLANs were deployed for convenience; they were not designed for pervasive Wi-Fi services, real time communication and high throughput

6 Strong growth in Wireless-Enabled Devices
The number of mobile-PC enabled workers relying on a wired Ethernet switch connection will decline from 2010 through 2015, as WLAN coverage expands in enterprises. By 2015 there will be enough WLAN infrastructure installed to support almost 51% of the worldwide professional mobile PC installed base Gartner, Jan 2012 Gartner January 2012 report

7 WLAN 802.11ac standard is on the horizon*….
Promising MUCH faster networking speeds…3x the throughput of n 802.11ac : Uses 2 to 4 times the frequency bandwidth ( MHz) More efficient data transfers through sophisticated modulation, More antennas (up to 8) 802.11ac enterprise Access Points are anticipated to hit the market in late 2012/2013. The enhanced throughput will put greater strain on wlan networks. Avaya is working on ac plans; POI. * Enterprise ac Access Points are anticipated to begin rolling out in 2013

8 Enterprise WLAN market 40% CAGR through 2015
$6.1 billion market by 2015 802.11n accounts for 92% installed base by 2015 (Gartner 2012) Top Trends driving growth (IDC Jan 2012) Consumer Video over WiFi Bring Your Own Device WiFi Offload 802.11ac upgrade cycle Through 2015, spending on WLAN enhancement products will outpace spending growth on controller solutions, driven by the differentiation provided by network application services as well as by the uptake of controllerless solutions Gartner, Jan 2012 Total Global 2010 WLAN Market = $2.6B ~$1.3B in n APs ~$1B in wireless switches

9 CIOs Top Challenges for Wireless LAN networks
Accommodating Mobile Traffic Explosion Implement a scalable, future proofed infrastructure that can accommodate video, BYOD & ac bandwidth demands Real time Application Support Ensure quality of service for all Wi-Fi applications, especially real time applications such as video & UC Reduce Cost Eliminate the inefficiencies of overlay networks and leverage virtualization to drive down costs 9 9

10 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Market Trends 2. Avaya WLAN 8100 Series Overview 3. Avaya WLAN 8100 Series Details 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There

11 Introducing Avaya WLAN 8100 Series
Leading Scalability Next generation architecture that integrates wireless LAN forwarding directly into the switching architecture providing the most cost effective way to support the mobile traffic explosion Real time Optimized Industry leading video & voice over Wi-Fi (Third party validated - Miercom 2011) Unified Solution with lower TCO Unified Wired/Wireless Network & Management & Policy Controllers become virtual applications; not linked to hardware 11

12 Foundational WLAN network for Avaya’s Mobile Collaboration solution
Accelerate your business with faster collaboration and smarter decisions anywhere on any device Faster collaboration accelerates business Empowering the right people globally Accessible through presence, messaging, voice and conferencing Smarter decisions drive customer satisfaction and results People productive everywhere across mobile, teleworker, and office clients Avaya Flare® Communicator for iPad – powering decision making on the go Reliable integrated collaboration solution lowers TCO Built on proven Avaya Aura® enterprise-wide foundation Real-time optimized and secure WLAN networking and SBC support BYOD Professional Services expertise accelerates adoption Flexible deployment and managed service choices (including OPEX models) WLAN 8100 is the foundation wireless network for Avaya’s Mobile Collaboration solution, launching Q (calendar)

13 Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution
Avaya Aura® common foundation, services, and management for deploying all apps enterprise-wide Avaya Flare® Communicator for iPad for powerful mobile decision making with apps + communications Avaya one-X® for smartphones, desktops, speech access, and home teleworking Avaya ACE™ for multivendor application integration Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC) Advanced for Enterprise for secure remote VPN-less access Avaya WLAN 8100 for secure, BYOD authenticated, voice/video optimized, wireless campus roaming (see Avaya Professional and Managed Services driving faster ROI and managed costs Avaya WLAN 8100 Certified QoS performance 31% More video call sessions 23% More VoWLAN call sessions See Internet

14 Enabling Campus Roaming and BYOD
Nortel Corporate Presentation Enabling Campus Roaming and BYOD WLAN optimized for industry- leading high-scale voice and video performance Innovative E911 location support to safeguard the mobile workforce Centralized “Identity Engine” authentication and access control for wireless, wired, and remote BYOD devices including iPads Centralized management Lower business risks, manage compliance, and lower IT TCO Enterprise LAN Identity Engines Ethernet Routing Switches Network Management WLAN 8100 Access Point See © 2004 Nortel 14

