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The Nations quest for Energy Efficiency from New Lighting Technology Adoptions in Net Zero Energy Buildings Brian Patterson Chairman, EMerge Alliance EMerge.

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1 The Nations quest for Energy Efficiency from New Lighting Technology Adoptions in Net Zero Energy Buildings Brian Patterson Chairman, EMerge Alliance EMerge Alliance Corp - ©2009-2010

2 The Presenter: Brian Patterson is the Chairman of the EMerge Alliance, a 501c non-profit corporation established to create standards and promote the rapid adoption of safe, low-voltage DC power distribution and use in commercial buildings. EMerge is a member funded organization focused on developing open standards that integrate infrastructures, power, controls and a wide variety of devices in a common hybrid AC-DC microgrid platform. He is also General Manager of Business Development for the Building Products Division of Armstrong World Industries, one of the original founders of the Alliance.

3 Abstract: Energy Efficiency from New Lighting Technology Adoptions The Nations quest for Net Zero Energy Buildings is likely to change a great deal about the way we approach designing and constructing buildings in the future, particularly with respect to a broadened consideration of an increasingly diverse pallet of energy efficient building solutions and site based power generation and storage. And although utilities are working hard to fix our electrical energy distribution problems, an effort we call the Smart Grid, nobody predicts this will solve the underlying and growing shortage of clean electrical energy supply. The presentation highlights the role that modern lighting will play in helping reduce the load side of the energy equation This presentation puts lighting in the larger context of the application of Hybrid DC Microgrids in buildings to help meet this challenge. The presentation explains how microgrids will form the distributed foundation of a new energy network or EnerNet. Discussed are the efforts underway to create newly configured power and communication platforms at the local level that allow highly efficient direct integration of site based renewable energy sources and storage devices without the use of power inverters. These novel platforms also define standards for the use of safe low voltages and limited current potential at the user interface, and in particular in modern lighting systems to enable plug-and-play device flexibility while facilitating energy savings and improved reliability by avoiding unnecessary power conversions and maximizing the use of highly articulated digital controls.

4 Putting Things in the Right Context Being careful what you ask for… Please take me to the DC Power Workshop Invitation NEMA UL NFPA

5 Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB) Buildings that produce as much energy as they use Whats likely to change in the approach to design/build? 1.Integrated design and operations planning 2.Site renewable energy strategies get maxed out 3.Energy Storage technology will allow Grid independence breakthroughs 4.System Intelligence - More control, monitoring, verification of everything 2030: All new commercial buildings 2040: 50% of commercial building stock 2050: All commercial buildings EMerge Alliance Corp - ©2009-2010

6 Smart Grid to Smart Buildings: Building DC Microgrids at the Core of Energy Networks Enernet: noun \en-tə(r)-net\ : the Internet of powered things Bob Metcalfe

7 Sensor & Controls HVAC Actuators Electronic Lighting ENERGY SOURCES ELECTRO-ACTIVE DEVICES AC/DC Site Generation DC Campus Fuel Cells AC Line Power DC Wind Power DC Photovoltaic Security & Safety AV/IT Devices OPPORTUNITY: Up to 30% less energy, 15% less capital, 200% plus more reliable Source: Data & Telecom Centers SOLUTION: A simplified AC/DC hybrid coupled power network Coupled AC/DC Power Sources DC Power Distribution Management Wireless Controls BACnetTCP/IP EMerge Alliance Corp - ©2009-2010

8 Answer: But Wheres My Internet For Powered Things? Whos Working To Build The Enernet?

9 Open Standards for DC Microgrids in Buildings Hybrid platform of AC and DC power distribution Reduce or eliminate wasteful AC-DC conversions Creating More Flexible & Sustainable Buildings Plug and play reconfigurability Simplified electronics – improved reliability Energy Savings Potential in Buildings from: More efficient use of DC-based loads (i.e. LED lighting, controls, data and telecom centers, EV chargers, variable speed drives, etc.) Direct integration of DC energy sources (i.e. on-site solar, wind, fuel cells, dc storage) The EMerge Alliance Created to Organize the Effort

