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Technological park «Mosgormash» Moscow city state unitary enterprise «Research and manufacturing association «Mosgormash» 2014.

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1 Technological park «Mosgormash» Moscow city state unitary enterprise «Research and manufacturing association «Mosgormash» 2014

2 1 Information about the enterprise bus service trolleybus service car route State unitary enterprise (SUE) NPO Mosgormash, is a management company of Mosgormash technological park. The technological park was set up on the basis of industrial plant engaged in mechanical engineering and mechanical processing. Buildings area: m 2 Land plot area: 4,46 ha Address: Kashirsky proyezd, 13, Southern Administrative okrug (UAO), Moscow. 1 - SUE NPO MOSGORMASH 2 - Kashirskoye highway 3 - Nakhimovsky avenue 4 - Varshavskoye highway 5 - Kolomenskoye railway station 6 - Varshavskaya metro station 7 - Kashirskaya metro station Transport accessibility by car: Domodedovo airport - 34 km Paveletsky railway station -13 km Southern river port - 11 km Red Square -18km on foot: Kolomenskoye railway station - 1 km Varshavskaya metro station - 1km Kashirskaya metro station - 2,6km SZAO SAO SVAO VAO TSAO ZAO UZAO UVAO UAO

3 Legal state 2 SUE MOSGORMASH was established on 25 April in 1995 as per certificate of record in the Official Single Register of Legal Entities. In accordance with Moscow Government Decree dated 15 October RP SUE NPO MOSGORMASH was given a status of management company of the Technological park Mosgormash. Property complex with total area of 33,5 thousand m 2 is located in the land plot of 4,46 ha that was assigned to the technological park according to the contract of tenancy till 2062.

4 Infrastructure 3 Power supply OJSC MGEsK of district 4 operates the electrical grid. Working capacity is 4200 kW /hour. Water supply Working capacity of water-line supplied is 22 m3 per day. Sewerage Sewerage is executed through intrasite sewage system D= mm, to collector D= mm. Heat supply Heat supply is executed from own boiler-house located in the territory of the enterprise. Work aimed at connecting to the heating network 2хDum from the regional heating station Kolomenskaya is now in progress. Telecommunication High-speed broadband channels. Opportunity to connect to any telecom provider.

5 Advantages of Technological park Mosgormash 4 Location in the center of Southern administrative district (UAO) – which is most industrially developed among Moscow districts. Industrial and technological capabilities, qualified personnel enable completing mechanical treatment orders for tenants. The infrastructure is ready for plants arrangement. It includes electric power supply kW, water supply; height of ceilings in production workshops is 12m; catheads with carrying capacity of 12 tons. Good transport accessibility, including regular public transport routes. Convenient driveways for cars and trucks. All conditions for research, innovation and business activities. Tax benefits for residents.

6 Current tenants – probable residents of the Technological park 5 Electronics and equipment engineering Medical equipment and other production for medical purposes Mechanical engineering and motor components Company Area, m2 Major Types of Activities LLC VNIIKP-Mash 800 Development of different types of technological equipment used for manufacturing cabling and wiring products. Manufacturing and putting this equipment into operation. LLC DELKAM-М 115 Applying computer technologies in mechanical engineering and machines production; Training technologists-programmers, who work with CNC-machines, to use up-to-date software (there is a training class); Developing special methods of mechanical treatment. LLC «Engineering company AB Universal» D modeling. Making prototypes using layer-based synthesis method. The prototypes are made of: -photo-polymer; -polyamide and polystyrene powder ; -stainless steel powder. Manufacturing small product sets using the method of vacuum casting of bipartite polyurethanes in silicone moulds. LLC PromElectronService 500 Maintenance and modernization of mechanical equipment. Project development (principal wiring diagrams for equipment, programming relay ladder logic systems, selection of control systems and drivers). BAV Company 2500 Development and introduction of up-to-date technologies, equipment and materials for construction, repairs and maintenance of road and airfield pavement. CJSC Center InterBusinessProject 110 Development of air turbo-refrigerating plant, development of medical equipment pre-production models, manufacturing these models. Engineering ceter «Fabrika resheniy KF 1450 Recovery of rotating bearings; Recovery of spindle units of modern metal- and wood-working machines; Seals production. LLC BOLEAR MEDIKA" 1625 Medical production development, manufacturing and sales. LLC «TPK KVADR 370 Developing and manufacturing machines and equipment, supplying enterprises that produce construction materials, complete manufacturing lines for small piece concrete products ( paving flags, figured paving elements, street curbs, sewerage channels, building blocks etc.) with this equipment. Research and development in the field of construction materials production. LLC NPI Hyperion Company 100 Advanced technology medical equipment development and production : -development and production of blood banking products; - development and production of diagnostic and treatment medical equipment; - SHF products development. Total area occupied by probable residents is м 2

