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M S TANKCLEANING A Global Tank Cleaning company

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1 M S TANKCLEANING A Global Tank Cleaning company





6 We are younger and brings lot of value added steps (VAS) to fulfill customer satisfaction that concern the health and hygiene issue particularly for childrens. THE MS TANKCLEANING A BREIF Trained workmen and employess. State –of-the art technology Quality standard equipments. Customer care centre Pan India network Can clean drinking water storage tank from 500 liters to 20million liters Safety standard is maintained

7 Konzept Technology: MS Tankcleaning Stage : I MECHANIZED DEWATERING: This first stage consists of emptying water from the tank. A submersible pump is used to drain the tank of excess of water. Stage: II SLUDGE REMOVAL : A sophisticated suction process is used to drain the excess sludge out of tank at a safe place away from tank. Removal of mud, sand and solid particles up to 4 inch size with the hydraulic sludge pump. Stage: III HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING: The tank is then cleaned using high pressure jet machine. The rotary jet is used to clean walls and ceilings, whereas plain jet is used to clean the corners of the tank. The rotary jet acts as scrubber and can clean the most stubborn depositions. Cleaning of floor, walls and ceiling with the help of German made high pressure rotary jet pump having pressure range between bars. Stage: IV VACUUM CLEANING: The additional sludge and impurities are then removed by using a industrial vacuum cleaner and are again disposed at a safer place away from the water tank. An industrial Vacuum pump is then used to clean the leftover physical impurity from the floor. Stage: V ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY: After above steps of cleaning, the tank is treated with an antibacterial spray to make it completely bacteria free and safe for use. Stage: VI UV RADIATION: T he water storage tank is then treated with ultra-violet (UV) radiator to make it bacteria free and safe for storing your drinking water.A specially developed UV Radiator is used to kill suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank.

8 Safety Equipment


10 About Us MS Tankcleaning Pvt.Ltd. is a pioneer company in the field of hygiene and health care having developed indegiounsly in India-Kolkata. A totally mechanized and scientific process for the cleaning of storage water tank under the brand name of MS Tankcleaning-Kolkata. MS Tankcleaning is a safe and scientific solution to clean and disinfect water storage tank that involves a six stage process using state-of- the-art imported machine. Ms Tankcleaning ensures faster Tankcleaning for even the most neglected tanks. MS Tankcleaning plays an important role in providing clean and safe drinking water. Technologies and innovation consistent with national standard Improving and providing safe drinking water Regular health and hygiene education Among hygiene and health behavior cleaning of drinking water storage tank provides a great advantage related to human health. USP of MS Tankcleaning: The USP OF MS Tankcleaning system is the unique VAS (Value added steps) a scientific process and a unique training Offered to team of workers periodically to sustain quality Service at delivery.

11 2 nd Most Populated country in the world (1.1 billion) 250 million middle class population Largest and most stable democracy in the world One of the fast growing economies of the world (GDP Growth rate of 9%, FDI exceeding USD 5 billion) Projected to be the 3 rd largest economy by 20 (As big as US economy by 2040)

12 STUDENTS come to school to study. Would you like their get interrupted? Falling ill due to such a trivial issue it might seem – Unclean water storage tanks. Cleaning of water storage tanks is a neglected activity because we feel a water purifier is enough to ensure safe clean drinking water. But ill-maintained water purifiers can themselves be the source of water borne diseases. A regularly cleaned water tank optimizes performance of healthy life.

13 A Comprehensive END TO END TOTAL TANKCLEANING SYSTEM A Fully Integrated System Yet Can Be Deployed At Every Corner To Supply Safe Drinking Water Built Ground Up Specially For M S Tankcleaning By A Company Wholly Dedicated To Tank Cleaning Industry. Built On A State Of The Art –Technology Platform

14 THE INDIAN GLOBAL MARKET TO BUILD INNOVATIVE WORLD CLASS INDIAN BRANDS –M S TANKCLEANER. M S TANKCLEANING: CSR and SUSTAINABILITY LIVING M S Tankcleaning is extending to the Indias rural areas and backward regions through CSR PROJECTS. Brands – après cleaning, Sludgetic cleaning and power cleaning, cleaning brands have empowered our rural projects in different corners of our country-INDIA. The M S TANKCLEANING started integrated woman development initiative that provides woman education,health,employment. The M S TANKCLEANING EMPOWERMENT PROGRAME It will benefit more than multiple villages in different corners and will develop a deep rural linkage. This program will strengthen the value chain and will create livelihood woman opportunity in our daily life.



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