15 WLAN 8100 Comprehensive Portfolio
WLAN 8100 Infrastructure WAP 8120/8120-E WC 8120-O External Antennas 70o, directional 180o, omni-directional WC 8180 Management Dual radio, n 8120-E: Plenum rated WC 8180 – 256 APs WC L - 16 APs WLAN Management Software 8100 Outdoor n AP Optional Wireless Network Services Guest Management Location Services Advanced Security Voice/UC Video E-911 X Infusion pump Avaya 3641/ IP Wireless Phones Avaya Flare ADVD A175 E-911 VoWLAN integration Unified Wired/Wireless Guest Manager (idEngines) Real Time Location Tracking Wireless Intrusion Detection/Protection

16 Revolutionary Architecture to address Scalability
Legacy Centralized Architecture Servers Wireless Controllers Avaya WLAN Next Generation Architecture Servers Virtualized Wireless Controller Data traffic Control traffic 802.11ac Ready! A key differentiators of Avaya’s WLAN 8100 lies in its next generation architecture and its ability to scale. The diagram on the left highlights typical WLAN architecture today; WAPs provide wireless coverage to end user devices; core/edge switching network and the wireless controller is centralized. Typically with centralized architecture all the wireless control and data traffic travels first to the controller prior to being routed to its ultimate destination. This architecture was fine in the past when it was primarily low bandwidth applications ( , Internet) and the number of users leveraging enterprise wireless networks was limited. However with video applications becoming mainstream, you need see the impact that this has on wireless infrastructure. High bandwidth video traffic is hairpinning through the controller and very quickly the controllers becomes a bottleneck. Not only does this limit scalability, it also increases jitter and latency. With WLAN 8100 next generation unified” architecture the wireless control traffic is decoupled from the data traffic. The key difference with this architecture lies not only in the decoupling of control and data traffic, but in how traffic is handled. With Avaya architecture, the wireless control traffic remains for centralized control and provisioning (which is what you want to ensure user mobility), and can be virtualized and/or made available in the ‘control cloud’. The data traffic is routed directly from source to destination (eliminating the controller as a choke point) through the optimal LAN switching path. This allows for packet forwarding in the hardware, reducing latency and jitter for voice and video. Decoupling control and data enables independent control scaling and capacity forwarding within the wireless network making it a very scalable network. First release of split plane -> July 2012 on ERS Implementation on edge switches is planned for 2012/2013. All traffic routed through controller Constrained capacity Controller-less architecture that eliminates bottlenecks Greater efficiency & reduced latency

17 Industry Leading Video and Voice support
Nortel Corporate Presentation Industry Leading Video and Voice support Third Party Validated Certified QoS performance 31% More video call sessions 23% More VoWLAN call sessions Miercom 2011 Test Results, Avaya versus: Cisco, Juniper (Trapeze), and Aruba Certified with Ascom i62 VIEW CERTIFIED © 2004 Nortel 17

18 Emergency Location Support
Emergency location identification (E-911 in US) Provides precise location of VoWiFi emergency caller WLAN 8100 updates handset location dynamically Relays location info to Avaya’s E911 solution

19 Comprehensive BYOD solution Wireless & Network Access Control
Identity-based Network Access Control Secure Network & Device security Avaya BYOD solution has been built with the future in mind, providing maximum flexibility and access for users while keeping IT managers firmly in control of who is on the network and how that network is administered and secured. As smart devices become more capable of running high-quality, high-bandwidth applications, Avaya solution enable enterprise networks to seamlessly shift and grow to meet increased wireless demand. Optimized for real-time applications, Avaya WLAN solution deliver wired performance to wireless devices while providing the advanced capabilities administrators need to ensure sensitive data is protected and the networked is secured. <summarize from BYOD paper once finalized> Scalable Future-proof Wireless Optimized For collaborative, real time applications © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

