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(If we want to see the rainbow, we have to survive the storm) In this life we cant ALL do great things, but we can ALL do small things with great love.

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1 (If we want to see the rainbow, we have to survive the storm) In this life we cant ALL do great things, but we can ALL do small things with great love

2 SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGE Sponsoring of House 13 with 8 children Buying gifts for Christmas Assisting in fund raising for the village Attending functions 2012 – contributed R120 000 plus birthday and Christmas presents


4 KHAYALETHU YOUTH CENTRE 34 street children are given the opportunity to reach full potential in this home for boys. Catering for their every need from approximately 8 yrs of age to adulthood Contributed R100 000 toward their school fees, clothing, books and aftercare


6 KWAZAKHELE HIGH SCHOOL Adopted the school with the intention of improving conditions in all aspects Commitment to upgrading grounds, in order to make them self-sustaining and for the use of the entire community 2012 – guard hut, stationery, repair to windows, classrooms and toilets, employment of cleaners and security guards, stipends to volunteers, landscaping of school grounds, establishment of a feeding scheme, Madiba Day cleanup

7 MTR SMIT CHILDREN'S HAVEN Provides accomodation for 100 statutory children between the ages of 3-18 yrs 2012 – donated R100 000 towards the on-site psychological counsellor

8 WMC BREAD OF LIFE TRUST Provide 155 families either infected or affected with HIV/Aids in the Walmer Township, with food parcels, medical assistance, counselling, clothing, fellowship and tea & sandwiches 2012 – R15 000 worth food items for parcels


10 MIRACLE MEALS –FOOD FOR AFRICA Facilitate the feeding of about 17 000 people daily – mostly tiny tots – helping to build healthy little bodies & minds 2012 – R25 740 toward feeding porridge to 165 children from two creches in Motherwell for one year


12 CUYLERHOLME CENTRAL Home for the aged feeding 60 residents plus community daily. The only facility in the NMMM providing accomodation to pensioners with special needs. 2012 – Provide a light meal to 60 residents 3 nights per week for the year – R25 000.00

13 HELPLINE A container situated between two informal settlements in Seaview, out of which teaching of computer literacy, internet, maths, and music is taught 2012 – Schaeffler provided internet access with ADSL and 4 ports for teaching languages, maths, downloading exam papers etc. – 2yr contract – R10 000


15 VISTARUS MISSION STATION Mission station taking in destitute families and currently housing almost 500 destitute men, women and children 2012 – purchased materials for ceilings and roof in sections of the mission station where no ceilings previously existed – R30 000

16 LELETHU BABY SHELTER A temporary safe house for babies infected/affected with HIV/Aids, orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable 2012 – purchased nappies and formula R10 000


18 NMBM Shoe Drive Mayor Wayile school shoe and shirt campaign to create awareness for school readiness 2012 – purchased and donated school shoes, shirts and pants – R10 000


20 ALFONSO ARRIES PRIMARY SCHOOL Opening of new school for 800 children in impoverished community near to Sapphire Road Primary. Bruce Damons given the challenge of supervising the opening thereof with limited resources 2012 – Contributed R15 000 toward the purchase of 3 urns, 3 overhead projectors, stands and transparencies – R15 000

21 NIGHTINGALE TRUST Organisation providing home based care to the PE community 2012 – paid for training for 12 caregivers, who were previously unemployed and unskilled – R30 000


23 AFRICAN REAL MADRID A soccer team from the rural area of St Albans Prison attempting to promote sport in the less privileged areas 2012 – purchased full soccer kit for team and intend arranging friendly matches with Schaeffler's soccer team – R10 000


25 HOPE COMMUNITY CENTRE A clinic in Cleary Park, providing healthcare and social welfare to poor with emphasis on children, elderly and the terminally ill 2012 – paid rental for premises June – Dec 12 – R17 500

26 MISCELLANEOUS Abounding Love – prison ministry – purchased stationery for 12 inmates studying theology whilst in prison – R1 250 National Union of Metalworkers – outreach project to handover sanitary pads to High School girls in underprivileged communities – R1 000 Alfonso Primary School – supplied food items for a fundraiser to pay for electricity, photocopier and toilet paper – R5 000


28 FUNDUZUFE PRESCHOOL ZWIDE Upgrading of school (130 children) with view to becoming self-sustaining 2012 – purchased toys, chairs, blankets, cleaning materials – R5 000




32 LOAVES AND FISHES ASSOCIATION Providing poor, previously disadvantaged groups and pensioners with food parcels 2012 – purchased various food items to fill parcels – R10 000


