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Manufacturing Aluminium Composite Panel In Kolkata, West Bengal An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

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1 Manufacturing Aluminium Composite Panel In Kolkata, West Bengal An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company



4 PRATAP POLYSACKS LTD, An ISO 9001:2008 Company of PRATAP GROUP brings you Aluminium Composite Panel manufactured with the latest imported machine in a international standard infrastructure of 100000 sq ft work shed area at POLYPARK, HOWRAH, WEST BENGAL with the capacity of 10000000 sqft p.a. to meet the demand of quality Aluminium Composite Panel for both exterior and interior of the building.The company has the turnover of Rs. 300 crore p.a. and hired a team of professional who have a long experience & expertise in the field of Aluminium Composite Panel. Looking way beyond Aluminium Composite Panel, PRATAP GROUP is committed to expand with a bigger and higher quality product unit that will be of international standard. Introduction

5 Composition of Aluminium Composite Panel

6 Weather Durability Superior Flexibility Lightweight and Rigid Flatness Fire Retardant Easy Quick Installation Water, Chemical and Corrosion Resistance High Impact Resistance, Strong & Durable Sound and Thermal Resistance Attractive and Decorative colour Color UniformityMaintenance free Environment Friendly (Green Building Product)

7 Commercial Buildings Factory buildings Residential buildings Hotels & Restaurants Institutes, Schools and universities Hospitals & Health centers Shopping centers & Multiplexes Banquets Signage & Shop fronts Bus Stands Airports & Railway stations Sports stadiums and halls Petrol pumps Bridge cladding Banks & ATMs Exhibition Design Vehicles & Models And many more……………. Exteriors:- Applications

8 Exteriors:-

9 Interiors:- Interior walls False ceilings Columns Partitions Shop inside design Escalator cladding Modular kitchens Furniture design Flush doors Noise-barrier walls Photo printing Portals And many more………….

10 Interiors:- Applications

11 Surface protection film of 3 layer of 70-100 microns PVDF coating 30microns. Top aluminium skin of 0.5mm/0.25mm/0.20mm Dupont adhesive film of 3 layer of 70/50/30microns Polyethylene core of 3mm/(2.5mm or 3.5mm) Dupont adhesive film of 3 layer of 70/50/30microns Bottom Alumnimium skin of 0.50mm/0.25mm/0.20mm PE washcoat of 5-10 pm Online/Final inspection Periodic Product Performance tests Continuous visual check Hourly peel strength graphical analysis. Online peel strength checking by push pull gauge periodic checking of thickness, length manually

12 SNDescriptionMethodUnitResults 1Panel thicknessStd. measurementmm3.962 2Panel Weight -do-Gms76.90-+ 3Thickness of Aluminium coilMicrometermm0.493 4Adhesion (peel strength)ASTM 903N/25mm197.64 N/25mm 5Secular Gloss TestASTM D 523:99Gloss unit (G.U)Mean: 44.34 6Coating ThicknessMicrons27 7Gloss Tolerance54% 8Gloss RetentionASTM D523Within 5 unit3.3 units 9UV testASTM D2244As per norms 10Pencil HardnessASTM D 3363:05Limit above H2H 11Dry adhesion testAAMA 2605-05Visual observationNo removal of film or blistering 12Wet adhesion testAAMA 2605-05Visual observationNo removal of film or blistering 13Impact resistanceASTM D 2794:04Visual observation No visual cracking & breaking observed. No visual paint film tearing & no paint removal observed. 14Cross Hatch ResistanceASTM D 3359:02Visual observation No paint removal or peeling observed (0% area removed) 15Chalking resistance ASTM G154 & ASTM D4214 Max. rating 10 unit after 200 hrs No formation of chalking observed 16Acid resistanceASTM D-1308:02Visual observation No change. No paint removal Blistering, change in Gloss, Swelling, Discoloration or peeling. 17Alkali ResistanceASTM D1308:02Visual observationNo change 18Boiling water adhesion Boiling water (100ºc for 20 min) Visual observationNo paint removal blistering or peling 19Muriatic acid resistanceAAMA 2605-05Visual observationNo blistering, no visual change 20Oil ResistanceNo change 21SolventNo change 22WashingNo change Standard Tests on Pratap Bond Aluminium Composite Panel - 4mm (PB-45)

13 Pratap Bond ACP Test Reports:-

14 SIZE Panel Thickness Aluminium Thickness CoatingApplication Standard Size 1220 x 2440 mm 1220 x 3050 mm 1220 x 3660 mm Max. Width : 1575mm Max. Length upon request 4mm0.50mmPVDFExterior 4mm0.25mmPVDFExterior 3mm0.25mmPVDFExterior 3mm0.20mmPEInterior 2mm0.12mmPEInterior 1.2mm0.12mmPEInterior 4.5mm (Partition Board) 0.12mmPEInterior Sizes Available:-

15 Properties PRATAPBOND ACP AluminiumSteelGranite/Stone Weight4mm: 5.5kg/m 2 3mm: 8.0kg/m 2 1.5mm: 11.47kg/m 2 - FlatnessExcellentUneven Good Heat InsulationExcellentPoor Average Sound InsulationHighestMediumLowMedium Echo ResponseLowMediumHighMedium Paint ConsistencyExcellentInconsistence - Paint MicronEvenUneven - Weather ProofGood Fire ProofGood FabricationEasyDifficult InstallationQuickMediumDifficult DeliverySoonSlow Total CostCheapMediumHigh MaintenanceEasy Benefits over other materials:-


17 PRATAP BOND ACP a Green Building Product Due to Global Warming all are looking for Green Building Products to maintain the ecological balance. We are please to notified that ACP is a Green Building Product and it can be used in Green Building Projects. The Features which makes the ACP a Green Building Product: Eco Friendly Reusable & Recyclable Water Resistant Fire Resistant Non Hazardous Extended Life User Friendly

18 Fire Retardant :- Pratap Bond is introducing Fire Retardant grade Aluminium Composite Panel with a fire retardant core for areas that required fire rated qualities. It does not emit toxic gases.

19 Vibgyor Tower project of NBCC at Rajarhat NBCC Bus stand project at Agartala Indian Railways Kolkata Metro Rail SDF Building of Webel at Saltlake Birla Institute & Technology Musium Indian oil petrol pump Cadbury office at Haldia Hotel Gayetri Palace at Mazaffarpur Bidya Bharti School at Saltlake Kolkata Police Stations Building Adhunik Power Plant at Jamshedpur Woodland Nursing Home at New Alipore Jash Textile Market at Surat BMC Market at Bhubaneswar Rose Valley Projects Ambuja Realty Eco-space at Rajarhat Calcutta University at Saltlake And many more…………… SOME OF OUR IMPORTANT PROJECTS



22 Future of Pratap Bond ACP:- After a successful implements and acceptance of Pratap Bond ACP in every field of construction, we are coming up with wide range of decorative ACPs. Besides solid and metallic colour series we are going to introduce ……………. Fire Retardant grade ACP Wooden Finish Mirror Finish Stone & Marble Finish and Optical Designs

23 Designed By:- PROSENJIT NANDY Marketing Executive, PRATAP BOND

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