7 6 Lease terms Leased area (office premises, production premises) is from 50 m 2 Opportunity to make lease arrangements for the period up to 20 years

8 Siting conditions 7 Technological park «Mosgormash» offers its clients to lease the following: Production building Production workshop Stand-alone building Plot for building Opportunity to make lease arrangements for the period up to 20 years

9 Production building 8 Area – ,6 m 2 Main workshops area: from 800 to 4500 m2 Overall dimensions of the building – 270m х 60m х 16m Number of storeys – 2 1 st floor – m 2 2 nd floor – 2 782,6 m 2 Ceiling height- 7m, 12m, to16m. Load on m 2 – to 5 tons, to 10tons Main workshops are equipped with catheads capable of carrying – 10 and 5 tons Utility systems supplied Electric power supply –4 Mw (technological possibility of increasing the power) Water supply – to 400m 3 of drinking-water per month Sewerage - to 2000 m 3 Rent rate for 1 m 2 – 120 per annum on the assumption of capital repairs

10 Production workshop 9 Area– 4500 m2 Ceiling height – 7m, 12m, to 16m. Load on m 2 – to 5 tons, to 10 tons Catheads capable of carrying– 10 and 5 tons Utility systems supplied Electric power supply – 2 MW (technological possibility of increasing the power) Water supply – to 400m 3 of drinking-water per month Sewerage - to 2000 m 3 Rent rate for 1 m 2 – 120 per annum on the assumption of capital repairs Overall dimensions of the building 12 m 24 m 188 m

11 Stand-alone building 10 Area – 825 кв. м Number of storeys – 2 Ceiling height - to 8 m Load on m 2 – to 5 tons Utility systems supplied Electric power supply – to 500 kW/h (technological possibility of increasing the power) Water supply – to 15m 3 per day Sewerage – to 30 m 3 per day Rent rate for 1 m 2 – 190 per annum on the assumption of capital repairs

12 Plot for building 11 Area - 4,46 ha Authorized buildings height– 22m Authorized area of buildings m2 The plot is supplied with the following utility systems: 4MW (technological possibility of increasing the power), 600 m3 of drinking water, waste water drain 2500m3, optic fibre. Plot for building Technopark plot

13 12 Support for Residents Property tax decrease from 2.2% to 0% for the period up to 10 years Profit tax decrease from 20% to 13,5% for the period up to 10 years Opportunity to participate in municipal benefits and subsidy programs Simplified system of cooperation with governmental authorities Consulting, legal and informational support Promotion, including participation in exposures and marketplaces

14 13 Production and Technological Park - i ndustrial and warehousing property - office property (B class) - premises for development laboratories Innovative Business Incubator - premises for companies that are at start-up stage of development Service area - conference rooms - exhibition area - assembly room - foodservice outlet Technological center for common use - base for common use, laboratories and park with unique equipment for scientific and technological research Educational resource center - practical training, retraining and advanced training for employees Planned Environment of the Technological Park

15 14 Principal architectural treatment for the property complex of SUE «NPO «Mosgormash» 1.Capital repairs and reconstruction of buildings, facilities and general utilities, expanding the area of buildings by ,4 m 2 2.Preparing a lineament of clean premises in the area of 2000 m 2 3.Increasing built-up-density of the area 4.Partial change of functional usage of the buildings. 5.Enticing and allocation of Residents in existing and newly constructed areas. Types of functional usageExisting area, m 2 Area after construction, m 2 Production19 042,6 Office and laboratory ,4 including clean premises Other952,9 Total33 533, ,9

16 15 Contacts: State unitary enterprise Research and manufacturing association «MOSGORMASH» address: , Kashirsky proyezd 13, Moscow, Russia tel. (499) web-site: Thank you for your attention

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