34 KHAYALETHU DAY CARE A Pre – School in Zwide caring for the early educational needs of 85 children Purchased 68 blankets and 20 matresses for the children to nap on during the cold winter months – R3 500


36 ALGOA BAY FRAIL CARE CENTRE Assisted in their plight to obtain blankets and adult nappies by purchasing 40 polar fleece blankets and 9 packs of nappies – R2 000


38 TEACH THE WORLD TO READ A project which developed a phonics based reading series to assist primary school children in underprivileged areas with English reading. The project is currently being roled out at John Masiza Primary in Walmer Township Assisted with laminating of booklets for handout to 300 children – R2 000



41 ST FRANCIS BAY SWAP SHOP A recycling project to empower and educate children from rural areas regarding the importance of recycling and encouraging them to collect waste. In return, children are rewarded with basic food and cleaning items Purchased R 5 000 food items, stationery, cleaning materials & toys for the shop


43 PLACE OF HOPE Greenbushes white location – home to 21 families (84 people) living in the bush Purchased food items plus stationery and school uniforms for 20 children – R15 000




47 ALGOA FRAIL CARE Home to 150 severely disabled children. Gelvandale Primary School identified these children as an outreach project and Schaeffler were privileged to partner them Purchased R2 000 worth of soft toys and soft sweets and chips for the children


49 NONKQUBELA DAYCARE A creche and aftercare in Ntxobo where 100 children are educated daily in preparation for Gr 1 A small fire broke out, burning the children's blankets and matresses on which they sleep during the day Purchased 20 cot matresses and 28 polar fleece blankets – R2 500



52 Provinical Hospital Uitenhage – Psychology Dept Therapy of cognative skills and play therapy for children to assist in their recovery of emotional/behavioural problems 2012 – purchased R15 000 therapy toys and educational aides (Raven's Progressive Matrice and SA Individual Scale)


54 IMMANUAL OUTREACH MINISTRIES A soup kitchen in Greenfields Uitenhage, feeding 80 children and 20 pensioners weekly Purchased R2 500 ingredients for soup


56 HELPLINE RECYCLING SWOP SHOP A recycling project to empower & educate children from rural areas regarding the importance of recycling and encouraging them to collect waste. In return, children are rewarded with basic food and cleaning items Purchased R3 000 food items, school socks, school shoes and educational toys


58 Phillip Nikiwe Primary School Supplied a First Aid Kit for their Home Based care and 2 x sewing machines for skills development 2012 – value R5 500


60 Mandela Bay Celebration Project Repairs and upgrade to Mama Mehlo's home in Kwazakhele (76 yr old widow, with unemployed son and dpenedent on social grant) 2012 – purchased 20 litres paint and 20 m2 of carpet tiles – R4 000


62 DE VOS MALAN PRIMARY SCHOOL Primary School in Schauderville requested assistance with items for their Gr R classes 2012 – purchased 75 chairs, puzzles, posters, poster boards, carpets – R5 500


64 Operation Compassion Full Gospel Church Salt Lake requested assistance with their Feeding Scheme, Christmas party packs for children and Christmas lunch for the elderly 2012 – purchased items for running of Feeding Scheme, items for Christmas party packs as well as items for Christmas lunch for elderly – R5 000

65 LOAVES AND FISHES ASSOCIATION Feeding 250 pensioners on weekly basis by providing food parcels 2012 – purchased food items for parcels during the Christmas period – R5 000


67 STRILITZIA PRIMARY SCHOOL A Primary School in Bethelsdorp with 1132 learners, where many of the foundation phase learners are without chairs to sit on 2012 – purchased 100 chairs – R10 260


69 EASTERN PROVINCE HOCKEY FEDERATION Gelvan Park Sports Complex required assistance with regard to repairing of their astroturfs in order to ensure hockey development 2012 – paid for repairs to one of the astroturfs – R18 000

70 TOY RUN 2012 Annual Children's party for 300 underprivileged children held on 24 th November at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 2012 – Schaeffler purchased toys for 80 children from Vistarus Mission Station, Aurora and Morewag – R12 000




74 RAINBOW NATION RECYCLING SHOP Recycling Swop shop started in Seaview to promote awareness and provide children with basic food items as reward 2012 – paying wages, fuel and stocking of shop with food items, stationery and school clothing – R20 000


76 SINETHEMBA CRECHE A creche with 98 children in the Walmer township, requiring safety and security of the children in their care 2012 – supplied and installed a 30 m fence and a pedestrian gate – R17 000





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