20 End to End Security Secure, Centralized Network Access
Devices directed to appropriate VLAN Support for today’s strongest security standards Authentication & Encryption WEP, WPA/WPA2 Advanced Wireless Intrusion Detection and Protection Secure LAN Guest VLAN Firewall Controller or Switching Point Wireless Access Point Laptop Tablet Captive Portal Identity Engines The key to deploying a secure wireless LAN solution is end –to-end security with validation at every step of the process - first user authentication before any network access is allowed strong data encryption (WPA/WPA2) to protect user privacy and data confidentiality Wireless intrusion detection and prevention capabilities to detect any rogue network activity and malicious attack The majority of end user devices (iPad, Android Blackberry, Windows XP sp3, Windows 7, Windows Vista and MAC OS) support 802.1x authentication framework and Identity Engines can authenticate any device supporting this. When a device attempts to connect to the network, the necessary authentications will occur and the wireless AP will be instructed to either permit or deny access. If access is permitted, the server generates an encryption key between the users device client and AP. Since Identity Engines uses port-based access control using 802.1x, users obtain consistent network access based on users identity and not on location. For example, when a user accesses the network from an AP in a conference room, he/she would have the same level of network access that they would receive at their desk. As discussed previously, policies can be defined based on device … for example in the diagram, you may have a user who has both a corporate laptop and their own personal iPad. While the user will authenticate with the same corporate credentials whether they are on their laptop or iPad, the network access they receive will differ. They may be granted full corproate access when they’re using their PC but limited corporate acess when he is accessing with his iPad. (this is done by creating policies that specifically apply to iPads,…. a device record is created in the local store of idEngines with the MAC address of the device and then associate the device with the user..) Encryption: WLAN 8100 supports today’s strongest security standards WPA/WPA2, 802.1x, WEP etc) Wireless Intrusion Detection – WLAN 8100 provides basic WIDS capability and advanced WIDS/WIPS through partnership

21 Identity-based Access Control With Avaya’s Identity Engines
Unified Wired and Wireless Access Granular policy engine Intelligent federated directories Simple affordable licensing Unified wired and wireless Vendor agnostic Highly available virtual appliance © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

22 Unified Guest Access Convenient network connectivity for guests and temporary users Front-desk personnel generate unique user ID/password for each visitor Associated security profile, Time of day, Restricted locations Robust wireless and wired guest access manager simplifies operations

23 Rock Solid Resiliency Native to solution - no hidden add-on charges to get high availability Auto AP load balancing AP & Controller clustering Many to many redundancy Hitless failover Wireless Controllers virtualized – availability protected

24 Accurate, Real-time Location Tracking
Find & track assets in real time People, Equipment, Inventory Save money & reduce loss/theft Overlay tracking application providing high resolution accuracy Ekahau client/server components communicate over WLAN 8100 Application (eg. Locating/Tracking) Application (eg. Locating/Tracking) X X Dr J. Smith John is here” X X Infusion pump Ekahau RTLS Server Laptop PDA Asset Tag Asset Tag

25 Unified Management Full-featured tool suite for configuration, verification, management & optimization Pre and post deployment system wide configuration and upgrades, monitoring and reporting System-wide updates with a single key stroke Integrated wired, wireless and voice network management (Avaya Unified Communications Management) Unified Communications Management LAN / Wireless LAN / WAN / Security / IP Telephony

26 "With the WLAN 8100, Avaya provides a truly unified wireless/wired architecture that allows customers to reduce the total cost of ownership of their wireless network while benefiting from greater wireless capacity, performance and coverage. In addition, Avaya is the only vendor today to deliver an integrated wired, wireless and voice network management solution.“ Zeus Kerravala, Distinguished Research Fellow, Yankee Group.

27 Agenda 1. Market Trends 2. Avaya WLAN Series Overview
3. Avaya WLAN Series Details 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There

28 WLAN 8120 Indoor Access Point
Dual radio, 3 Antenna MIMO, 2 spatial streams 802.11n & legacy a/b/g support 802.11e, r, CAC, 802.1p, DSCP GigE interface with 802.3af POE WMM, UAPSD, TSPEC (802.11e) Certified 802.11i/WPA2 Security Internal & External MIMO Antenna arrays FIPS ready Auto AP load balancing

29 WLAN 8120-E Plenum Rated Access Point
Increased Deployment Flexibility Access Point can be mounted out of sight above ceiling Access Point connects to External Antenna External Antenna located in open air space below ceiling PLENUM rated AP & cables UA2043 Compliant: Supports installation in environmental airspaces such as areas above suspended ceilings PLENUM Rating for 8120 Access Point All 8100 access points that are built to connect to external antennas may need to be installed out of sight by placing the AP above the ceiling. These access points and any connecting cables need to be plenum rated. R1.1 delivers this capability. The WLAN 8120 AP and cables are compliant with UL2043 plenum rating standard. This is the standard that supports installation of equipment in environmental airspaces such as areas above suspended ceilings. The plenum rated AP is installed above the ceiling and the cable is run through the ceiling to the open air space below, where the antenna is located. Plenum Rated AP