10 1.Create global standards for hybrid AC/DC microgrids in buildings Open specifications for infrastructure, power, control and devices Interoperable platforms that drive energy savings potential 2.Create eco-system of organizations to adopt, implement & support standards Fee Based Membership - governance, committee & member services Registration & Evaluation of member products 3.Promote use of standards by owners/specifiers/contractors Education : Technical papers, magazine articles Promotion: PR & tradeshows, directories, product listings, design aids Progress: 1 of 4 key standards released, 75+ members, 50+ demo/trade events/installations EMerge Organization Our Tactics Are Simple Use Well Known Technologies and Methods

11 1.Focus on early standards widen scope over time North America first then rest of world Interiors first data centers, service & utility, outdoor Ceilings first walls, floors, furniture Lighting first A/V, HVAC, IT, Security, occupant info Room level first building level and Smart Grid 2.Associate Alliance with national/global needs, concerns LEED – Sustainability movement– CO 2 Reduction Electrical Efficiency – renewable DG & storage, reduced conversions Energy Efficiency/Reliability - Net Zero Energy Buildings, islandable microgrids 3.Connect existing codes, standards, technologies in new ways Establish liaison with traditional & contemporary organizations Recruit mix of established and new tech OEMs Keep standards at highest practical (application) level 4.Brand product registration for specification ease by customers Start small, finish big – High profile players & applications Key Strategies


13 Energy Savings Opportunities for Building Owners Building Applications (in priority timing of EMerge Alliance) Ave % of Building Energy Used Potential Energy Savings by Going DC Keys to Maximizing Efficiency in Going DC Interiors (Lighting)*28%*Up to 15%LED, Renewables Data/Telecom17%Up to 30%Higher voltage conversions, Renewables Service/Utility (HVAC)36%Up to 10%Renewables Outdoor6%Up to 10%LED, Renewables Other (misc equip loads)13%Up to 5%Different voltage conversions *Higher energy use in office buildings, up to 40% © 2010 EMerge Alliance

14 Occupied Space Standard Working from the Top Down INFRASTRUCTURE: Ceiling Walls Furniture Floors © 2010 EMerge Alliance 380 VDC Bus 24 VDC Bus 208-277 VAC P4 P2 P1 P3

15 EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard Applications in Commercial Interiors Member Companies Make/Modify Products to Meet Standard Submitted to Become EMerge Alliance Registered 380 VDC Bus 24 VDC Bus 208-277 VAC

16 3 rd Party Registration Sites Occupied space products are evaluated for suitability

17 Product Example: Fluorescent Fixtures Current Designed & Listed Product Change to DC Ballast Add Device Load Connector/Cable Assembly …Flexible device load cables Direct DC input eliminates AC-DC conversion Can improve ballast efficiency by 10% or more Results in higher lighting system efficacy (light output per watt) Can improve ballast reliability significantly by eliminating HV inductors

18 Product Example: LED Fixtures Current Designed & Listed Product Change to Listed DC Driver Add Listed Device Load Connector/Cable Assembly Direct DC input eliminates AC-DC conversion Can improve driver efficiency by 10% or more Results in higher lighting system efficacy (light output per watt) Can improve driver reliability significantly by eliminating HV inductors

19 Acuity Cooper Crestron Focal Point Herman Miller Hubbell Ideal Leding Edge Leviton Lunera Nextek Osram/Sylvania Philips Roal Samsung SensorSwitch Steelcase Traxon Universal Wattstopper Companies Participating in LVDC Lighting Most have some DC products in the market already …with many more in the process of applying for membership.

20 EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard Beta Site Applications in the Field

21 Solar to Fluorescent Lighting UC San Diego Sustainability Resource Center

22 Solar to LED Lighting Optima Engineering Charlotte, NC

23 New: Solar Upgrade USGBC Headquarters Washington, DC

24 Plans for DC Microgrids Ford is rolling out a Global Vision

25 Links AC Grid conversion and DC PV, Storage supply to Lighting, IT, EV, etc. loads with Sensor based Microprocessor controls Plans for DC Microgrids DC explores plans for Intel Inside

26 EMerge Alliance Beta Sites Standards Applications in the Field Occupied Space Future Data Center Future Outdoor (PEV) Future Bldg Serv. (HVAC) Future Combined Beta and Registered Sites as of February 2011

27 Direct Current (DC) Microgrid Power Application Standards for Buildings © 2010 EMerge Alliance

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