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The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Bioscience Jobs Slides for this talk are available on the Science Careers Employability Award.

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1 The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Bioscience Jobs Slides for this talk are available on the Science Careers Employability Award on Moodle

2 Main bioscience Jobs Research and Development Clinical Biochemists And Microbiologists Biomedical Scientists Science Teacher Toxicology, pharmacology, immunology Regulatory Affairs Officer Clinical Research Associate/Monitor Bioinformatics Medical Sales Patent Examiner Patent Agent Medical Communications Doctor Scientific Recruitment Consultant Production And Quality Assurance

3 STP – Scientists Training Programme - NHS Work in a hospital while completing a (fully paid for) Masters degree part-time. Tasks include: Planning and organising work in clinical labs. Organising tests on patient samples Advising clinicians and GPs on use of tests and interpretation of results. Carrying out R&D as well as evaluation and quality assessment of diagnostic tests. Developing new and existing tests.

4 STP – Scientists Training Programme - NHS Clinical Biochemistry Clinical Microbiology Clinical Cytogenetics Immunological Scientists Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Entry via the Scientist Training Programme (STP) Closing date normally February.

5 Forensic Biology Forensic Science Service. Disbanded! Independent forensic contractors LGC - Middlesex - analytical science, consumer protection pollution and health, DNA and drug analysis also document examination for Inland Revenue and DSS. Not many vacancies advertised – need to make lots of speculative applications.

6 Doctor Very competitive Kent graduates have obtained places at St George's, Birmingham, Warwick, Peninsula Medical School & Exeter. Talk to doctors and other medical staff, and get work experience in a hospital, hospice or home for the elderly. Normally need at least 2:1 Apply via by mid October of final year as an individual applicant May need to take GAMSAT or UKCAT test

7 Doctor NHS means tested bursaries available in years 2, 3, and 4. Students have access to a reduced rate loan from the Student Loan Company. Tuition fees, student fee, and expenses for clinical placements etc. will also be paid. In 1st year will have access to the full student loan but no other financial support. Fast track (4 year) courses for grads Also see Now also 4 year fast track courses in DENTISTRY for science graduates at Peninsular Medical School, Queen Mary and Liverpool/LancasterPeninsular Medical SchooQueen Mary Liverpool/Lancaster

8 Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics etc. Some shortened courses for graduates (2 years) Occupational therapy involves work with people with disabilities to enable them to live as independently as possible. NHS Bursaries available


10 Research & Development Can work in … Industrial Companies e.g. Pfizer GSK AstraZeneca Covance Abbot Early closing dates: apply October of final year! University Laboratories Research Associations e.g. Biology and Biotechnology Research Council Laboratories Scientific Civil Service – DSTL

11 Research & Development Can get a job as a trainee research scientist in industry with a good first degree - Upper Second Class or better Advisable to get a PhD for a long term career in research. Promotion may be hindered without one - encounter "glass ceilings". Can be stepping stone to other functions: Production, Quality Assurance, Patents, Regulatory Affairs, Sales and Marketing, IT

12 Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Co-ordinates clinical trials on new drugs. Employed by pharmaceutical companies, Cancer Research UK, research hospitals and the Medical Research Council. Writes trial protocol Finds suitable doctors to conduct trial. Prepares documentation and supplies. Initiates study centres. Monitors progress of trials/writing report. Experience in a related field (e.g. lab. work) helps. Grads often enter as a Data Monitor – lower level Need good organisational/admin. skills and outgoing personality. Visiting lots of different hospitals and GPs Innovex main agency for recruiting CRAs

13 Regulatory Affairs Co-ordinates application procedures for the approval of drugs - safety, transport & storage Involves compiling dossiers of info. on a new drug and submitting it to a national regulatory authority to gain permission to sell drug. Recruitment is erratic so make speculative applications to chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Vacancies in New Scientist Few jobs but well paid! See for info. on both CRA and regulatory

14 Medical Sales Employed by pharmaceutical companies to promote medicines etc. to doctors & pharmacists. Arrange appointments with doctors. Make presentations to doctors, nurses, hospital consultants. Keeping chemists informed e.g. which drugs GPs are likely to prescribe. Attend company's regional meetings. Car is your office. Constant people contact but can be lonely. Spend a lot of time in doctors waiting rooms. Route into marketing & sales management. Get company car/laptop/iPhone. Must like driving! Training. Initial 8 week intensive course covering sales and product training and background physiology and anatomy. Must pass ABPI exam within 2 years.

15 Patent Attorney Obtains patents world-wide. Reads descriptions of inventions/analysing novelty. Writes specifications of inventions in precise terms. Files applications for patents. Advises clients. EMPLOYERS: Mainly private consultancies. Also industrial companies. Patent Examiner Ensures applications for patents are within the requirements of the Patents Act & don't infringe the rights of inventors. Examines the invention & searches publications to ascertain novelty. Considers legal matters affecting entitlement to claimed monopoly. Produces report for the applicant. EMPLOYERS: only UK Patent Office - Newport & European Patent Office

16 Medical Communications Medical Writers - currently in demand. Write protocols, clinical trials reports, patient information and marketing literature. Jobs with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and medical communications agencies. Easier with MSc or PhD Technical Authors produce technical manuals e.g. computer manuals. Science Writing. Increasingly done on-line. Science Events Management – organising conferences

17 Bioinformatics Getting biological information (proteins, DNA and mRNA) logged, coded, retrieved in an easily accessible format. Employers: Sanger Centre, European Bioinformatics Institute, MRC UK Human Genome Mapping Project, all in Cambridge, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford. Big pharmaceutical companies such as GSK or AstraZeneca recruit regularly, Postgrad. Courses: Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Edinburgh, Birkbeck, York – last 1 year. MRC gives studentships

18 Science Teacher PGCE is one-year, full-time route into teaching taken by most graduates – 60% classroom based. Many Kent students go to Christ Church Need to have spent about two weeks in a school with the age range and subject you wish to teach before you apply. There is now a bursary of £9k (with a First) or £4k with a 2:1 Also Schools Direct and Teach First routes We have example teacher training application forms, and practice interview for teacher training: see

19 Science Vacancy Sources Kent University Vacancy Database I will email summaries of these to you. Prospects Web The Biochemical Society adverts for trainee biomedical Science Recruitment Agencies - some offer temporary laboratory work in vacations. New Scientist Nature Speculative CVs use directories such as Pharmafile (on reference in Careers Centre)

20 To Find Out More …... Science Careers page I Want to Work in … Prospects Profiles

21 Moodle Science Careers Employability Award Choosing a Science Career assignment

22 Bruce Woodcock Deal with all Bioscience students A careers adviser is on duty for short (15 minute) consultations in the Careers and Employability Service any weekday morning 10.30-12.30 or afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm. You don't need an appointment to see the duty adviser at these times. Just ask at Careers Reception to see them.. Email:

23 BIOSCIENCE JOBS Slides for this talk are available on the Science Careers Employability Award on Moodle

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