30 External Antennas for WLAN 8120-E AP
Enables indoor/outdoor deployment of 8120 Outdoor includes 3ft pigtail cable Extender kit offers 10ft cable Two external antenna options 180o Dual Mode Omni-directional 6 elements 70o Dual Mode, Directional 3 elements Additional antennas planned Full band coverage for b/a/g/n Various Mounting Options Indoor: Ceiling and Pole Mount Outdoor options: Pole and Wall mount External Antennas for 8100 AP Family Release 1.1 supports two External Antennas. The benefits of external antennas include: Improved deployment flexibility – Planners can choose an antenna pattern that meets coverage requirements while allowing for convenient AP placement and installation. Improved aesthetics – External antennas feature a 3 foot cable that allows the connected access point to be installed out-of-sight. Improved coverage and performance – External antennas allow planners to optimize coverage, by being able to direct available energy to where it’s needed, and deliver higher available data rates to user concentrations. Can provide a low cost fix for trouble spots - Appropriately outfitting existing APs with external antennas can greatly improve coverage and available data rates in areas that are not adequately serviced. Increased security – Perimeter access points outfitted with directional external antennas can focus energy inwards and increase security by preventing signal “leakage” outside the office. 3 element Directional Antenna 6 element Omni Antenna

31 NEW! Outdoor Access Point WLAN 8120-O (Available March 2012)
High performance, outdoor n AP Delivers aggregate data rates up to 600 Mbps. 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and a dedicated 48V DC power port. Designed for harsh environments Ruggedized, weatherproof enclosure Co-exists with WLAN8100 (WC8180, AP8120, AP8120-E) Full performance within existing 802.3af standard 11n radio chipsets Dual radio a/n + b/g/n 2x2 MIMO Single 10/100/1000 BASE-T port Supports wide-range of authentication and encryption standards WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES, IEEE 802.1X Backward compatible with a/b/g clients External Antenna; Four antenna ports Wall Mounted Outdoor AP is target to go GA at March 23rd 2012. Outdoor AP fact sheet on portal:

32 WLAN Controller 8180 Innovative, Scalable Architecture Capabilities
Facilitates moving Data plane to Core/Edge switches Capabilities WC 8180: Supports up to n APs (R2.0; 256 APs in R1.x) WC L: Lower cost option for smaller branch deployments (16 AP support) WC L can be unlocked to full WC 8180 10 Gbps 12F and 12Cu GbE 32 Controllers /Cluster Dual-Redundant Power Supply FIPS Ready L2 & L3 secure seamless roaming RADIUS/LDAP Integration WebUI, CLI, SNMPv3 Additional Module (data or control) Redundant Power Supplies Copper/Fiber ports 2 10G ports

33 BYOD Starter Kits BYOD Starter Kits Kits Offer(*):
Avaya WLAN 8100 Controller with Identity Engines Guest Manger and Ignition Server Discounted bundled price Kits Offer(*): BYOD and Guest Access LITE Licensed for 5 Authenticators and 16 APs BYOD and Guest Access SMALL Licensed for 20 Authenticators and 64 APs (expandable) BYOD and Guest Access LARGE Licensed for unrestricted number of Authenticators and 64 APs (expandable) November 2011, Avaya introduced new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) kits These are a product bundle comprising the WLAN 8180 Controller along with the IDEngines Ignition Server and Guest Manager. It does not include wireless Access Points; these must be ordered separately. Three options are available: BYOD LITE: Licensed for 5 authenticators / 16 APs) MSRP $5882, Order code EB1639A29E5 /EB1639E29E5 BYOD SMALL: Licensed for 20 authenticators and 64 APs (expandable) MSRP $24,639, Order code EB1639A30E5/EB1639E30E5 BYOD LARGE: Licensed for an unlimited number of Authenticators and 64 APs (expandable) MSRP $47,186, Order code EB1639A31E5/ EB1639E31E5 These kits are on the price list and offer discounts over purchasing products separately. (*) APs must be ordered separately

34 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Market Trends 2. Avaya WLAN 8100 Overview 3. Avaya WLAN 8100 Details 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There

35 Assistance Every Step of The Journey Available from Avaya Professional Services and Partners
Step 1 Advisory & Business Consulting Step 2 Implementation Step 3 Training Advisory Services RF Engineering Design Site Survey Network Readiness Assessment Performance and Capacity Management Stress Testing Services Planning & Design Onsite Installation Implementation & Configuration Enhanced Monitoring End User Training on WLAN capabilities © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

36 Avaya Wireless LAN 8100 – Conclusion
Future proofed for BYOD and Video era Seamlessly scales to support mobile traffic explosion Architecture that accommodates whatever the future holds (11ac & beyond) Optimized quality of experience for mobile users High performance video and voice anytime, anywhere Secure, ubiquitous wireless roaming Lower costs and TCO Truly unified network that allows enterprises to eliminate hardware, leverage the cloud, & reduce operational costs through common management


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